Scholarships For Single Moms In Utah

Scholarships For Single Moms In Utah

Utah being the 2nd fastest growing state in the United States provides a lot of grant and scholarship opportunities for low-income students including single moms that assist them in continuing their education and obtaining self-sufficiency. Single moms living in this state can reduce their economic burden by applying for tons of scholarship opportunities that are reserved for students of Utah residents.

The state government of Utah supports moms by awarding financial assistance programs to those with robust financial needs or excellent academic success. Not only government agencies but nonprofit foundations, local government and corporations also assist single moms with scholarship programs. To be eligible for the program you need to show that you are a resident of Utah and studying in an accredited educational institution based in Utah.

What Are The Tips To Apply For Scholarship Programs As Single Moms In Utah?

Raising little kids all by yourself as a single mom while getting a college degree can be a daunting task. The process can be overwhelming for you in terms of money and time. Fortunately, financial aid opportunities are available for single moms that give them financial boost and confidence. Following are the ways through which single moms can apply for scholarship programs in Utah and secure their chance.

1. Start With Financial Aid Opportunities

One of the best sources for single moms in Utah is to locate financial aid opportunities available at the college or university that they are attending or planning to attend. These institutions provide generous merit as well as need based packages.

2. Look For Financial Awards That Target Certain Demographics

Several financial awards appeal to certain demographics such as people with special talents, hobbies, competencies, or specific majors as well as careers. If you can meet the eligibility criteria of the program you can surely secure your chance and compete against a smaller audience.

3. Keep Applying

Single moms need to apply for as many scholarship programs as they can without giving up. There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply for and win. Also applying for multiple programs increases your chance to offset the cost of education.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Utah?

Following is the list of scholarship programs that are designed for low-income students including single moms in the state of Utah.

1. The Utah New Century Scholarship Program

High school students in the state of Utah who have excellent academic achievements can apply for the Utah New Century Scholarship Program. You need to enroll yourself in an associate degree program at an accredited state college or university to qualify.

Single moms students are required to complete their associate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher by the time they graduate from high school. The recipients of the scholarship program can use the financial assistance to pay for their college or university fees. This scholarship award is up to $1250 per semester and is also renewable.

2. The Utah Regents Scholarship

Single moms who are high school students in the state of Utah can prepare for college and acquire higher education in their preferred field of study by applying for the Utah Regent Scholarship Program. The program is a tiered reward system comprising a Base Award, Exemplary Academic Achievement Award as well as Utah Educational Savings Plan Supplemental Award.

Low-income students who are eligible to receive one or a combination of three scholarship awards can reduce the economic burden. Single moms who are applying for the program must enroll themselves as full-time students in the participating Utah college or university and maintain a GPA of a minimum of 3.0. The financial award received through this scholarship program ranges between $400 to $1000.

3. The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Single-mom students can not only avail excellent opportunities through scholarship programs provided by the Utah System of Higher Education but can also take advantage of scholarship initiatives that are supported by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. This is a regional organization that was established in 1950 by the Western Regional Education Compact.

The objective of the organization is to share resources among the residents of the Western States and enable them to acquire higher education. A lot of programs and scholarships are supported by the organization which is making it possible for low-income students including Utah single moms to pursue education in neighboring states.

4. Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarship

The Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents is one of the biggest industry bodies in the state which provides several scholarship opportunities for eligible high school seniors who have enrolled themselves in accredited public or private high schools in the state.

Single moms who are applying for the program to maintain a GPA of 3.0 to 4.0. Besides, applicants have to discuss the community service programs that they are participating in their high school as a part of the application procedure. The program provides 3 scholarships to eligible candidates ranging between $500 to $1000 annually.

5. The Utah EMBA Alumni Service Scholarship

Utah EMBA Alumni Service Scholarship is a unique program that is designed as well as funded by MBA students studying at the University of Utah. Even though the scholarship program is designed by the State University of Utah the program covers graduating high school seniors,  undergraduate students, and graduate students studying at any university in Utah irrespective of their major. Successful recipients are required to give back to the community and answer short essay questions in their application.


Scholarship and education grants for single moms in the state of Utah come with different levels of financial assistance based on their need and academic achievements. These scholarship opportunities are worth your time and effort since you need not repay them like loans. Affording higher education as a single mom in the state of Utah is possible by availing of grants and scholarship opportunities. Survivors of domestic violence, minority single moms, and low-income single moms with dependent children can pursue a degree in their preferred field by becoming eligible for therefore mentioned programs funded by the federal government and private organizations.

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