Adoption Grants For Single Moms

Adoption Grants For Single Moms

Parenting is not an easy job, but fostering or adopting to become a mother can be a wholesome and unique experience for women, irrespective of whether it is their first child or the fifth one. As a single mother, if you are pursuing adoption, have already adopted, or are considering adoption, then there are a lot of funding sources and grants for you that will help you to get financial aid and adopt a child.

There isn’t any doubt that single mothers experience a lot of hardship. Raising a child alone is not a mere cakewalk, but single-mother adoption grants provide unique opportunities for them so that they can enjoy parenthood and lower their financial burden. Single moms deserve an opportunity to have a family if they are without a child or living alone. This is the reason why the government, NGOs, and many charitable institutions are supporting single mothers at every step. They can adopt and bring a child into their homes.

Are There Adoption Grants Available For Single Moms?

When you think of adoption, most of you automatically picture the image of a married couple looking to expand or start their family. However, single parents also have an equal right to bring a child into their room and restart their lives. Adoption agencies consider single mothers and unmarried men or women as potential adopters so that children can live in single-parent families and get permanent homes. Single mothers and fathers give their love to the children who need it the most. Single-parent adoption is no longer uncommon, and many single-parent adoptions are rising in the United States.

Child adoption can be expensive, especially for low-income families and single mothers. The adoption expense can range between $35,000 to $55,000. The adoption-associated expense may vary depending on the agency, state, and financial need of the applicant. Many adoptions will require court and legal fees, home study, pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling sessions for birth parents, legal and medical expenses, preparation and training sessions with adoptive parents, and social work services. The fees included for adopting a child can be a considerable barrier or financial burden for many single mothers who want to expand their families. This is why many adoption grants are created to decrease the financial burden of single mothers who wish to expand their families and enable them to proceed with adoption.

How Can Adoption Grants Help Single Mothers?

Single mothers who want to adopt a child but face financial difficulty can get financial support from many adoption grants in the United states. These adoption grants are free aid or gifts from various organizations and institutions, so you need not pay them back. There is no interest or repayment required for adoption grants, unlike adoption loans. Candidates need not pay massively for adoption grants, unlike loans; therefore, there is less financial risk. No collateral assets are required for families to apply for adoption grants. In simpler words, adoption grants and financial assistance programs are a massive boost that helps them to revitalize their parenting dreams. If you’re a single mother trying to find adoption grants, you are in the right place. Before applying for adoption grants, it is essential to carefully research all the instructions and qualifications required by the organization. You can quickly lower your adoption costs by applying for grants and programs.

Best Adoption Grants For Single Moms

Adoption grants are becoming increasingly popular in the United states among the adoptive community for many reasons. Adoption grants for single mothers differ from other adoption financing methods like adoption loans since they are free aid. In other words, if you are single and wish to adopt a child, you can be eligible for adoption grants and need not pay them back. These adoption grants are available to single moms as well as many couples. Some of the best adoption grants and assistance programs are as follows:

1. A Child Waits For Foundation

The International Adoption Grant Program, funded by the Child Waits Foundation, enables children living in international foster care or orphanages to become an integral part of a family. The foundation is dedicated to enabling single-parent families to complete the adoption process and bring a child home by providing them grants and financial assistance so that they can cover the adoption cost. If you’re a single mom planning to adopt a child, you can apply for this International Adoption Grant Program any time of the year. The program requires single-parent households to have a gross income of less than $150,000. The eligibility criteria require candidates to be Canadians or United States citizens. Grants are available only for domestic adoptions. The foundation accepts applications throughout the year from people of all age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or mental status.

2. Zoe’s Rainbow Grants

The Never Alone Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers Zoe’s Rainbow Grants so that single parents, or couples can bring an orphaned child into their home and give them their love. The grant program covers the immense expenses that are associated with international adoption. Funding adoption can be difficult for many single mothers and low-income families. Zoe’s Rainbow Grants assist them in making adoption attainable for single parents and reduce their financial burden.

3. Gift Of Adoption

The Gift Of Foundation is one of the largest adoption grant providers which provides financial assistance to families regardless of ethnicity, marital status, age, religion, or sexual orientation in the United states. Single parents may receive a grant of $15,000 to complete their national or international domestic adoption process. The Gift Of Adoption Fund strives to complete the adoption of vulnerable children and enable them to secure a permanent family and a chance to grow and thrive. Single-parent families or couples looking for adoption can apply for this fund anytime after completing their home study. The eligibility criteria of this foundation require applicants to be a citizen of the United States with an approved adoption home study from a licensed social worker (in case they are opting for domestic adoption) or a Hague-accredited agency (in case they are opting for international adoption).

4. Help Us Adopt

This is a national financial grant program that enables single-parent families or couples, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status, to cover the cost of adoption. This grant program offers financial support of up to $20,000 to families so that they can adopt a child. The program has provided 504 adoption grants worth $4.639 million since 2007. There are four application deadlines for Help Us Adopt in January, April, July, and October. Help Us Adopt emphasizes families without children or those facing disrupted or failed adoption placements. Applicants must not try to conceive, be pregnant or undergo fertility treatments simultaneously while applying for the adoption grant from Help Us Adopt.

5. National Adoption Foundation

Financial aid opportunities are provided to couples or single-parent families by the National Adoption Foundation. The foundation enables them to offset expenses associated directly with forming families, and the adoption process. This grant program is open to legal adoptions such as public or private agency adoption, special needs, and international or attorney-facilitated adoptions. If you’re a single mom trying to adopt and looking for financial assistance then you can apply for the National Adoption Foundation. You can apply for this program anytime, but the selection committee will review the applications quarterly.

6. AdoptTogether

This nonprofit crowdfunding platform bridges the gap between children who need loving homes and families who are without children and want to adopt. The organization connects prospective adoptive individuals to avail of many grants based on donor designation, actual adoption expenses, and adoption status. If you’re applying for grants from the AdoptTogether platform, you must attach the invoices to showcase your income reduction expense. You need to give evidence of incurring adoption expenses to support your grant request. If you’re requesting a grant that is to be paid to the adoption agency directly, then you need not pay any additional documentation. You need to upload specific supporting documents when you are submitting the grant request. To receive the grant and financial assistance through AdoptTogether, you must create a family profile and share your adoption story, fundraising goal, and family photo. Once you complete your profile, you can fund your adoption expenses.

7. Show Hope

The Adoption Aid Grants by Show Hope organization helps single parents to receive grants ranging between $6000 to $10,000 depending on their financial situation. The eligibility criteria require candidates to be a citizen of the United States and have a complete home study or home study update. The application deadlines for this adoption grant are in March, June, September, and December. If a part of your reference or application is not completed within time, you will be moved automatically to the next deadline.

8. WAT, We Adopt Too

We Adopt Too Black Family Adoption Assistance Inc. offers adoption grants to black families in the United states seeking financial support to adopt a child. The primary mission of this nonprofit organization is to boost the number of adoptive families in the black community by offering them adoption awareness and financial support. The minimum adoption grant that you can receive is $5000. The adoption grant provided by this organization requires candidates to be home study approved and showcase actual adoption costs and other supporting documents.


Adoption is the right fit for single moms without a child who wants to experience the joys of raising a child and enjoy parenthood. It is pretty standard for single mothers with familiar sources of income to be overwhelmed by the rising costs and challenges of adoption. Many of them are concerned about whether adoption agencies will work with them if they have a low source of income and if it will be possible for them to adopt a child without a partner. Fortunately, single-person adoption is possible in the United States. Many adoption grants and financial assistance programs for single mothers help them to navigate and lower their adoption expenses. Adoption grants for single mothers are a way for them to reduce the adoption cost and grow and nurture a child.

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