Grants For Single Mom In Utah

Grants For Single Mom In Utah

Single moms in Utah provide many assistance programs and grants to help needy people, especially financially challenged single mothers, so that they can get a job, go back to school, and raise their children in a nurtured environment. Single moms with low income can seek a lot of options in the state of Utah if they are looking for a helping hand to survive.

How Does Utah Help Single Mothers?

Being the sole breadwinner, the duties and responsibilities of raising their children and providing for their families can take a toll on the majority of single moms in the state of Utah. This is why the Utah government provides a wide range of financial assistance programs to help them cover their basic needs like childcare, food, shelter, clothing, health benefits, and many more. Financial aid for single moms in Utah is a viable route through which you can reduce your emotional stress and financial burden and cover your necessities.

List Of Grants For Single Moms In Utah

To address the financial challenges of single mothers, Utah has designed many assistance programs, grants, and supportive services, such as the following:

1. Utah Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp Program in Utah aims to eliminate hunger among residents. The program offers monthly benefits to low-income families, including single mothers, so they can provide nutritional supplements and food to their children and get a well balanced diet.  Eligible participants will receive an EBT card which is also known as the Utah Horizon Card, which enables them to pay for food items at participating supermarkets or retail stores. People who need assistance to feed their families, primarily disabled people, elderly citizens, and low-income families, are covered under this program.

2. FEP, Utah Family Employment Program

The Utah version of TANF, the Family Employment Program, offers cash assistance to underemployed and unemployed families. The program enables low-income and unemployed residents to get cash and employment support. The Family Employment Program is designed for pregnant women, two-parent families, and single parents living with children below 18 years. Participants must meet their income guidelines and eligibility requirements to be eligible for the program. They are also required to participate in employment activities for a minimum of 30 hours every week or 20 hours weekly if parents have a child below six years of age. Eligible FEP families can also request emergency assistance to receive monthly cash benefits for 12 months.

3. Utah Section 8 Voucher Program

Low-income families in Utah seek the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program if they are looking for affordable housing options. The Housing Authority offers vouchers so eligible low-income families can afford safe and decent housing. The program’s primary beneficiaries are families with children, including single mothers. Low-income individuals and families below 50% of the area’s median income, as determined by HUD, are eligible for housing assistance. The voucher will cover a portion of the monthly rent payments of eligible participants and reduce their financial burden.

4. Utah Assisted Child Care Program

Affordable childcare centers in Utah are fewer in number and are also very expensive for families to incur. The Utah Assisted Child Care Program enables low-income parents to cover some childcare expenses and reduce their burden. The Child Care Assistance Program in Utah is based on many factors and does not cover the total cost of childcare providers. Utah presently pays up to 75% of childcare costs to eligible participants if they can fulfill the program’s eligibility criteria. Families with less than 85% of the state median income can receive childcare assistance under this program. As a condition of eligibility, single mothers and low-income parents receiving childcare subsidies must enroll in a training program or be employed.

5. HESSP, Higher Education Success Stipend Program

This is a work-study assistance and supplemental grant program in Utah provided to low-income Utah students, including single-mother students. Low-income Utah students with high financial needs can receive assistance under this program. The minimum grant award of this program is $300, which can go up to $5000 depending on the applicants and the availability of funds. However, not all schools in Utah participate in the HESSP program; therefore, you need to contact the financial aid office of your school to learn whether this program is available.

6. HEAT, Home Energy Assistance Target Program

The LIHEAP in Utah is popularly known as the HEAT program, which offers winter utility assistance to needy households in the state. Applications for utility assistance are accepted annually between November to April. The main priority is given to genuinely vulnerable participants, especially lowest-income householders who have high heating costs and include disabled, preschool-age children, and elderly members. Single mothers who are unable to pay for their home energy costs and require utility assistance and apply for this program.

7. Utah Medicaid

The Medicaid program in Utah provides healthcare coverage to low-income residents in the state who can meet the program’s eligibility requirements successfully. This program covers children below 18, disabled individuals, women suffering from cervical or breast cancer, pregnant women, and senior citizens. Utah has expanded its Medicaid coverage; therefore, it includes adults with income below 138% of the federal poverty level. Pregnant women are also covered under this program if their income exceeds 144% of the poverty level.

8. CHIP, Children’s Health Insurance Program

This is a health insurance program in Utah that targets uninsured children below 18 years of age. This program aims to assist low-income parents, primarily single mothers so that they can cover the medical bills of their children once they meet the eligibility criteria of the program and get approved. The Children’s Health Insurance Program offers a wide range of medical services to children, such as dental care, eye examination, child health examination, immunization, and so on.


Single moms have to endure many unfavorable situations and challenges to raise their children on one source of income. Most of them have to go through the daily struggle of taking multiple jobs to meet their children’s needs, like education, healthcare, etc. The government of Utah and many private organizations are providing assistance programs to help single moms.

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