Single Mom Support Groups Jacksonville Fl

Single Mom Support Groups Jacksonville Fl

Single parenting is a complex and demanding job. Single mothers have to perform a lot of responsibilities single-handedly. It is normal for them to become anxious and overwhelmed at times due to a lack of support. One of the best ways to fill this gap and overcome the overwhelming feeling is to join a single-parent group. A single mother support group in Jacksonville Fl is a tremendous source of clarity and support for feelings overwhelmed by running the household and managing all the responsibilities alone.

Why Do You Join A Single Mom Support Group In Jacksonville Fl?

Single mom support group in Jacksonville Florida makes you realize that you are not alone and there are other parents as well who are struggling with the same issues which you are dealing with. Single mothers have to go through guilt, resentment, and shame. Hearing someone else’s personal story will take the pressure off you and your child. These groups help you to express your feelings with others and get a supportive and safe environment where you can get healing and a therapeutic feeling. These groups also act as a good source of information and advice. Meeting fellow parents will help you to seek amazing resources, parenting strategies, and valuable information. They give you a chance to share humor and camaraderie.

Different Single Mom Support Group In Jacksonville Fl

There are different types of parent support groups available in Jacksonville Florida such as groups that are organized and led by licensed mental health professionals with two or more facilitators. Others are peer support groups that are facilitated by people having similar experiences and wish to support each other. Following is the list of single mom support groups that are available in Jacksonville Fl.

1. The Resolution Center of Jacksonville

Loneliness and grief are generally caused because of the death of a loved one. Grief can also be caused because of major changes like job loss or change, divorce or mental health issues, etc. You are not alone, grief groups provide an opportunity to single moms and other people who are walking through the journey alone and need support to cope. Joining this group will help you to meet others who are also going through grief and are trying to adjust to the new normal. Joining this group will provide you with a confidential and safe place so that you can share your thoughts and feelings with others.

2. Grief Recovery Group

The Grief Recovery Group offers recovery sessions to women who have lost their dear ones in the form of mothers, sons, and daughters. The group meeting takes place through telehealth, and in person through churches in the community and surrounding counties. Single moms often suffer in silence and do not seek out help. This group is not free however it is lower than most of the co-pays. The group will be offered at the request of the members and is held in a safe, confidential, and intimate setting.

3. Intracoastal MOMS Club of Jacksonville

The Mom’s Club Jacksonville Intercoastal chapter is a nonprofit organization that is operating under the International Moms Club and offers a sense of community and support for work-at-home and stay-at-home mothers.  The chapter serves mothers who are residing in the 3224, 32246, and 32256 zip codes. Joining this club will help single mothers to get an inclusive and fun environment.

4. Stroller Strong Moms Jacksonville

This group was created so that local mothers in Jacksonville can get a good opportunity to reach wellness and fitness goals with the support and help of other mothers near them. By reaching the fitness and wellness goals you get empowered to take care of your little ones in a better way. The group has monthly mom night outs and other fun activities to engage single moms.

5. Jacksonville Mom Homeschooling Moms Group

Jacksonville Moms Homeschooling Moms Group is a Facebook group that has been created by Jacksonville mothers to support and connect homeschooling moms. Single moms who are home-schooling and need support and encouragement will find this Facebook group to be truly helpful. Here you can meet up and share your stories and information that can inspire and motivate other homeschooling mothers. The group meets monthly where they enjoy some tea, coffee, food, and wine and discuss a book. The group is open to every woman in their 20s and 30s.

6. Making Peace With Your Past- Via Zoom

Do you feel stuck and wish to unstuck yourself? This group will help you to make the best version of yourself in Jacksonville Florida. You need to take the first step towards recognizing the emotional pain which you have faced over the past and then connect to your wounded inner child. Joining this group will provide an opportunity for single moms to nurture their inner child and start loving themselves no matter how difficult their past was. Here you get to learn how to love, forgive, give yourself grace, and empower.

7. Soul Bourn: Women’s Empowerment Group

This group provides a safe and welcoming space to communicate and connect with other women. Soul Bourn: Women’s Empowerment Group supports women including single moms. The group helps them to gain insights, information, and knowledge in the key areas of their lives. The group meeting takes place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at around 6.30 pm. Single moms can become a part of the group through Zoom or in person and feel empowered to live life with meaning and purpose.


Joining a single-parent support group will help you to share your concerns, learn positive and new ways to navigate difficult situations in life, and take care of the well-being of your family.  These groups in Florida will help you to build your self-confidence and promote a deeper understanding of life. Make sure that the group is a right fit for you and enables you to share your stories freely. Single mothers who feel they are alone and go through resentment and shame can reduce their mental pressure to a great extent.

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