Single Mom Support Groups NYC

Single Mom Support Groups NYC

Single parenting has become one of the most complex and demanding jobs. As children grow in age and their social and academic challenge increases, support for single parents tends to diminish. A fantastic way to fill this gap is to join a single-parent support group. Joining a parent group is a tremendous source of clarity and support for overwhelmed moms and dads. Therapy groups are led by mental health counselors who screen group members and generally have a small group size. The other type of group is a peer support group led by group members who have faced similar experiences to yours and wish to support others. If you are a single mom in NYC looking for support from a group or community, then you have many options at your disposal.

How To Choose A Single-Parent Group In New York City?

While considering a single-parent group in New York City, you must remember you feel safe sharing your information in the group and ensure confidentiality is encouraged between the group members. The support group must be a right fit for you, and to ensure this, you can call the organizers of the group beforehand and find out the general parenting philosophy and theoretical approach of the group. All group members must be allowed to share the information when needed, and they should not be pressured to practice. When visiting a new group for single parents, try to attend the group meeting several times. Although the first time can be overwhelming, it will take some time to feel comfortable. Irrespective of the kind of group you join, you can navigate through the complex emotional situation by sharing your experience with other parents, learning positive and new ways to parent single-handedly, and sharing your joys and concerns with others. Support groups for single moms in New York City enhance the well-being and resilience of the family system.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In NYC

In an isolating and fast-paced city like New York City joining support groups can be a vital source for single moms who can get unwavering support and down-to-earth connections. The following are the support groups that are best suited for single moms that can help them to seek emotional support and socialize with others.

1. Parenting Your Preschooler

It is a discussion group for guardians or parents of children between 2-5. This group provides a fantastic opportunity to single mothers who can talk to other parents and learn about how to adjust to the new demands of school. The topics of this single moms support group may range from fostering empathy and building peer relationships to school readiness and resilience.

2. Afterglow: New Moms Group

New single mothers or expectant mothers can find this group helpful and informative. Here you can gain information, get support, share your experience about the early days of motherhood, and bond with other new and expectant single mothers. This support group for mothers is led by a licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Pria Alpern, who specializes in maternal mental health and is a mom of two children. Joining this group will allow you to discuss a wide range of topics starting from infant attachment, maternal identity to parent-child relationship, bonding, and many more.

3. Mother’s Group for Pregnant and New Moms

Single moms dealing with mental health difficulties during the perinatal period can find the right advice and guidance through this group. Some topics discussed in this support group are depression, trauma, and how to deal with isolation and fearful thoughts. Single moms dealing with these mental health problems while pregnant or after giving birth can find helpful tips and mental health support that gives them the strength to navigate the challenges of new parenthood. Problems and mental health issues of every single mother and pregnant woman are handled sensibly in a caring and safe manner in this group.

4. New York Single Moms Group

Established by a single mom, Judy, the New York Single Moms Group is a community of like-minded single mothers who wish to discuss the issues and challenges faced by single mothers. This single-mother support group is small and has around 250 members. Usually, the bi-monthly session of this group is small and intimate, which helps everyone to get a chance to narrate their story, get support from other group members, and solicit advice.  The best thing about this group is that you need not be worried about childcare while attending the meeting since the group provides babysitting arrangements free of cost.

5. The Single Parent Resource Center

The Single Parent Resource Center was established in 1975. It provides various services and events for parents and their families. This Resource Center is geared mainly towards helping single-parent families to get the proper support and practical help. Apart from offering the right skills to parent their children effectively, the center also holds many fun activities and family celebrations during holidays. If you are overwhelmed being a single mother, you can eliminate your exhaustion and isolation and get a good company by joining this center.

6. Parenting, Pain, and Pleasure Support Group

It is an ongoing support group explicitly designed to cater to the challenges of all parents. Single moms who are new to parenthood and are going through issues like sleep deprivation, insomnia, and attachment style can gain support from this group in New York City. Single mothers experiencing postpartum depression are encouraged and welcome to attend this group. Single motherhood is a combination of heavy emotions as well as rewarding experiences. Joining support groups for single moms will lighten the load and help you take better care of your mental health.


Single moms who need help balancing conflicting demands from their busy life and the outside world can get emotional and mental support by joining NYC single moms support groups. It is especially beneficial for you if a free group educates you about parenting your teens or children single-handedly. The proper steps to handle stress in life will give you a place to share your joys and concerns and provide you with practical help.

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