Single Mom Support Group Grand Rapids Michigan

Single Mom Support Group Grand Rapids Michigan

Being a single mom requires you to face unique challenges, raise your children alone, stretch money, and run a household on one source of income. Their feelings and emotions are better understood by people who have experienced similar challenges and emotions. Single moms in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can get a great sense of relief as there are a lot of support groups and resources that can help them to reduce their anxiety and depression.

Why Joining A Single Mom Support Group Is A Good Idea For You?

Even though the thought of sharing your personal stories and struggles may seem to be a bit intimidating and awkward for you, when you give yourself a chance, you will be surprised by the amount of support, connection, bond, and empowerment that you get from the therapist as well as other members of the group. It is common for single moms to feel that they are failing their kids as they have to take multiple jobs to run the households and often do not spend much time with them. Joining a support group in Grand Rapid, Michigan, will help you to learn that it is normal to feel frustrated, doubt yourself or make mistakes along the way. Not only emotional support but this support group for single moms also helps you to get practical advice from expert and mental health professionals. The stories of other parents sharing their struggles and parenting tips will help you to get valuable information and the proper technique to raise your children. Support and therapy groups are also led by licensed therapists, professionals, educators, and mental health professionals.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Grand Rapids, Michigan

Are you looking for different single mom support groups in Grand Rapids, MI? Following is the list of resources that can help you to meet your needs and locate the right support group for yourself and your children.

1. Grace’s Table

It is a mother support group that invites teen moms to connect, hang out, and make meaningful friendships and memories to cherish. In addition, teen single moms who wish to join this group get a lot of support through growth opportunities, access to valuable resources, and caring people with whom they can share all their joys and sorrows.

2. Grand Rapids Mothers Of Multiples

This is one of the best moms’ groups located in Grand Rapids, MI. The Mothers of Multiples group is designed to support the unique challenges and joys of having multiples, such as twins, triplets, or quadruplets. The group supports mothers through all stages of motherhood, starting from the early pregnancy till their delivery. Single moms expecting multiples and having doubts and concerns can share their struggles, experience, concerns, and joy by joining this group. The group hosts moms’ night out, couple events, family events, holiday parties, and other activities to support connection and friendship among mothers.

3. Seymour SuperMoms

This is a support group of mothers of all ages, with children of all ages encouraging and supporting each other in all phases and seasons of motherhood. The Seymour SuperMoms community offers a caring, open, and accepting environment where single moms and other women can connect, grow, laugh, and learn together. The group meets on 1st Friday of each month at Seymour Church between 9 am to 11 am. Breakfast treats and coffee are served.

4. MOMS Club of Grand Rapids- North

MOMS Club of GR North, Michigan, is a support group of work-at-home, stay-at-home, and part-time working mothers from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The group provides immense activities that are geared toward mothers and their children. Apart from the mom’s night out activity that takes place every month, all other events take place during the daytime, and kids are always welcome. This support group of Grand Rapids-Michigan includes mothers with varying ages, interests, and lifestyles.

5. ABC Moms

This community group is for moms and kids from birth to six years of age. ABC Moms group provides an excellent opportunity for single moms to connect and communicate with other parents. The group supports and encourages them in their role as another, wife, friend, and sister. The support group meets at Ada Bible Church- East Paris Campus every month on 2nd, 4th, and 5th Tuesdays. The times are from 9.30 am to 11.15 am. The group has childcare services for babies and infants.

6. Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

There isn’t any wrong or right way to grieve. Single mothers experiencing grief, loneliness, and sadness after losing a loved one, for instance, the death of a partner, can overcome that pain and sadness by joining this support group in Grand Rapids, MI. The grief process group therapy enables people to experience loss and navigate the grieving process. The overwhelming anxiety, depression, and sadness after losing a loved one is normal. However, it is not a good idea to get stuck in sadness and grief and suffer from the inability to cope with the loss. This is where therapeutic intervention is needed.

7. Moms of Grand Rapids

Single moms looking for support groups around Grand Rapids, Michigan, can join Moms Of Grand Rapids. This is a non-profit organization that supports all the group members, which mainly comprise mothers belonging to the West Michigan region. The main goal of the organization is to offer a warm and supportive community to single moms and other women so that they can connect, bond, make friendships and navigate the joys, challenges, sorrows, ups, and downs of motherhood. Every month the organization holds moms’ night outs, craft nights, movie nights, game nights, book clubs, and other events where mothers can meet each other.


Single mothers often have second guesses and feel guilty for being mad, impatient, and frustrated. Instead of dealing with all the problems and struggles alone, you can look for a network of support in the form of support groups near you or online communities where you get positive feedback and work on yourself. Connecting and communicating with others will give you the strength to overcome all the challenges and live positively.

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