Legal Aid For Single Moms in WI

Legal Aid For Single Moms in WI

The Wisconsin community has established a wide array of legal aid and assistance programs that cater to low-income earning groups like single moms living in the state. This guide will help you to learn how to avail free legal help for single moms in Wisconsin.

How Can Single Moms Get Legal Assistance In The State Of Wisconsin?

Many legal aid offices are running throughout the United States that offer low-cost or free legal help to people who are unable to hire a lawyer due to economic constraints. Some legal aid offices help people who belong to low-income categories while some offices include flexible rules and less stringent qualifications. Legal aid organizations focus on a particular area of law and some assist in dealing with other types of legal issues. If you’re a single mom looking for help then you can find a list of legal aid organizations in Wisconsin.

List Of Legal Aid For Single Moms in WI

Following are the sources in the state of WI that offer legal mediation, representation, or arbitration services for low-income Wisconsin residents including single moms. These services and help are restricted to individuals who belong to the low-income category and are unable to hire an attorney.

1. The Wisconsin Judicare Inc.

A nonprofit law firm working in the state of Wisconsin that provides free legal representation to northern Wisconsin residents is the Wisconsin Judicare Inc. The legal firm caters to single moms and provides them equal access to legal help and justice. The nonprofit law firm uses the private bar to help low-income individuals with on-staff attorneys. The Wisconsin Judicare Inc. assists low-income individuals in 33 northern counties of Wisconsin. They handle cases like Social Security, bankruptcy, health, family law, wills, income maintenance, Indian law, and housing issues.

2. Community Justice Incorporated

This is a law firm that represents single moms and low-income families involved in disability and mental health, employment, education, child welfare, family, consumer or credit, discrimination, and environmental/ land use problems.

3. The Wisconsin Free Legal Answers

The Wisconsin Access To Justice Commission has launched a statewide legal advice project known as the Wisconsin Free Legal Answers through which single moms can get legal help and solve their doubts and concerns. Single moms who are Wisconsin residents can ask legal questions online and get answers from experienced volunteer attorneys.

4. Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee

The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee offers legal services in the city and the greater county. Legal aid helps single moms in foreclosure to save their property through foreclosure defense, foreclosure mediation, negotiating loan modification, and loan modification enforcement. They offer numerous legal assistance programs varying from creating wills, helping consumers with debt and offering counsel on homelessness and evictions. Single moms who are facing foreclosure or eviction can seek assistance from the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee.

5. Lawyers for Learners

The Lawyers For Learners collaborates with people in the state of Wisconsin and helps them to get connected to the community members and students who offer free legal help. Single moms can avail of personal or virtual help in cases like criminal records, arrest records, Municipal Court proceedings, civil proceedings, debt judgments, child support, driver’s license recovery, family law issues, unemployment compensation, a victim of consumer law, and crime issues, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and rental housing issues. Single moms have to fill out the form on their official website and request an appointment to get free or low-cost help.

6. Legal Action Of Wisconsin Inc.

The Legal Action Of Wisconsin Inc. is a firm that offers free civil legal help and services to people who are navigating difficulties in their lives and do not have the financial resources to hire an attorney. The firm provides counseling in civil legal proceedings and legal representation on behalf of single moms and low-income communities. Legal Action of Wisconsin Inc. serves customers statewide from six offices that are operated by 80 professional attorneys. The federally funded legal services corporation as well as private sources funds the firm and its initiatives. Legal Action of Wisconsin Inc. makes sure that the legal system addresses and assists needy people in the community. Their work helps to strengthen and stabilize communities, especially underserved single moms.

7. Wisconsin Legal Assistance For Military Personnel

This resource offers free legal help for veterans, service members, and their family members. Single moms who can fulfill the eligibility criteria or are eligible spouses of veterans can apply for free legal assistance through this resource.

8. Wisconsin Local Law Schools

Wisconsin local law schools provide low-cost or free legal workshops that can be a great source to avail legal assistance from law students who can help single moms deal with their legal complexities under the guidance of their professors. Single moms can get in touch with the law schools in the neighboring area and find out whether the schools are providing workshops and whether there are any eligibility criteria for single moms to avail of free legal assistance. These law schools are pro bono programs from where you can avail free legal advice. Your schools also host pro bono clinics that focus on particular areas of law to help law students gain hands-on and valuable experience while providing much-needed legal assistance to the low-income community.

Directories Which Help Single Moms And Low-Income Individuals With Legal Help

Looking for legal help to solve your doubts or concerns? Take a look at the following directories that can be a great resource for single moms and low-income individuals.

  • State Public Defender Attorney Directories
  • State Bar Of Wisconsin Lawyer Referral Information Service
  • Lawyer Lookup WI Court System
  • Free Legal Help Finder Or American Bar Association.


Finding low-cost or free legal help for single moms in the state of Wisconsin is not an impossible task. The aforementioned programs and resources in Wisconsin are geared towards low-income single parents who are facing issues and want to appoint a lawyer. There are many community resources including nonprofit and government agencies that offer legal reference and low-income single moms in times of need.

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