Single Mom Grants For College In Pennsylvania

Single moms can receive financial assistance programs and grants in Pennsylvania to cover expenses related to education, childcare, counseling, and employment. There are need-based and merit-based college grants and scholarships in Pennsylvania that offer financial support to low-income students and single mothers so that they can cover their college tuition and other educational expenses.

Why is Single Mom Grants For College In Pennsylvania Significant?

College grants and scholarship programs are significant for single moms in Pennsylvania as by availing of these programs and grants, single mothers can get a golden opportunity to fulfill their dream and make college studies more affordable. In today’s competitive age, competing for high-paying job opportunities in the marketplace is a challenging task. It can be difficult for financially challenged single parents and students to move upward in their careers if they do not have sufficient qualifications. Regardless of age, it is never too late to begin your studies to improve your financial situation and grab a good-paying job in Pennsylvania.

Different Single Mom Grants For College In Pennsylvania

Due to fierce competition for college grants and financial aid programs, single moms are recommended to apply for these programs within the deadline and keep applying to improve their chance of winning a scholarship award in at least one. At this age, more women, primarily single mothers, are going back to college in Pennsylvania with the hope of improving their financial situation and improving their career prospects. By accessing numerous grants and scholarship programs in Pennsylvania, they are encouraged to acquire higher educational degrees. Some of the best college grants for single moms and resources in Pennsylvania are as follows:

1. Pennsylvania State Grant Program

This grant program is designed to assist low-income students and single moms who cannot afford the increasing costs of university or college fees. If you’re a single mom living in Pennsylvania and have high educational aspirations, then you can apply for the Pennsylvania State Grant Program and meet the eligibility criteria to receive financial assistance through the program. If you want to learn more about this program, then you can contact the Pennsylvania Department Of Education Office.

2. Pennsylvania Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

Pennsylvania Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program offers many financial assistance benefits to single moms and needy families. Single moms facing financial problems and unable to pay their college fees can apply for temporary cash assistance through this program and achieve self-sufficiency. The cash assistance received by the eligible candidates can be paid toward college grants and fees.

3. Post Secondary Education Graduate Program

High school seniors who cannot afford college because of financial difficulty can apply for the Post-Secondary Education Graduate Program. The grant award received through this program enables eligible high school seniors of all majors to pay for their room, board, tuition, and college fees. The program requires candidates to be a resident of Pennsylvania to receive the grant award. This program is open to candidates whose parents have died while performing their duties as Pennsylvania firefighters, police officers, National Guard members, and first responders.

4. Pennsylvania Society Of Professional Engineers

The award for this grant is based on the merit or academic performance of candidates. Candidates are required to have a minimum 3.6 GPA as well as a minimum 700 SAT score in math and a 600 score in verbal. Single mothers and low-income students admitted to an accredited college or university in Pennsylvania can apply for this program. If you want to make a career in the engineering field and have also enrolled in Pennsylvania engineering college or university, then you can apply for this program. The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers awards eligible candidates five scholarships of $1000 annually.

5. PHEAA, Academic Excellence Scholarship Award Program

This scholarship award is based on the academic merit of the applicants. High school seniors of all majors who can showcase sufficient academic progress are eligible to seek financial support through this program. Meritorious single moms who cannot pursue higher education because of financial difficulty can achieve their career goals through this program. The program also requires candidates to be a resident of Pennsylvania, and on qualifying all the requirements, they can get an award of $1500 that they can pay towards their education and college fees.

6. Pennsylvania House Of Representatives Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is awarded to deserving students by the House of Representatives. High school seniors who have enrolled in higher education institutions or colleges in Pennsylvania can receive financial assistance through this program. The grant award for this program is based primarily on the academic achievement and progress of the applicants. Single mothers who have an excellent academic track record can apply for this program if they are facing financial difficulty in pursuing higher education.

7. EAP, Education Assistance Program

Grants for college fees and tuition are open to candidates who are members of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Single mothers who have enrolled in an undergraduate program of all majors and other residents of Pennsylvania can receive financial assistance through this program. The Education Assistance Program is administered or managed by the PHEAA and DMVA Pennsylvania Department Of Military And Veterans Affairs.

8. The CORE Philly Scholarship Program

High school seniors who are Pennsylvania residents looking for support to continue their education can apply for the CORE Philly Scholarship Program. The program requires applicants to graduate from an approved secondary school in Philadelphia, and at least one guardian or parent of the applicant should be a resident of Philadelphia. If you’re a single mom planning to go back to college to seek a bachelor’s or associate’s degree at a participating university or college, then you can apply for this program.


Single moms have to suspend their higher educational pursuits to address the needs and requirements of their children. It becomes financially tricky for single mothers to jump back in and fulfill their higher career goals as they have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. College grants and scholarships enable Pennsylvania single mothers to succeed in life and acquire education without increasing their financial pressure.

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