Single Mom Support Group Edmonton

Single Mom Support Group Edmonton

Being a single mother without any friends can be lonely. This is isolating not only for you but also for your kids. Having friends with children with whom you can make play dates and talk and share your struggles and joys gives you a sense of relief. However, it may be hard to meet people when you are new to a city or shy. Joining a support group for single mothers in Edmonton can be a great way to meet new parents and bond with them.

How Can Single Moms Make New Friends In Edmonton

There are many options for single moms in Edmonton through which they can socialize, expand their social circle and make meaningful friendships. The local playground is among the best places to meet parents living near your neighborhood. Look out for parents of children that your child is getting along with. Looking in the classroom is another way to bond with other parents or school-aged children. You can ask your children whether they have friends in school whom they want to invite to come over and play. You can write a note inviting their parents and arrange playdates. Looking in the classroom is an excellent way to encourage your kids to invite friends and bond with other parents. If you’re looking for friends online, like Facebook, then you can search for the name of the community and locate a suitable local group.

Different Single Modern Support Groups In Edmonton

Joining support groups for single parents in Edmonton is an excellent opportunity to make friends, meet parents with similar experiences, get practical advice to help with parenting challenges, and build stronger relationships with your children. Single parents in the Edmonton area can consider the following list of resources:

1. Kaleo Collective

This organization comprises different single mom support groups and resource courses that help you to build your network, learn new hacks to make your life easier, develop new parenting skills, and help yourself along with your children to live a life you love. The Single Mom Support group by Kaleo Collective holds virtual meetings every Thursday and discusses relevant topics related to the single motherhood journey.


The MOPS is an international institution that is designed to support mothers coming from different walks of life. The group believes in a simple and revolutionary idea that incredible things happen when mothers come together and support each other. MOPS, or Mothers of Preschoolers, is a group that has been working for the empowerment of mothers since 1973. Single mothers in Edmonton can join this group, where they can share their parenting journeys and life struggles. This is an excellent group of mothers with young children seeking emotional support and helpful advice. Over 45 years, the organization expanded its reach to all kinds of mothers.

3. Parenting Psycho-Ed

Parenting Psycho-Ed are educational workshops that are designed to empower parents with the use of scientific knowledge that is conveyed efficiently and understandably. The psycho-educational workshops are easy and brief and provide good opportunities for parents to learn essential topics associated with parenting styles, mental health, behavior, and emotions. Single mothers can use these types of workshops to improve the dynamics of their parenting and broaden their knowledge on topics like depression, anxiety, attachment styles, and parenting styles. This group, based in Edmonton, helps to provide expertise in depression, anxiety, and parenting.

4. KARA Family Resource Centre

The Resource Center was formed in 1984 by a group of representatives comprising 16 community organizations. This Resource Center aims to provide support and valuable resources for families. The Resource Center has offered useful parenting programs, support, and services to all families. The original focus of the Resource Center was on low-income single moms. Eventually, it has evolved to provide a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe space for clients from different family structures and social and economic backgrounds. Single moms in Edmonton can build meaningful relationships with other parents at Kara. Kara strives to provide parenting education, early childhood development screening, critical referral services and information, family support, and safe experiences for every parent.

5. Mom2Mom

The main objective of this support group is to connect mothers and children living in poverty to find a good community, resources, and support they require to grow and thrive. Children who have well-supported, determined, and healthy mothers can thrive despite dealing with poverty-associated stress. Mom2Mom believes children can thrive only when mothers are healthy and thrive. This is why it provides counseling, special programs, doctors, and other valuable resources that can lead to the development of self-esteem. Around 86% of mothers reported that after joining Mom2Mom, they witnessed positive behaviors in their children. Around 95% of mothers reported that their stress level was reduced with the guidance and support of Mom2Mom.

6. TRIPLE P: Positive Parenting Program

It is a parenting program in Edmonton that contains a toolbox of parenting ideas and helps you to discover the right parenting strategies to raise your children. Triple P stands for positive parenting program so parents can enjoy a fun time raising their children and growing their family life. The main objective of this parenting program is to make sure children are raised happily and are confident. The Triple P Positive Parenting Program in Edmonton comprises single-visit consultation, public seminars, private sessions, and group courses through which you can take care of yourself as a single parent, encourage positive behavior in children, set routines and rules for your children to follow and respect and boost your confidence.


Parent support groups are a helpful resource that can help you and your children to overcome loneliness, stress, and anxiety. A lot of parents find it challenging to raise their children single-handedly. The facilitator of the support group may help you to learn the right parenting strategies and teach your children acceptable behavior as well as interpersonal skills in different situations. Many parents are afraid to seek advice from their family members or friends as they feel the wrong guidance might influence them. In a support group, you get helpful guidance from experts and parents with similar experiences.

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