Single Mom Support Groups Atlanta

Single Mom Support Groups Atlanta

Being a single mom can sometimes feel like performing a non-stop hurdle race without recognition and medals. Single mothers face a unique set of challenges, from stretching money to making decisions for the family alone month after month. It is usual for single mothers to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and lonely. These feelings and needs are better understood by people going through similar emotions and struggles. Fortunately, there are a lot of support single mother groups in Atlanta that can help single moms to get a sense of support, connection, and empowerment.

Are There Support Groups For Single Mothers In Atlanta?

Single moms in Atlanta may feel that they are alone and there isn’t any support system. However, support groups for single moms are available throughout Atlanta that help them to feel better and less frustrated. When you allow yourself to share your experiences and feelings with others through support groups, you get a healing and therapeutic effect. In addition, singles support groups in Atlanta are often led by therapists and professionals who provide a safe and warm environment for the members.

Different Single Moms Support Groups In Atlanta

Are you feeling that you are doing everything wrong and have a second guess about your decision? It is normal to feel guilty as a single mother and think you are doing everything wrong. Keep reading the below list of groups that will help to make your life as a struggling single mother more manageable.

1. Mindfulness For Women Coping With Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two common issues that single mothers face daily. Single mothers are unsung heroes who have to manage everything single-handedly. The Mindfulness For Women Coping With Stress & Anxiety group will help single mothers to learn relaxation techniques and improve their life. The group holds discussions, teachings, practices of meditation as well as grounding techniques for the betterment and upliftment of single moms going through depression, anxiety, and stress.

2. Single Parents Of Atlanta Meetup

No matter whether you are a single mother or dad, you can access a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities and engage with your children with other single parents by joining this group. The Single Parents Of Atlanta Meetup is a support group designed specifically for single mothers and single dads to meet other parents and share their struggles and joys with them. Most of the activities conducted by the group include children, while one or two events take place exclusively for parents in a month.

3. Divorce Wellness Support Group

Divorce can be overwhelming for single mothers who have to manage their kids and provide for their families on one source of income. Single moms facing divorce or in the post-divorce phase must go through a lot of emotional and financial distress. Joining the Divorce Wellness Support Group in Atlanta will help them to achieve overall wellness and support for physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being. Joining this group will help you to realize that there is meaning in life as well as joy and peace beyond marital challenges and divorce.

4. Pregnant in Atlanta & Atlanta Mommies

Women belonging to all stages of motherhood as well as other caregivers who are looking for support and friendship, can join this group. Pregnancy in Atlanta And Atlanta Mommies is a group that allows you to meet women facing similar challenges and hurdles. Joining this group will help you to access fun, support, friendship, and helpful advice. The main objective of this support group is to offer a nurturing, supportive, and judgment-free environment for all single women, mothers, and children. The group events include monthly Mondays and Tuesday talks which take place during weekdays, while planned events take place during weekends. Members of this group are adoptive parents, working with surrogates, or undergoing fertility treatments.

5. Atlanta Postpartum Meetup

Are you a newly single mother or an expectant mother? If you are scared or overwhelmed after having a baby, then joining the Atlanta Postpartum Meetup group will help you to get rid of your concerns and get practical help. Joining this group will allow you to meet other single women or pregnant women in Atlanta dealing with mood issues like insomnia, baby blues, comedy depression, panic attack, and obsessive compulsions. It is usual for pregnant women or expectant women to go through mood issues and postpartum reactions. The main objective of this group is to provide peer support and help women with a safe space where they can communicate freely and connect with other parents.

6. Motherhood Matters

Led by a licensed nurse, the Motherhood Mattress group meets on the first Tuesday of every month in Buckhead. The registered nurse of this group has more than 25 years of experience, so she shares her wisdom and experience with other single women, pregnant ladies, and expectant mothers. If you want to learn about parenthood, growth, and development of children or share your ideas and concerns about motherhood, joining Motherhood Matters will be the right fit. Here you cannot only seek practical advice and share your problems but also widen your knowledge about raising children as a single mom.

7. Atlanta Moms & Kids Unplug Play

Single mothers looking for a fun and engaging group so that they, along with their children, can meet others and socialize will benefit the best by joining Atlanta Moms & Kids Unplug Play. This meet-up group provides curated events with enriching and unique activities for single parents and their little ones, such as cooking classes, yoga, and many more. Irrespective of whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, you can enjoy these unique activities with your children and find a great social setting.


Single mothers face unique challenges while raising their children alone. Single mothers feel overwhelmed and anxious while juggling work obligations and single parenthood. Many of them lack confidence in their parenting skills and require practical help, advice, and suggestion. The single mother support group in Atlanta provides unique opportunities to connect with other single mothers online or within your community and create a bond with each other.

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