Rent Assistance For Single Moms Utah

Rent Assistance For Single Moms Utah

Utah is popular for its high-quality life conditions and scenic beauty. However single moms struggle frequently financially and are unable to afford their rent, household expenses, and utility payments. Fortunately, some federal programs and charities assist single moms and provide them useful services so that they can remain housed for their basic needs.

Are There Rental Assistance Programs For Single Moms In Utah?

There are nonprofits, churches, charities, and government assistance programs in Utah that help single moms pay for their basic needs such as rent, security deposits, and utility bills. There are many regional county programs that provide emergency rental assistance to low-income tenants and qualified families. The objective of the rental assistance program is to keep people housed, prevent eviction, and reduce homelessness in the state of Utah. Not only single moms but elderly people, low-income individuals, disabled and families with children receive rental help from different agencies and organizations in Utah. Apart from rental assistance there are rehousing programs, help with security deposit, and motel vouchers so that families can seek permanent accommodations.

List Of Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Utah

Single moms in Utah go through numerous financial constraints and difficulty in paying rent and utility bills. As a result, they may face forced eviction and shut-off. Following is the list of rental assistance for single moms in Utah.

1. Utah Housing Coalition

This Housing Coalition in Utah has partnered with the federal and state governments as well as local housing agencies to provide low-income housing programs and rental assistance to needy residents and single moms. You can also receive additional resources in the form of grants for rental, housing costs, cash assistance as well as general advice. The main mission of the Housing Coalition is to assist families with financial assistance and provide them with affordable housing.

2. Road Home

This is a private nongovernmental community organization in the state of Utah that offers emergency shelter and rental help for needy families, single parents, and homeless individuals. The organization offers permanent supportive housing and a rapid rehousing program for needy residents in Utah. The primary objective of the establishment is to eliminate homelessness in Utah. Single moms can contact this organization if they are looking for rental services and housing help.

3. Utah Family Employment Program

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program in Utah is known as the Utah Family Employment Program which offers cash assistance to needy families and single moms. The objective of this program is to help underemployed and unemployed families get the right opportunity to boost their income through cash support and employment activities. The Utah Family Employment Program serves two-parent families as well as single-parent households with kids below 18 years who can meet the income guidelines. The cash assistance received through this program can be used towards rent, utilities, transportation, or any other needs.

4. Utah Section 8 Voucher Program

Rental vouchers are provided by the Housing Authority of Utah County to low-income households and single parents in Utah so that they can afford safe and decent housing. The main priority is given to single-parent families and low-income households with kids. Generally, families and poor individuals should have an income of less than 50% of the area’s median income as determined by HUD to qualify for Section 8 rental housing assistance. Single moms are encouraged to contact the Housing Authority of Utah County near them to learn about this program.

5. Utah Nonprofit Housing Corp

This corporation gives referrals and important information on different housing resources and rental assistance programs that are available for low-income families including single moms in Utah. Utah Nonprofit Housing Corp is based at 223 West 700 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. The housing and rental assistance program covers disabled individuals from low-income families, minorities, single moms, and others who are going through housing instability and require help to fulfill their basic survival. Single moms can contact at (801) 364-6117 to avail the housing referrals and assistance.

6. Salt Lake Community Action Program

Low-income households, single working moms, and unemployed Utah residents can seek rental help from the local Community Action agency to become self-sufficient and remain housed. You can call the Salt Lake Community Action program if you need emergency eviction prevention funds, rental help, or any other financial assistance. The agency administers several federal and state government programs in Utah.

7. Utah Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a national charity organization that is operating in Utah for low-income single moms, needy individuals, and poor families. The charity runs support services, housing resources, and several programs including shelter, mental health, housing, furniture assistance, and short-term assistance for families who are navigating economic hardship. Salvation Army helps low and extremely low-income households in many ways. The organization offers housing assistance, community services, financial aid, and rent assistance for single moms in need.

8. Christian Center Of Park City

Single moms in Utah and individuals coming from any religion and background can receive assistance from the Christian Center Of Park City. Some of the common services and programs provided by the organization include short-term rental help, transportation emergency shelter, mortgage payments, government help for heating bills, and so on.

9. Catholic Community Services Of Utah

Catholic Charities have been operating since 1945 in the state of Utah and are providing tons of supportive services and programs to low and middle-income families, especially homeless people. The Catholic Community Services Of Utah runs a Homeless Resource Center to fight against eviction and homelessness in the state. Single moms unable to pay for their rent and are experiencing homelessness can contact the organization and learn how to apply for the rental assistance program.


Single moms in Utah are one of the most destitute groups due to their financial abilities. Rental assistance programs help lighten their financial burden and give them substantial relief so that they can provide a better life for their children. If you are unable to pay for your rent or utility due to financial limitation in Utah then you are encouraged to apply for housing assistance and rental help from the above-mentioned programs and resources.

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