Single Mom Support Group Los Angeles

Single Mom Support Group Los Angeles

The daily challenge of caring for, educating, and feeding children is undoubtedly a tough job. The stress of building your career and earning money to sustain the family’s well-being makes life more difficult for single moms. For solo parents who are divorced, widowed, single, or have partners away from home due to incarceration, work, disability, or deployment, the challenge is tremendous. For single parents looking for emotional support and ways to make new friendships, joining a single-mom support group in Los Angeles can be a good way out.

How Joining Support Groups In Los Angeles Can Help Single Moms?

Single mothers in Los Angeles struggling to cope with their everyday issues alone can build support networks for themselves and their children. Joining a single mom support group in Los Angeles will help to meet other parents with similar needs and struggles. Single-mom support groups in Los Angeles serve many purposes, but the essential purpose is to introduce families to other parents like themselves. You can find parent groups locally as well as in online communities. The mission of single-parent support groups is to connect single moms whose parenting philosophy and interests are compatible with other single mothers in the community.

Different Single Mom Support Groups In Los Angeles

Now that you are aware of the benefits that support groups for single moms in Los Angeles provide, let us take a look at the top resources and groups that are available at your disposal.

1. Los Angeles Christian Singles Meetup Group

Christian single mothers and other women who are between the ages of 18 to 70 can expand their social circle and meet new friends by joining the Los Angeles Christian Single Meet-up group. Here you get a friendly, warm, and comfortable environment at no or little cost and share your ups and downs about parenthood.

2. Single Mom Support Group

This support group for single moms is designed to support women in all their efforts and parent their children rightly while balancing social life and a career. This single-mom support group in Los Angeles teaches women to care for themselves while dealing with life struggles. The group addresses the grief and pain of being a full-time single mom or a divorced mother. Managing anxiety and loneliness becomes easier when you have a support system. This group will help you navigate the support you need.

3. Los Angeles Divorce Support Meetup Group

Single mothers who are getting through a divorce or are recently divorced may find it challenging to cope with parenting and can suffer from loneliness and anxiety. This support group for single parents in Los Angeles will help you to socialize with others during and after your divorce. You can survive the divorce process by participating in fun gatherings and events.

4. Dates For Kids Of Single Parents

Single mothers or unmarried parents of children 2-12 can meet other parents and help each other. The group connects kids of unmarried parents, even single, widowed, divorced moms, and dads, to arrange playdates and connect to other unmarried parents. This allows them to participate in group events and spend time together. You can also message other single moms and dads based on your profile interest and participate in kids’ fairs, sandcastle parties, soccer games, and other fun activities. Once you become a group member, you must write an introduction in your group profile so that other members understand your likes and goals. Here you can respond to concerns and discuss playdates with other parents for your children.

5. LA Single Mamas & Papas (SMAPs)

This is a support and activity group designed for single parents living in the metropolitan regions of Los Angeles. To join this group, you need to be a single parent. The group was designed way back in 2006. With the financial, physical, and emotional toll that often comes with separation, divorce, or having a child on your own, it is undoubtedly difficult for single parents to maintain their sanity. The group has been designed so single parents can help each other and create new friendships and relationships. The members are modern independent families who learn to live happily and solve each other‘s problems. This is not a dating site for single parents and is a friendly group where you can meet, laugh together, come together, get advice, and even volunteer and organize events.

6. Single Moms by Choice-Los Angeles

This Los Angeles single mom support group offers a community of help and support to single mothers by choice. If you are living in Los Angeles County and a single mom by choice, then it is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other single parents like you and know each other’s personal stories. Single moms, by choice, are women who make deliberate choices to become mothers through adoption or fostering or through donor insemination and egg donation. Women actively trying to be pregnant, become single mothers by choice, or are already single moms are encouraged to join this private group in Los Angeles. The objective is to enable deeper connections among single mothers by choice so that they can navigate the pathway to single motherhood.

7. Single Adoptive Moms in LA

Single mothers who have adopted their children are encouraged to join this group In Los Angeles. This group allows single mothers to build relationships and chat with one another. Through the common bond of adoption, you can support each other and share your stories to feel better. It can be challenging for adoptive single mothers to meet people like them and make friends in Los Angeles. This is why this group provides them an excellent opportunity to connect with likable people and share their similar family dynamics of structures.


When families with similar struggles and concerns meet, they get a sense of understanding, community, and relief. You get a place to share your problems, laugh, discuss your concerns, and help each other. For instance, parents can find local dentists who are good with children, places where they can buy specialized toys, clothes, or equipment for their single mom, or learn how to fill out a social security application.

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