Affordable Health Insurance For Single-Mom College Students in Idaho

Affordable Health Insurance For Single-Mom College Students in Idaho

The state of Idaho provides an interesting combination of both rural and city life. No matter which city or county you are living in, being a single mom is not an easy feat. With only one source of income and limited savings paying for high-quality healthcare services is financially harder. Fortunately, there is a wide range of affordable health insurance programs designed for single-mom college students.

What Are The Different Health Insurance Options For Idaho Single Mom Students?

There are many different types of student health insurance programs available for single moms in the state of Idaho. Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program offers low-cost or free health insurance depending on your age and income. Health insurance marketplace plans are also a great resource for single moms as they can purchase healthcare plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Moreover, single moms must contact their college or university which offers affordable student loans either of their own or through a healthcare insurance provider. Catastrophic health plans are well designed for single mom college students below 30 years where they have to buy a low premium healthcare plan with a high deductible and the plan covers sickness or serious accidents. Job-based health plans or short-term health plans are also good resources for single moms who need medical coverage.

How To Find Affordable Health Insurance For Single Mom College Students In Idaho?

Following is the list of affordable health insurance programs for single-mom college students in Idaho.

1. Access Card

Access Card is a leading medical assistance program that is administered and managed in collaboration with many Idaho insurance providers. The program is meant to assist single moms and help them purchase health insurance programs for their qualifying children. To learn more about how to apply for an Access card you can dial 208-23171.

2. Idaho Medicaid

A popular and affordable healthcare insurance program in Idaho designed for low-income residents including uninsured single moms is the Idaho Medicaid program. The Idaho Medicaid offers three different healthcare plans for uninsured single moms and their children. These plans are as follows

  • Basic

The Idaho Basic plan offers health, prevention as well and wellness benefits to adults who do not have any special health requirements.

  • Enhanced

The Enhanced Idaho Medicaid plan is designed for individuals with special health needs or disabilities.

  • Coordinated

The Coordinated Idaho Medicaid program is designed for individuals who are eligible and have enrolled in the federal and state-funded Medicare and Medicaid program.

Idaho Medicaid covers a wide range of people for instance pregnant women, kids below 19 years of age, single parents, and elderly people whose economic situation is characterized as low or very low income. The state of Idaho is expanding the Medicaid program therefore the eligibility criteria also covers pregnant women, children who are in age between 6 to 18 years, and adults up to 64 years of age and having household income less than 138% of the federal poverty level. Single moms can contact the Department of Health and Welfare to apply for the Idaho Medicaid program.

3. Idaho Health Plan (CHIP)

The Idaho Health Plan offers comprehensive healthcare coverage to uninsured children below 18 years of age belonging to families who are not eligible to receive assistance through the Medicaid program as their income is too high to qualify for Medicaid benefits but they are also unable to afford private healthcare coverage. Single moms who want their children to get covered under this program need to contact the doubt department of Health and Welfare Services. The program covers a wide area of medical services such as doctor visits, immunization or prescription, hospitalization, dental and vision care, and so on. Children belonging to families having an income less than 190% of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive coverage under the Idaho health plan. Depending on your family income you might have to pay a small amount of $10 to $15 every month for every child enrolled in CHIP.

4. Idaho Maternal And Child Health

The Idaho Maternal And Child Health Program enables pregnant women, single moms, other low-income mothers, children, and infants to access quality and affordable healthcare services in Idaho. Single moms and their children can get assistance through this program through home visits, special needs services, family planning, pregnancy prevention resources, nutrition guidance, and child-to-adult transitioning assistance. Every program has its own set of eligibility requirements therefore you can learn more about the program by visiting the official website of Idaho Maternal And Child Health website.

5. Short-Term Health Insurance

Single moms can opt for Idaho short-term health insurance policies which offer temporary coverage for up to 364 days. The state insurance law also prohibits the renewal of this coverage. They cost less than unsubsidized ACA healthcare plans as they offer benefits in short-term term plans and help candidates meet unexpected healthcare needs instead of pre-existing or preventive care conditions. Single-mom college students can opt for short-term health insurance if they do not have access to medical coverage through their parents, are unable to afford an unsubsidized ACA plan, need coverage for a few months, or want to attend a school without indulging in student health insurance programs.

6. Catastrophic Health Plan

Catastrophic health insurance plans are designed for people (including single-mom students) below 30 years. Catastrophic health insurance offers comprehensive healthcare coverage at a low monthly premium. These plans also have high deductibles which makes it a good fit for people who do not have much healthcare needs. Single-mom college students who are opting for these health plans are not eligible for subsidies.


Single-mom students who are heading off to their college or university must opt for a healthcare plan to avail high quality and affordable medical services. Like many other college students, single moms might feel they do not need any health insurance as they do not need to visit doctors. As per the report, young adults have the highest uninsured rate.  However, if you want to get medical coverage or if your school or college requires health insurance coverage the state of Idaho has several options to provide.

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