Scholarships For Single Moms In Arkansas

Scholarships For Single Moms In Arkansas

Pursuing higher education as a single mom in Arkansas can be expensive and daunting. Fortunately, scholarship programs and grants are designed for single parents to lighten their educational load. Higher education opens doors to increased salary and this will help you to provide a better lifestyle to your children.

Are There Scholarships For Single Moms In Arkansas?

Yes, there are numerous scholarships and grants for single moms in Arkansas that assist them in times of need and help them pursue a college degree. Continuing education in Arkansas is getting expensive with each passing day and finding extra cash to cover your education expenses and college fees can be challenging. The good news is that scholarship programs are available in education-related Arkansas to help single moms cover their tuition bills, college fees, and other education-related costs.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Arkansas?

Looking for scholarship opportunities for single moms in the state of Arkansas? Take a look at the below-mentioned programs to get started.

1. Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Single moms in Arkansas can take away life-changing opportunities through the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. The program has been designed for low-income single moms and dads to break the cycle of poverty. The program is open to all eligible candidates who are living in Bowie County Texas and Arkansas. To be eligible for assistance you need to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and must not earn an undergraduate degree previously.

2. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Another appealing scholarship program for single mom students in the state of Arkansas is the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. The program awards scholarships to eligible low-income women who are pursuing undergraduate studies in the United States and will serve eligible applicants who must be 35 years or above in age.

You need to pursue a vocational or technical education, first bachelor’s degree, or associate degree to receive assistance under the program. The scholarship awards are renewable for up to five years and are given directly to eligible recipients

3. Patsy Mink Foundation Education Support Award

Low-income single moms with children pursuing higher education or training can apply for the Patsy Mink Foundation Education Support Award. To qualify for assistance you need to fulfill the income limitation and show proof of your circumstances, occupational goals, and financial need.

The eligibility criteria of the program require single moms to be a minimum of 17 years of age, have minor children, and pursue a first degree at a post-second level of education. The scholarship program offers assistance of up to $5000 to eligible recipients.

4. Florence Wood Scholarship

The American Occupational Therapy Foundation funds the Florence Wood Scholarship Program every year and provides a grant of up to $500 to eligible candidates.

Eligible single-mom recipients should be Arkansas residents and must enroll themselves in an accredited educational, and occupational degree program provided by the institution of higher learning situated in Arkansas.

Scholarship applicants should demonstrate a robust financial lead and have an academic history of excellent achievements. The American Occupational Therapy Foundation provides more than 50 scholarships to eligible Arkansas residents and the Florence Woods Scholarship is a prominent scholarship program funded by the organization.

5. Benton County Single Parent Scholarship

Single moms and dads living in Benton County can apply for the Benton County Single Parent Scholarship. If you are a custodial parent with more than 50% of your child’s physical custody then you can apply for the program. Scholarship programs for single moms in Arkansas require recipients to face economic hardship which impedes their opportunity to attend college.

This scholarship program requires single parents to attend one of the seven pre-selected schools and the scholarship committee will also review other schools on a case-by-case basis. The scholarship program will finance your tuition including childcare, transportation, and eye exam costs.

6. Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship

A scholarship program designed for residents of Arkansas including single moms who want to pursue higher college education is known as the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship.

This scholarship program is not specific to a particular ethnicity or gender therefore almost all students are eligible to apply for the program. The program is funded by the Arkansas scholarship lottery.

The scholarship amount may vary depending on your year of higher education. For instance, single mom students in their first year are eligible to receive $500 per semester and second-year students are eligible to receive a financial award of $4000 per year. The amount of assistance for students who are in their fourth year of education can receive up to $2500 per nine weeks.

7. American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arkansas Nurses Scholarship

Financial assistance is provided in the state of Arkansas through the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Arkansas Nurses scholarship.

Single-mom students who meet the eligibility criteria of the program and wish to start a career in the field of nursing can apply for the scholarship program. Applicants are required to be residents of Arkansas with at least one parent to be a veteran to meet the membership criteria of the American Legion.

Low-income students should be recent graduates or high school seniors to qualify for assistance. The financial assistance will be based on your character, leadership, Americanism, academic achievement, and financial need.

8. Arkansas Department of Higher Education Minority Grant Program

Financial support is provided to students who are seeking professional training in the fields of dentistry, chiropractic medicine, osteopathic medicine, optometry, veterinary medicine, or podiatric medicine through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Minority Grant Program.

The eligible recipients of the grant should be in good academic standing and must make satisfactory progress toward their education. The maximum grant that you can receive for this program is $5000 and you are also required to demonstrate a robust financial need.


Scholarship programs are excellent opportunities for single moms that can help them return to college and grab better-paying opportunities. Low-income single-mom students including rural students, nontraditional-aged students, and minority students in the state of Arkansas can apply for the aforementioned programs. These grants are provided by government agencies, private foundations, charities, and nonprofit organizations.

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