Health Insurance For Single Moms In Georgia

Health Insurance For Single Moms In Georgia

Single mothers face more hardship, unlike married couples. Fortunately, the state of Georgia has several support programs and health insurance for single moms that enable single moms to cope with their difficult times and access high-quality and affordable medical services.

Are There Resources That Help Single Moms With Cheap Healthcare Plans In Georgia?

Yes, single moms in Georgia can access cheap or free medical or dental healthcare plans and services provided they meet the eligibility criteria of the plans. The state of Georgia offers free prescription drugs including online programs or rebates to single moms and helps them with medication, medical equipment, basic healthcare, tax credits, and so on.

While most of the funding for healthcare programs comes from the federal government there are additional resources as well which provide direct help to Georgia. There are income limitations to healthcare plans. While some programs require single moms to pay a part of the plan other programs offer free healthcare services and cover all costs. Often medical care is provided to eligible candidates on a sliding fee scale therefore participants need to pay only what they can afford.

What Are The Available Health Insurance For Single Moms In Georgia?

Following is the list of health insurance for single moms that you can apply for in the state of Georgia.

1. Georgia Medicaid

The most popular health insurance program in the state of Georgia is the Medicaid program which enables eligible Georgians to pay for all or part of their medical bills. The program covers low-income families, pregnant women, aging, blind, and disabled individuals as well as uninsured single moms with their children who are unable to afford medical care due to financial constraints.

The state of Georgia is not expanding Medicaid coverage therefore the eligibility criteria for nondisabled adults is only limited to parents having income below 33% of the federal poverty level. In other words, a single mom of two children should earn less than $6580 annually to qualify for Medicaid coverage. Georgia Medicaid includes a lot of services such as prescription, X-rays, lab tests, inpatient as well as outpatient hospital care, doctor visits, hospice care, home health care, non-emergency medical transportation services, medical equipment, supplies, and dental care.

To find out whether you qualify for medical assistance or Medicaid coverage you can call the DFCS helpline at 1-877-423-4746. Pregnant single moms can contact the Division of Public Health at 404-657-2700 to find out about Medicaid Services in their county.

2. Georgia PeachCare for Kids®

The Georgia PeachCare for Kids program offers comprehensive healthcare services to uninsured kids up to 18 years of age who failed to qualify for the Medicaid program and belong to households with income less than 252% of the federal poverty level. Families with kids below 6 years need not pay any cost to avail healthcare services covered under this program.

For kids who are six years old and above a co-payment is required to avail of essential medical services. The co-payment may vary between $11 to $36 per child for kids above 6 years and reach a maximum of $72 for two or more children living in the same household.

3. Planning for Healthy Babies®

The Planning For Healthy Babies provides eligible Georgians with quality help care services as well as the personal attention that they deserve. This is a healthcare program designed by the Georgia Department of Community Health. The program offers no-cost planning services to eligible women. The program consists of 3 services known as

  • Family Planning (FB)

This service includes family planning solutions only.

  •  Interpregnancy Care Covered

This program includes family planning as well as additional services to women who have delivered a low birth weight baby.

  • Resource Mother

It is a case management service provided to women who have delivered a low birth weight baby. Planning for Healthy Babies covers women who are citizens of the United States or someone with qualified non-citizenship status.

4. Cancer State Aid, or CSA

Cancer State Aid is available in the state of Georgia which offers affordable or low-cost cancer treatment to uninsured people. Underinsured low-income cancer patients can receive help from the Georgia government to receive outpatient and inpatient cancer treatment at nonprofit hospitals. CSA also covers other assistance such as radiation therapy, payments for cancer-related drugs, and outpatient chemotherapy.

5. The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act is designed to ensure all Americans can access easy and affordable health insurance plans. The ACA offers financial assistance in the form of health insurance subsidies to reduce healthcare costs. The program is based on your household income. The Affordable Care Act has made it a requirement for health insurance plans to cover dependents up to 26 years of age. If your parents have employer-sponsored health insurance or a private health insurance plan then you can buy coverage as their dependent provided you are below 26 years of age. It is generally cheaper to purchase coverage for a dependent to an existing healthcare plan than to purchase a separate health insurance plan.

6. SHIP, State Health Insurance Assistance Program

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program in Georgia offers unbiased and free information as well as assistance to beneficiaries of Medicare and their caregivers.  The program offers drug and health plans. Georgia SHIP assists people with Medicare and helps them understand the benefits and also make well-informed decisions related to their healthcare. The program provides free counseling as well as advice to eligible candidates. Any resident of Georgia who wants to know about the programs designed for the uninsured, details about Medicare, free government health insurance policies like Medicaid, and Prescription Drug Assistance programs.


Single moms are mostly responsible for meeting their as well as their children’s needs. It can be overwhelming as a single mom to fulfill all obligations on one source of income. Choosing health insurance is a vital decision for every single mom. Fortunately, the state of Georgia has many health insurance options for you to choose from. There are government-funded programs that offer affordable healthcare coverage to low-income single moms and families.

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