Rooms For Rent Single Moms 

Rooms For Rent Single Moms 

A lot of people assume that landlords and tenants live in different spaces when they agree but what about when they decide to rent out a room in their home? The rules and regulations of single moms renting rooms are different compared to renting out the complete property. As a single mom, you can be successful if you can learn the particulars and tips to find cheap rentals. Landlords who rent a room to single mothers implement many procedures and legal lessons to make sure tenant roommates are conducting the business legally and fairly. This guide will help you with single-mom renting options and how to find rooms to rent with minimum complications as possible.

Many single moms and dads rent a room for themselves including their children. With the right strategy and a bit of effort, you can find council housing and private housing for yourself. When you rent a room for yourself you need to take a lot of factors into consideration such as location, affordability, space, and so on. Single moms not working or earning low income can seek help from the government and nonprofit organizations to cover their rent. You can also apply for financial support to cover the cost of rent even if you are living in privately rented or council housing accommodation. Single moms who are at risk of eviction or currently facing homelessness can apply to the local council for housing help. If they are living with their family or friends they can still claim housing benefits from the government as a single mom although the rules and regulations are different. When it comes to renting from single moms there are three main options at your disposal:

  • Rent a room through a housing cooperative or a letting agency
  • Local council or housing association
  • Housing association or local council

How To Find Rooms For Rent For Single Moms Near Me?

Finding single-mom rooms for rent is a simple and easy process if you want to follow the below-mentioned tips and strategies.

1. Create Your Preferred Listing

There are many listing websites, apps, and portals which offer plenty of listing options for single moms who are looking for room rentals. Creating your preferred listing is a seamless procedure and this also helps you in narrowing down the right rooms to rent options and can even find a desired roommate for yourself. Having a listing will increase the response rate which you receive while communicating with other members on the app or website. You can stand out from the crowd by adding a few details related to your personality, your background, and what makes you a good roommate. You can add a few photos to add more trust and this will make your listing more to the top of the search results. To prevent scams and spam single moms can include email addresses, phone numbers, links to other websites, and social media handles in their listing. Many room-to-rent listing websites come with a secure messaging system that enables you to freely communicate with others and follow specific community standards.

2. Search For Rooms To Rent That Matches Your Taste And Need

Single moms searching for rooms should not contact one listing instead they can contact all the room listings that work for them. The best rooms are the competitive ones therefore you can avoid disappointment by having a few backups which you can view and contact. A lot of websites require single moms and other people to be logged-in members to search their listings. This way the security system removes the inappropriate members and helps in maintaining a safe and secure community. Single mom room for rent websites will not show the listings in your search area however will provide you a list of rooms nearby that you can rent therefore you will not miss out on fantastic homes just because you’re a few miles away. Single moms can start by looking for rooms to rent near them.

3. Start Looking At The Latest Matches

Another effective way to find the best new rooms for single moms to rent nearby is to check the latest matches that your preferred rental site will provide you through e-mail alerts or SMS. The alerts can be turned off or adjusted in account settings. E-mail or SMS alerts are provided by apps and rental lists. So whenever new members join the site you get a list of potential matches on your dashboard and make the right choice.

4. Be Sure To Communicate

Not every apartment seeker will rent a room professionally and formally however it is important to communicate and decide on the rules and requirements before crafting a written agreement. Talk about your work schedules, living habits, and other important details. If you are having a pet you need to discuss the pet restrictions with your landlord. Other questions which you can ask them before moving is whether you will have roommates or whether you expect the room to be furnished. There are many rental sites where you can communicate with other members without revealing your personal details or contact number.

5. Ask For Viewing

Single moms must view the room and meet the roommates beforehand which will help them to determine if their future roommates are genuine to live with. This also enables them to inspect the property as a comfortable dwelling place for them. Although it is recommended for single mothers to view the rental rooms in person, if they are unable then they must arrange a tour of the property online through FaceTime, Hangouts, or Skype. Always remember to not transfer any payment or deposit to a person whom you have not met and if you have not viewed the property before. You may feel nervous while meeting someone for the first time or inspecting the rental room so consider taking a friend along with you.

6. Come To An Agreement

Once you finalize your decision about the rental room where you want to move in, agree on important details like deposit, bills, rent, moving date, length of stay, house rules, etc. It is strongly recommended to get all the rules and other factors in writing even through mail before making any payment to avoid future misunderstandings.

How To Find Cheap Rooms For Rent For Single Moms?

Single moms looking for rooms to rent can take a look at the following options and fulfill their search needs.

1. SpareRoom

The free iPhone and Android app for SpareRoom is one of the easiest ways to find a roommate or a room to rent for single moms. You can browse renting rooms across Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and the rest of the states in the USA. Single mothers looking for rent rooms can get in touch with the help of the integrated messaging system of their own without leaving the app. With the help of SpareRoom, you can search for rooms for rent for single moms in Orange County. For this, you need to provide details about your specific needs about rooms that you were looking for in Orange County, your location, and your price range.


This is a renowned online apartment listing website where users can access information about the available units for rent. The team of makes around one million calls every month to property managers and apartment owners to collect and verify rental rates, current availability incentive fees, policies concessions, and many more details. It offers a lot of rental listings compared to any other department website and also includes innovative features such as a drawing tool to enable users to define their search areas on the map and so on. reaches millions of renters including single moms looking for cheap rental rooms and helps them to fulfill their desired needs. You can easily access rooms for rent for single moms in Queens NYC through its responsive website and innovative emerging media.

3. Roomster

This rooms-for-rent option offers a network that provides a list of flats, rooms to rent, and apartments and is an ideal provider of real estate rental services. The company connects all the users to apartments, rooms to rent, flats, shares, roommates, and sublets as well as a social network and gives them an engaging experience. You get a social network platform to connect with potential roommates and get the experience of sharing a safe and easy home with others. Roomster, based in New York City, was founded in 2003 and has made the experience of single mothers finding cheap rentals safe and easy. It is a trusted name for a lot of people who are looking for safe and secure accommodation around the world and meet like-minded individuals. People can also make use of Roomster to monetize their additional space and make it available to authentic individuals.

4. PadMapper

If you are an apartment seeker then you can make use of this search tool to find a sublet or apartment to rent. PadMapper is a huge Google map with lots of apartment sublets, houses, and rental units from different websites. The company serves in the B2C space in the real estate and construction tech market segments. Single mothers looking for rooms to rent can narrow down their options depending on the location with the help of real-time filters.

5. Roomies

This is a free peer-to-peer platform that enables people to rent their spare room or find rooms and search for a roommate. The listings provided by Roomies are moderated and all the members are properly mobile verified. The secure messaging system enables single moms to chat with other members until they are free to share their details.

6. Craigslist

No matter whether you are looking for rentals and looking for a way to post your rentals or a single mom looking for cheap rentals near your neighborhood you must be familiar with sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist which is a slight learning curve. Craigslist is an online and free classified platform where you can post ads for everything or fulfill your search needs starting from community activities, items for sale, housing for rooms to rent, local jobs or services, and discussion rooms. You can search for rooms wanted, rooms shared, vacation rentals, housing swaps, apartments, commercial space, and much more information here. A lot of single mothers had been successful in finding a home with the help of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.


Renting a room as a single mom is a good way to save money and meet other people at the same time. If you’re on a tight budget then you can look for one-bedroom apartments and cheap studios. Before finalizing a deal on the rental property make sure that the room is set up properly and has safety features like a fire extinguisher, egress window, etc. Also, make sure that the zoning permits and local laws allow single moms to have few rooms as some cities have restrictions on anyone who is not a family member to live at a property. Sign the rental agreement carefully and go through the house rules to avoid future problems. Landlord-tenant laws in the case of room rentals are similar to other property rentals. Both the tenants and landlords have to agree on the rights outlined by the state and local laws. Any doubts must be cleared up before signing the rental agreement.

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