Single Mom Housing Grants Ohio

The life of a single mother is full of challenges and hurdles. Every single mother deserves to overcome such challenges in a secure and safe place; they can claim to be their own. This is why the state and federal governments, along with many other local agencies and charities, provide housing assistance and grants to single mothers in Ohio. These housing grants enable them to pay rent or buy a property and live securely with their families.

What Are The Requirements For Single Mom Housing Grants In Ohio?

To qualify for single-mother housing grants in Ohio, candidates must be a resident of Ohio or a citizen of the United States. Candidates can qualify for the benefits of housing grants in Ohio when they meet the income and age requirements. They should either be unemployed, underemployed, or at the risk of becoming unemployed. Only single moms who can fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria, as well as other additional criteria set by the program, can get rental assistance or affordable housing assistance through these programs. 

Housing Assistance Program And Grants For Ohio Single Mothers

Single mothers in Ohio looking for housing grants to improve their situation can opt for the following programs:

1. Ohio Works First

Ohio Works First, or OWF, is a financial assistance program and a part of the Temporary Assistance To Needy Families Program of Ohio. This program offers time-limited housing assistance to low and moderate-income families. OWF offers monetary assistance to needy families for 36 months. Low or moderate-income mothers seeking housing and financial assistance can apply for this program. In some cases, extensions can also be granted to families in cases of mental or physical incapacity or domestic violence. Ohio Works First program covers low-income families living with children, women at least six months pregnant, and kids living with their relatives.

2. Housing Choice Vouchers Program

Low-income families and single mothers can opt for the Housing Choice Vouchers program, which enables them to pay a part of their rent or purchase a home. This program is funded by a HUD or The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The voucher help is provided to needy families, including single mothers, through the Public Housing Agency. This program covers only a part of the rent; therefore, renters must pay the difference amount from their pocket. Under some circumstances, low-income families and single mothers can also buy a house with the help of these vouchers.

3. HOME Program

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, provides the Home Investment Partnership program to low-income families, including single mothers. The federal funding established for the HOME  program is given to the local and state government directly. It is then distributed to low-income families and single mothers as direct loans, loan guarantees, rental assistance, credit enhancement, and security deposit assistance.

4. Emergency Rental Assistance By Ohio Housing Finance Agency

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency established the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to offer financial relief to low-income renters who have been affected primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are experiencing loss of job or income opportunities. Single mothers who are low-income earners can apply for this program to pay their rent and reduce their financial burden. Eligible renters will receive financial assistance for at least six months. To qualify for this income, the household income of the candidate must be at or below 50% of the median income in that area. There are also additional criteria that candidates have to fulfill to receive rental assistance through this program.

5. Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Single mothers and low-income families facing financial difficulty in paying their mortgage and want to avoid the risk of foreclosure can take help from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency and avail a lot of housing assistance programs from this organization. The organization offers a   program to mediate between banking institutions and landlords and help them solve their financial issues. The organization collaborates with many HUD-approved nonprofit housing agencies to help needy families and low-income single mothers.

6. Social Services And Government Emergency Aid

Ohio Family Services help single mothers to ease their financial burden by paying their household bills and other expenses. These services cover energy bills, housing assistance, food, and many other problems that single mothers face daily. If you’re a single mom and want to learn more about housing assistance and other services then you can get help from the Ohio Family Services.

7. The Salvation Army

A renowned nonprofit organization which works for single mothers and low-income families in Ohio is The Salvation Army. This nonprofit organization comes with a Housing First program to enable low-income families to get shelter and achieve self-sufficiency to remain housed. Apart from housing Assistance, The Salvation Army also helps needy families with other needs like energy bills, gasoline, and rent.

8. Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio

A popular nongovernmental organization which sells affordable and decent houses to low-income people is known as Habitat for Humanity. Single moms can purchase their homes by applying for a housing assistance program from this organization. The screening process takes place for all participants, where they have to showcase their financial situation, which proves that they will be able to repay mortgages timely. The organization provides housing services for single-mother landlords and low-cost housing repair programs for single-mother homeowners.

9. COHHIO, Coalition On Homelessness And Housing In Ohio

Single moms facing legal issues related to their house can take help from COHHIO. The organization offers legal support to single mothers and individuals to solve their legal problems and understand the landlord-tenant legal laws in a better way. 


Single moms living in Ohio with their children often face financial difficulties in locating affordable housing options. However, with the help of numerous housing grants and assistance programs in Ohio, single moms can access the much-needed housing and financial assistance to attain their goals. Housing rents in Ohio offer single mothers the right financial resources so that they can purchase a house of their own. These government housing programs and grants offer them financial security to provide for their families. 

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