Grants For Single Mom In Vermont

Grants For Single Mom In Vermont

Single moms in Vermont are no different from single mothers living in the rest of the United States. An average single mom faces the primary challenge of providing for their children on a single income. This is why a majority of financial assistance programs in the state targets low-income single moms so that they can achieve self-sufficiency and financial instability in their lives.

Is There Any Financial Aid For Single Moms In Vermont?

Yes, there are a lot of government organizations and charities which are working to help low-income single moms by designing a plethora of programs and grants for them. Taking charge of a household and raising children alone is an arduous task for any single mom. However, with these financial assistance programs and grants, single moms need not worry as they can get assistance with food, clothing, shelter, dental care, medical care, childcare, and many other supportive services.

List Of Grants For Single Moms In Vermont

Are you a single mom in Vermont looking for single-parent and child benefits? The following compiled list of financial assistance programs and grants will help you in financial hardship.

1. Vermont Reach Up

The welfare-to-work program in Vermont is known as Reach Up, which assists low-income families living with children in financial hardship. The program offers cash benefits so eligible families can cover essential services and necessities and move towards self-sufficiency. The eligibility criteria of this program are based on household income, resources, household expenses, the location where you live, and other essential factors. A household of three members can receive assistance up to $811 monthly. Beneficiaries of the program must participate in the approved work activities that can lead to employment.

2. Vermont 3SquaresVT

This is a food stamp program in Vermont designed for low-income residents, including single moms, so that they can pay for their food and get a nutritional diet. Children whose family is being approved for the food stamp program are automatically eligible to get free school meals. The food benefits that you can receive through this program will depend on your household income, size, and expenses. A family of three in Vermont receives monthly food assistance of up to $346. Eligible candidates will get an EBT card known as Vermont Express to get food stamp benefits and purchase food items at participating farmers’ markets or stores.

3. Vermont Rental Assistance Program

The rental assistance program in Vermont offers subsidies so that low-income families and single mothers can get rental subsidies and access a decent and comfortable house of their choice. Participating families must pay 30% of their income towards rental expenses while the Vermont government will pay for the difference. To participate in the program, interested families must meet the income guidelines. The priority is given to families, which include children and disabled people. You can contact the Vermont State Housing Authority to learn how to apply for this program.

4. Vermont Medicaid

The Vermont Medicaid Program offers health insurance coverage to low-income Vermonters, including single mothers. Vermont Medicaid is commonly known as Green Mountain Care, which enables needy residents to seek healthcare coverage. The state is expanding its Medicaid coverage, so low-income adults ages 19 to 64 and having income below 138% of the federal poverty level can seek medical coverage under this program.

5. Vermont Fuel Assistance

The Fuel Assistance Program in Vermont is known as Home Heating Assistance and enables eligible households to cover their home heating bills. The main priority is given to low-income households living in Section 8 housing or subsidized public housing. Single mothers can be eligible to seek home heating assistance if their household income is less than 185% of the federal poverty level. An eligible family can receive assistance up to $543, depending on the availability of funds.

6. Incentive Grant

Single mothers and low-income residents of the state enrolled full-time at recognized post-secondary institutions can seek assistance through Vermont Incentive Grant. To receive assistance with this program, you must ensure the educational institution where you have enrolled is participating in the federal Pell Grant program. The minimum grant award eligible low-income and single-mother students can receive under this program ranges between $1000 to $12,200. Applicants are required to be a resident of Vermont and have a solid financial need to get covered under this program. The Vermont part-time grant is available for Vermont residents enrolled in less than 12 credits per term. The amount of a part-time Vermont grant varies depending on the credit hours; however, it will range between $500 to $9600.

7. Vermont Child Care Financial Assistance

The Child Care Financial Assistance enables eligible low-income families to cover childcare expenses. This is a subsidy program; therefore, parents must pay a portion of their childcare costs while the program will cover the difference. The child care assistance will be based on your gross monthly income, family size, and other factors. Families with the lowest incomes will receive childcare assistance under this program. If you are a single mom looking to attend school or work, then you can get assistance to pay for your childcare services by applying for this program.

8. Vermont Unemployment Insurance

The Unemployment Insurance Program in Vermont is designed for low-income residents and single moms so that they can replace their lost wages on a short-term basis. Applicants must prove that they have lost their job or income due to no fault of their own. Interested participants are required to work in Vermont for a minimum of 18 months to be eligible for the program. The maximum benefit you can receive under this program is $458 weekly. This is a temporary relief for single moms who have lost their job or income.


With little or limited income, single mothers are twice more likely to be affected by economic hardship. The state of Vermont helps single mothers by providing a lot of programs and grants. These grants help them with food, shelter, cash assistance, health and medical care services, and many others. The programs mentioned above will help you to get through your difficult times and fund your monthly bills.

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