College Grants For Single Moms In Texas

Solo parents in Texas belong to a low or moderate-income group and face immense life challenges of working tirelessly, managing their household finances, and raising children alone. The rate of poverty among Texas single moms exceeds the national average. One of the significant reasons for the rising poverty and unemployment rates in Texas is the unavailability of higher education opportunities among low-income students and single moms. This is why the Texas government has designed many financial assistance programs and scholarship programs to support the educational aspiration of Texas residents.

How Can A Single Mother In Texas Afford College?

Single moms in Texas can afford college and pursue higher education even if they are financially challenged. This can be done by taking help and financial support from several nonprofit organizations, governmental bodies, churches, and charitable institutions in Texas. Many Texas governmental organizations and NGOs are working collaboratively for the betterment of single moms and helping them to continue their education and reduce their financial burden. Higher education is the key to financial stability.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Texas

Single mothers who need financial assistance and support to continue their education and provide for their families can apply for a wide range of grants and scholarship programs in Texas. As there are various grants and programs available for single moms with different purposes, therefore, you need to apply for the grant or college program based on your needs. Following are the different college grants and scholarship programs designed for single moms in Texas that will help you to get started.

1. TPEG, Texas Public Education Grant

This scholarship program is designed to support low-income single mothers in Texas. The grant award is given to Texas single mothers based on their state residency and financial need. In order to be eligible for this grant program applicants have to file a FAFSA form and also meet all the eligibility requirements. Candidates may also be asked to submit other essential documents and application forms. Your financial need and documents will decide whether you can receive this grant for single moms in Texas. Once you file and submit the FAFSA form, you must wait a while to get a response. Once you qualify for the grant program, you will be asked to collect the determined grant amount from the Texas Public Education Grant Office. Before applying for this program, single mothers should read all the details correctly.

2. TEXAS, Towards Excellence, Access, and Success Grant

This state-funded grant program assists low-income single mothers to pursue higher education and be successful in their respective educational careers. This is one of the best state grant programs for Texas single moms that encourages and supports women empowerment. The eligibility criteria for this grant require applicants to reside in Texas and pursue a particular degree program. The first and foremost step to be eligible for this grant is to fill out the FAFSA form. Single moms who want to learn more details and information about this grant should contact the financial aid department of their school.

3. TEG, Tuition Equalization Grant Program

This grant program for single moms in Texas offers them financial aid and assistance so that they can bridge the gap between the financial resources available to them and the actual tuition cost. The Tuition Equalization Grant Program enables eligible single mothers to achieve their respective educational goals, lower their financial burden, and emphasize building a bright future. Eligible low-income students and single mothers have received a grant award of $3496 in the academic year 2022- 2023. However, students having exceptional financial needs and higher educational goals can also get grant awards high up to $5246 per academic year. In order to be eligible for this program, you need to be a resident of Texas, demonstrate your financial need, and enroll in a program that will lead to a bachelor, associate, professional, or master’s degree

4. TEOG, Educational Opportunity Grant Program

The Texas Educational Opportunity Grant Program offers financial aid to low-income students and needy single moms who want to enroll in Public Texas College for a two-year degree course. To receive a grant award program, single mothers and low-income students have to prove their Texas state residency and get enrolled in a college or institution in Texas, either full-time or part-time. Applicants must also submit the TASFA or Texas Application For State Financial Aid or FAFSA to demonstrate their financial needs.

5. Capture The Dream Inc. Single Parent Scholarship Program

The Capture The Dream Inc. Program aims to reduce the financial burden of single parents, hindering their education and making them give up on their dreams. A prime reason why most single parents end up dropping off school or college is because of the unavailability of resources or lack of funds. This scholarship program offers financial assistance and awards to single mothers in Texas who want to restart their studies or educational careers. The scholarship amount awarded to eligible candidates by this foundation is around $1000. With the help of this scholarship program, single parents can reduce their financial crisis and get through high school or college without any challenges. The foundation offers scholarships to make education affordable and accessible to all Texas residents.

6. Bernice Murray Scholarship

Single mothers in Texas can avail many scholarship programs to change their lives by approaching the Bernice Murray Foundation. This organization strives to provide financial assistance to single mothers and empower women to become financially stable and support their families better. The organization requires the applicants to have primary custody of their children, and at least one of the children should be above 12 years of age.  Eligible candidates can receive a grant of $4000 provided they meet all the eligibility criteria.


College grants and scholarship programs for single moms in Texas offer them valuable support and financial assistance so that they can manage their life challenges and raise their children with ease. It is essential to know the specific eligibility requirements, contact information, and program deadline before applying for the program.

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