Single Mom Homeschool Grant

Single Mom Homeschool Grant

Recent reports state that more than two million students in the United States of America are being educated at home every year, which is constantly increasing with each passing day. It is no surprise that many universities, organizations, and educational institutions are establishing grants and scholarships for homeschooled students. Homeschoolers may face many difficulties in obtaining funds through grants and programs due to a lack of school activities, grade point average, and traditional curriculum. However, with some research, single mothers can locate a lot of homeschool grants and scholarship programs to reduce their financial burden.

Can Single Moms Afford Homeschool?

Single-parent families often believe that they cannot afford to homeschool because they have to end up quitting their jobs to raise their families. It isn’t a rare phenomenon for single mothers to homeschool, get a job, and stay home to take care of their kids. A single parent can homeschool with a single source of income, and this process requires a little creativity to succeed. Homeschooling as a single working mom can sometimes be a convenient and financially accessible option.

Single mothers have to take the responsibility of taking care of and providing an excellent education to their children. In other words, even if you are a working single mother, you must fulfill the responsibility for your children’s education. It is likely for single mothers who are homeschooling their children and transitioning them to a higher education role to face financial challenges associated with a rise in college or tuition fees that exceeds their household budget. To help out single mothers with homeschooling, many scholarships and grants are designed for single parents. Therefore if single mothers want to afford homeschooling, they need to contact the financial aid office of their school or college and locate more scholarships and grant opportunities.

How To Homeschool As A Single Mom?

Being a single mother brings a lot of difficulties and demands a certain level of humility. Homeschooling is that humility that enables single parents to provide the best education to their children. A unique learning environment can be implemented easily in a home to meet the specific learning needs of students, which is not the case with the formal classroom. Parents can have complete control over their children who are struggling learners and have more freedom to give the best education to their children and make them succeed in life.

Home-schooling parents can benefit the best through this flexibility and freedom. They can even take advantage of numerous homeschooling scholarships and grants exclusively designed for single parents so that they can provide a home education to their children. Single mothers can obtain funds for homeschooling, NGOs, and many charitable institutions that can enable them to ease the financial burden associated with their children’s education. Many people do not realize the financial cost of single-mom homeschooling until they decide to homeschool their kids full-time. Many parents give up on their full-time jobs to teach their children at home. If you’re a single mom facing difficulty in funding your children’s homeschooling expenses, then you can avail a lot of state grants for homeschooling your child.

Are There Single Mom Homeschool Grants Available?

Yes, single-mom homeschooling grants are available in the US. These grants are a unique approach that has been designed for single parents so that they can focus on building strong families. State grants and scholarships for homeschooling are becoming quite popular in the United States, and this is especially true for single moms having special needs students. For instance, North Carolina offers $8000 annually to qualifying disabled students enrolled in homeschool programs. Little funding is available from the federal government for single-mom homeschooling in the United States. If you are looking for homeschooling funding assistance from the United States Department of Education, you can take advantage of an accredited and registered charter school that bridges the gap between the Department of Education and single moms.

Best Single Mom Homeschool Scholarships

Locating government funding or state grants for homeschooling can be a challenging experience; however, once you qualify, you can get money or free aid from the government to homeschool your children. Following are the top homeschooling scholarships and grants designed for single parents so that they can prepare their kids for college, just like other public school students.

1. Coalition For Responsible Home Education

It can be challenging for single mothers to navigate and find a reputable resource to find their schooling. They are unlimited homeschooling associations or foundations in the United States for single moms. If you are looking for a homeschooling scholarship and grant, a popular source in your state will be the Coalition For Responsible Home Education. The Coalition For Responsible Home Education is a popular way to connect with other families near your region and locate existing groups that offer grants and money so that you can school your child at your home.

2. Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship

The Craig Dickinson memorial scholarship offers a grant of $1000 for academically talented graduates who have been homeschooled for the previous two years. Single mothers who want to homeschool their kids can get financial assistance through this program. The program requires students to enroll in an approved and accredited United States educational institution in the fall. They must be academically excellent and have made sufficient progress in their preferred educational path. Recipients for this scholarship will be preferred based on their autobiography, references, selected test scores, and homeschool transcripts.

3. Public Funding For Home Schooling

If you’re a single mom and looking for funding to sponsor homeschooling for your child, then the best place to search is by applying for government programs. Both state and federal governments connect homeschooling single parents with public funding. The public schools receive regular public funding, and if you’re homeschooling your child, then your child has the equal rights to access a part of this funding. You need to approach the school district in your area and apply for the Public Funding Programs. There are school districts throughout The United States that allocate public funding to many homeschool families to buy learning materials including books, technical equipment, sports team fees, science equipment, and laptops, which would otherwise have been paid out of their pocket. In many cases, public funding through school districts enables homeschooling parents to pay tuition fees if they cannot support their child in a specific subject.

4. The Home School Donation

Funds for homeschooling from the state and federal government come through donations and other channels. The Home School Foundation works on many fonts to enable homeschool families to get monetary assistance and give their children the best education. This foundation is presently in the process of changing its name to HSLDA Compassion. It is working to connect homeschooling families with individuals who donate money. In most cases, the Home School Foundation collects monetary funds and allocates them to families who apply for financial assistance. The foundation works diligently to support homeschooling families, especially single parents. The first and foremost thing that every homeschooling single parent must remember is to make the best use of every available resource. They must approach the specific institutions, organizations, and local school districts where they can look for donations and monetary funds.

5. Emmet Comer College Scholarship Fund

WHO, or Washington Homeschool Scholarship, sponsors this scholarship fund in honor of a homeschool leader of the state. This scholarship fund offers a $1000 grant every year to students who will advance in the next year and will continue their post-secondary studies in Washington. For single mothers looking for homeschool grants and scholarships, this option is the right fit. Candidates must submit a parent-made homeschool transcript, a brief essay on how homeschooling grants can benefit them, and a short application.

6. Emergency Response Fund

An Emergency Response Fund has been designed to enable single-parent homeschooling families undergoing extreme financial struggles or natural disasters to get financial assistance. Homeschool families struggling financially and cannot access homeschool curriculum because of any crisis can take help from this resource.

7. Children Of Single Parents Fund

The Children Of Single Parents Fund enables single-parent families to homeschool their children and endure financial hardship. Single-parent families homeschooling their children due to any crisis or financial problem can apply for financial support from this resource.

8. Kids Curriculum Fund

Single parents are striving to promote academic excellence in the lives of their children. The movement of single-parent homeschooling throughout the United States is constantly growing. This is why the Kids Curriculum Fund has been designed to help single-parent homeschooling families who are going through financial hardship and provides them with financial assistance so that they can meet all the educational needs and requirements of their children.


Single mothers can use various funds and resources to strengthen their homeschooling approach. They can provide for their families and manage their children’s education by homeschooling. There are a lot of support networks, grants, and programs available in the United States to enable homeschooling families to establish a proper curriculum, find other homeschooling families near their area, and connect with them. With proper education support and resources, single parents can provide the best home education to their children.

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