Grants For Single Moms In Idaho

Grants For Single Moms In Idaho

Single moms in Idaho have to struggle to make ends meet, and therefore, they need resources and assistance programs that can help them to pay for their necessities. Fortunately, many grants are available for single moms that help them with housing, emergency cash, education, childcare, medical or dental care, legal help, employment assistance, etc. If you need financial support to continue your education or pay bills, you can contact your nearby Idaho Department of Health and Welfare office.

Are There Financial Assistance Programs For Single Moms In Idaho?

There are a lot of standard programs and grants created by the federal government in the state of Idaho to assist low-income single-parent households. Some of the best financial aid for single moms in Idaho include Food Banks and Pantries, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs, Temporary Assistance For Families, etc. Like any other state in America, Idaho supports single moms and families in need by providing numerous assistance programs, grants, and scholarships through local government, charities, private organizations, and nonprofit organizations. A lot of nonprofit organizations, churches, and charitable institutions are working across the state of Idaho, such as the House Next Door, the Salvation Army, and the United way that connects people with healthcare resources and provides help with food, shelter, clothing rent, mortgage, utility bills, medical expenses, etc.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Idaho

With limited resources, single mothers struggle to provide for their families and raise their children single-handedly. Following is the list of grants and financial assistance programs for single moms that assist them in times of need.

1. TAFI, Temporary Assistance For Families In Idaho

This program provides monthly cash benefits and work preparation services to low-income households with minor children in Idaho. The main objective of this program is to assist needy families and single mothers temporarily. Eligible candidates will receive a maximum grant of $309 every month for 24 consecutive months in a lifetime. The actual financial support provided to candidates will be based on their household circumstances, like resources and income.

2. Idaho Food Stamp Program

The Idaho Food Stamp Program enables low-income families with income below 130% of the federal poverty guideline to put food on the table. SNAP recipients receive financial help of up to $115 monthly, and families living with children can receive SNAP benefits of up to $387 per month. Eligible applicants will be provided an Idaho Quest Card that can be used similarly to cash for purchasing food items at authorized retail locations in the state. To receive food assistance through this program, candidates must showcase their citizenship or immigration status, proof of income, work requirements, and other resources. The resources for low-income households should not exceed $5000 if they want to qualify for the program.

3. ICCP, The Idaho Child Care Program

ICCP offers childcare assistance to working families and low-income single mothers who cannot afford childcare. This childcare program enables single mothers to attend school, work, or participate in approved activities while keeping their children in foster care. The program pays a part of the entire childcare cost of eligible households, while parents have to pay the remaining portion. The childcare assistance received through this program will be based on family size, family income, and the number of working hours. To apply for childcare assistance, single mothers and families in need should contact their nearby Health And Welfare Office. The program requires you to submit documentation to verify your resources, expenses, and income.

4. Idaho Opportunity Scholarship

The Opportunity Scholarship in Idaho awards $3500 per academic year to eligible applicants and is renewable for up to four years. To be eligible for this grant, candidates are required to be a resident of Idaho, have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher, complete filing FAFSA and the State Board of Education Scholarship application within the deadline, maintain sufficient academic progress, and attend an approved Idaho college or university. Single mothers who want to acquire higher education can seek financial assistance through this program and use this scholarship award toward their college fees or other education-related expenses.

5. Idaho Medicaid Program

The Idaho Department Of Health And Welfare administers the Idaho Medicaid Program. Medicaid has a plethora of programs that cover health coverage for pregnant women, people more than 65 years of age, disabled or blind people, single mothers, women who are diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer, parents or adults living with children under 19 years of age and children under 19 years of age. Low-income Idahoans, especially single mothers, often go without medical care for themselves and their kids. Idaho Medicaid offers healthcare coverage in different plans. Eligible candidates are required to have a family income below 138% of the federal poverty level.

6. CATCH Idaho

Homeless individuals and families living in Canyon County or Ada County are eligible to receive help through this program. CATCH Idaho enables homeless people to locate affordable and safe housing for themselves. CATCH programs provide financial assistance so that single mothers at risk of homelessness can seek shelter. The organization enables homeless families to locate rentals and sponsors their security deposit, application fee, utility allowance, and monthly rental for up to six months.

7. WIC, Idaho Special Program For Women, Infants And Children

The Special Program for Women, Infants And Children is a short-term intervention program designed to improve the health condition of nutritionally at-risk infants, women, and children up to five years of age. The program offers health and nutrition education, access to healthy food, and affordable childcare for families. Eligible applicants must be at nutritional risk as determined by healthcare professionals. Recipients should have a gross family income below certain limits to be eligible for this program.


Single moms in Idaho can apply for many grants, scholarships, and financial assistance programs based on their financial needs and eligibility criteria. Financial assistance programs and resources enable single moms to fight against tough challenges and poverty. If you’re a struggling single mom in Idaho, you can seek assistance for food, housing, childcare, medical care, education, unemployment, etc., and get back on your feet.

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