Single Mom Business Grants

Single Mom Business Grants

Single mothers must endure unique challenges to care for their little ones and manage household expenses single-handedly. This can sometimes take a toll mentally, physically, financially, and in many other ways. Business grants and financial assistance for single mother entrepreneurs can help them to fund their dreams and start a business of their own. The golden opportunity of accessing financial assistance programs and grants for single moms is something that many women would love to take advantage of. There are a lot of grants for single moms to start a business that can help them to fund and grow their startups. In order to enable single-mother entrepreneurs to grow and succeed, a lot of nonprofits, private organizations and governmental agencies offer business grants so that they can run a small business in the United States and can provide a better standard of living for their families.

How To Get Free Grants For Single Moms To Start Business?

Grants for single moms to start their own business is an excellent way that enables single mothers to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. Becoming eligible for business grants or free money can be challenging in several ways, especially for women who are not aware how to get started and look for financial support. Following are the steps that single mothers can take to apply for grants, seek funds and start their businesses.

1. Meet The Eligibility Criteria Of Business Grants

Many agencies and organizations issue grants and even release the eligibility criteria for providing financial support to the public, primarily single mothers. The eligibility criteria for grants for single moms to start small businesses outline the primary factors applicants must check to become eligible or qualified for the grants. It is always a good idea to make sure that you are meeting the list of criteria stated in the grant program before applying for it. If you’re applying for single-mom business grants, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria and offer adequate information and details that reflect your present situation and financial condition to the grant-issuing organization.

2. Timely Application

Once you review the grant details, application requirements, and eligibility criteria, you must pay attention to the timely application. Single moms who want to start a business of their own must not waste their time procrastinating, as this may affect their chance of getting awarded with the grant they are applying for. Business grants for single moms are highly competitive as many women apply for them; therefore, it is essential to apply early. Furthermore, you must ensure that you meet the additional requirements the grant-issuing agency seeks from applicants and that their expectations match your endeavors.

3. Have The Right Documentation

Single mothers who want to qualify for grants to establish a business should arrange proper documents to show to the grant-issuing agency. It is essential to have a business plan handy as you might have to present your business plan.

Different Government Grants For Single Moms To Start A Business

Different grant-issuing companies and agencies in the United States are committed to helping single moms so that they can become financially stable and can establish a business of their own or can grow a business that they have already started. If you’re looking for free grants for single moms’ business owners, you can apply for the following programs and fulfill your business dream.

1. Single Mom Stimulus Grant

The Single Mom Stimulus Grant is explicitly created for single mommies. The main objective of the grant program is to assist single mothers and provide them with financial support to overcome their life challenges and establish a business of their own. This grant program provides them assistance in the best way possible to become financially stable and attain self-sufficiency in their lives. There are also many mentorship programs for single moms so that they can get the necessary support and can grow their businesses.

2. Amber Grant founded the Amber Grant Program in 1998 in honor of Amber, a woman who died before she turned her entrepreneurial dreams into reality. This organization awards a grant of $500 every month to an eligible woman business entrepreneur and a $1000 grant to a lucky woman at the end of every year. The main objective of the Amber Grant Program is to enable women entrepreneurs, primarily single mothers, to reach their entrepreneurial goals, which Amber couldn’t. Although the Amber Grant program is small, it can be helpful for needy single mothers who want to start their businesses. The eligibility criteria of Amber Grant program require single mothers to narrate their stories and pay a nominal application fee for applying.

3. Women’s Business Centers

This is a friendly organization that offers grants for single moms to start small businesses so that they can run businesses and can attain financial stability. There are more than 100 Women’s Business Centers working throughout the United states for single mothers. The grants provided by this organization assist needy women, specifically single mothers, so that they can grow their businesses. This organization not only helps them with financial assistance but also provides them with free training and counseling sessions on various topics. Women’s Business Centers will also help you to navigate through other local grants so that you can establish your business. If you want to qualify for grants provided by Women’s Business Centers, then you need to locate a local Women’s Business Center near your area and also visit their official website to know the eligibility criteria and application procedure.

4. IdeaCafe Grant

The IdeaCafe Grant offers a $1000 micro-grant yearly to help business owners, specifically single mothers. Although the grant award isn’t explicitly designed for single mothers or other women, most grant winners are said to be female entrepreneurs. This grant program is also accessible to individuals with excellent business ideas who do not know how to get started. To receive business grants through this program, candidates must complete an online application. If you are a relatively new business startup looking for funds to grow your business, then this grant is a good option for you to apply.

5. The Halstead Grant

This is a small business grant program for women entrepreneurs that was established in 2006 and primarily helps women business owners enter the fashion industry. This grant is provided to emerging female designers, including single mothers in the United states. If you are a single mom wishing to become a jewelry industry, you must prepare for a series of questions regarding your business strategies and goals. Winners of this grant program will be awarded $1000 for buying Halstead jewelry supplies and $7500 as cash grants so that they can become established in the jewelry industry. The best thing about this grant program is that applicants who do not qualify will get general feedback about their business plan or strategy from the judges. To learn more about this grant, you can visit the official website and learn about its application process and eligibility criteria.


If you’re a single mom searching for comprehensive resources or grant programs to fund your business, then is an excellent website for you. This website contains a database of scholarships and grants for women, primarily for single mothers that enables them to get their lives back on track. You can find many financial options and grant programs to fund your business idea. You can use the database to locate opportunities that inspire and interest you and then can follow the eligibility and application process.

7. Live Your Dream Award

Live Your Dream Award enables single mothers to turn their dream into reality and get eligible for grants to overcome financial challenges. For instance, if you’re a single mom and need financial assistance or support to start your own business then you can fulfill your dream by applying for this grant program. Apart from financial assistance, the program also provides mentorship assistance so that women can access all the resources and tools that can enable them to create the life that they have dreamt.

8. Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

This is a non-profit organization that enables single mothers to run small businesses. The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award is given yearly to 21 women, primarily single mother entrepreneurs. Your business, even though not profitable, should generate revenues every year to get assistance through this program. The grant award is offered to help women business owners in the initial stages of business development. The first seven finalists of this program will receive an award of $100,000 and a business mentoring session with Cartier experts. The remaining 14 applicants for the program will receive a prize of $30,000. Eligible applicants will also participate in business coaching seminars and networking opportunities in entrepreneurship workshops.

9. Eileen Fisher Woman-Owned Business Grant

Eileen Fisher launched this program in 2006 to help single mothers. The program provides financial assistance of $1,00,000 to 10 women business owners annually. In order to be eligible for this program, single mothers or needy women who want to establish a business should make up around 51% of the business, and their business revenue should not exceed one million. Women who are growing their businesses for a minimum of three years are eligible to receive grants through this program. If your business has a positive environmental and social impact, then you can be eligible to receive grants under this program.

10. PeaChic Grant

This grant is designed for women, primarily single mothers, who are running their businesses and want to make them grow and succeed. The main objective of this grant is to enable single mothers to launch or expand their businesses. The eligibility criteria of this grant program require applicants to be a woman with a business. If you have a startup business idea, you are also eligible to seek assistance through this program. Single mothers can receive $500 to start their business, cover expenses like supplies and marketing, and make it a growing business.


Single-mom business grants are available but are only accessible to those who can navigate through the unique set of challenges to locate them and apply for them timely. If you’re a single mom with a business idea, you can access these grants to move your business forward and return to your footing. Business grants for single mothers in the United states empower women so that they can create a promising and progressive future for themselves as well as inspire other women globally.

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