Grants For Single Mom In Alaska

Grants For Single Mom In Alaska

The economy of the state of Alaska depends on the exploitation of oil fields, which are found plenty in this region, enabling Alaskans to enjoy a relatively stable financial growth. Apart from the oil resources, the financial resources of this state also depend on mining. The primary employment sources for the state’s inhabitants are commerce, transport, public sector, public works, and services. Like any other country in the United States, single moms in Alaska can access a series of financial assistance programs and grants that they can apply to reduce their financial burden and provide a better standard of living for their families.

How Can A Single Mother In Alaska Find Financial Aid?

Single mothers in Alaska can take advantage of many public assistance programs, grants, and scholarships to thrive and overcome their financial difficulties. The poverty rate of kids living in single-parent families in Alaska is relatively high. Around 40% of children living in single-parent families across the country are below the poverty line. The need for financial aid is evident, and this is the reason why Alaska has designed a lot of programs, grants, and scholarship programs to help struggling single mothers on meeting the eligibility requirements. Some financial aid for single moms in Alaska includes Alaska Medicaid, Food Stamps, Alaska Program For Women, Infants And Children, Alaska Unemployment Insurance, Alaska Temporary Assistance Program, Alaska General Relief Assistance, etc.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Alaska

Alaska is characterized as being one of the most depopulated states in America of its extraordinarily harsh and cold weather conditions. As a result, single moms who are financially challenged require more significant support from government bodies than in other locations in the United States. If you’re a single mom struggling to provide for your family, the following programs and resources will help you to make ends meet.

1. GRA, General Relief Assistance Program

This program was designed exclusively for low-income Alaskans who could not meet their basic needs and were also not eligible for other state programs. If you’re a single mom unable to pay for your basic needs like shelter, clothing, food, medical care, and transportation, you can apply for this program. The General Relief Assistance Program assists low-income families and poor individuals during emergencies to get shelter, clothing, food, utilities,  or burial. The maximum financial help fund candidates can receive is $120 for every household member.

2. LIHEAP, Alaska Heating Assistance Program

This federally funded program assists low-income single-parent households in making their energy bill payment. This program in Alaska targets low-income individuals, single mothers, and needy families so that they can remain calm during the summer and warm during the winter. The main objective of this program is to reduce the health and safety hazards like illness, eviction, or fire associated with heating and cooling systems. The program assists single mothers during the energy crisis or if they cannot pay for their home energy bills.

3. Alaska Food Stamp Program

This federally funded program offers food assistance to low or moderate-income families in Alaska, primarily single parents. Eligible candidates are required to pass the income and assets test. The program offers coupons so low-income single moms and their kids can receive nutritious food and remain healthy. The financial assistance given to needy families will depend on their household income. Beneficiaries of the program can use the coupons to purchase food from groceries. If you’re a single mom finding it difficult to put food on the table, you can be eligible for Food Stamps benefits, provided you meet the gross monthly income test, and submit an application form to your local Public Assistance Office.

4. ATAP, Alaska Temporary Assistance Program

The Temporary Assistance Program in Alaska offers temporary cash assistance, work readiness services, and financial support to low-income families, primarily single mothers with children, so they can fulfill their basic needs and reduce their financial pressure. The main objective of this organization is to promote self-sufficiency among low-income families. Participants of this program are required to participate in any work-related activities or seek paid job opportunities for a certain number of hours every week. To become eligible for this program, apply to your nearby public assistance office.

5. AEG, Alaska Education Grant

This need-based grant program enables eligible low-income Alaska students to attend post-secondary institutions in Alaska. The grant award of this program may range between $500 to $4000 every academic year for students who have a strong financial need and are unable to continue their education because of their financial crisis. Whether a student has a financial need to receive this grant or not will be determined by FAFSA. As the viability of funds for this program is limited, eligible students with the highest financial needs will be eligible to receive the award until the funds get exhausted. Single moms who are attending accredited postsecondary institutions in Alaska can be eligible to receive financial assistance through this grant program.

6. APS, Alaska Performance Scholarship

This scholarship program offers an excellent opportunity to high school students in Alaska to receive scholarship awards to cover their post-secondary education costs and reduce their financial burden. The student’s GPA will determine the exact award they will receive. Hard-working students who have a good track record of academic progress in Alaska will be eligible to receive this grant. Students who have 3.5 GPA will get financial assistance of $4755, and students with a 2.5 GPA will get financial assistance of $2378. If you’re a single mom student, you can qualify for this grant program provided you have a rigorous and specific high school curriculum, you perform well on career readiness or college examination, and you have a minimum 2.5 GPA.


As a single mother in Alaska, you can access several grants and financial assistance programs to overcome your tough times. These grants and programs are not only provided by the government but also by a lot of private institutions, NGOs and charitable institutions with the sole objective of making single mothers self-sufficient. To be eligible for these programs, single mothers must meet the minimum eligibility criteria and apply within the deadline.

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