Why Should Single Moms Stay Single?

Why Should Single Moms Stay Single?

Nowadays more single mothers and dads are staying single instead of finding a partner or remarrying to raise their children properly. In reality, a lot of single mothers have started raising their kids without looking for a new partner. Entering a long-term relationship and staying in it is a big decision, especially for single mothers which requires them to consider things carefully. There can be many reasons why single mothers decide to stay single instead of looking for a lifetime partner or a spouse.

Having A Partner Is Not Essential For Raising Kids

Many people are not single by their own choice. Looking for a partner and staying with them in a long-term relationship is not an easy feat. People come and go in life and this also happens in romantic relationships. Today a lot of people are considering and embracing singlehood as a conscious choice. Marriage may work for some people while singlehood works better for some single moms. As per recent studies, it has been found that a lot of parents and adults are preferring singlehood more than you can imagine. Almost half of people find it difficult to stay in a long-term intimate relationship. Even single mothers are happy in staying single as they want to focus on raising children instead of having an intimate relationship.

Reasons Why Single Moms Should Stay Single

There can be many reasons why single moms and other adults are embracing singlehood instead of giving love a second chance. For example, many people are finding their present lives to be comfortable without a spouse or life partner. Some single mothers who are comfortable in their lifestyle feel afraid as they think being with a partner can bring numerous changes in their lives and can make the situation more complex for them. Some other reasons why single moms should stay single are as follows:

1. Single Mothers Are Highly Career Focused

We are living in an area where a significant portion of the population is focused on climbing higher ladders of career and keep growing in life. Such people value their careers strongly and consider them to be an essential part of their life. Highly career-focused people including single mothers prioritize their job and career over relationships and other things. It isn’t wrong to focus on your desires and yourself. Single mothers who wish to focus only on building their careers and giving a good quality of life to their children stay single by choice. If you are choosing to be single forever because of your career and job and no one has the right to criticize as it is your individual decision.  Additionally, there are specific moments when single moms and dads lose interest in relationships and love and wish to focus only on their careers and on themselves. Recent studies have found that some people find happiness in making a good career instead of finding a romantic partner.

2. Single Mothers Want More Freedom In Their Lives

Many single mothers feel comfortable exercising freedom as no one can influence their decision and choice. In most societies and cultures it is a part of the norm to build and associate relationships or bonds with your partners, friends, and family members. This usually happens when both the couple get married. People need to create a solid connection and a strong bond to make the relationship work. However, this is not the case for all and some people including single moms prefer going against this typical norm.  Single mothers who cannot fit in properly choose to exercise their freedom and stay single by choice.

3. Single Parenthood Is An Option For Single Moms

Another reason why single moms plan to become solo parents and embrace singlehood since they realize that it is an option for them. For such people raising a child is more crucial than longing for a partner. Technology has made it easier for a lot of people to build a connection and communicate with others with the same passion and interest. Many pursue single parenthood since they get strong support from their friends and family members and so they do not need to commit to a new romantic relationship. A lot of single mothers decide to go against the typical norm that a woman cannot raise a child single-handedly without the support of her partner and this is the reason why they embrace single parenthood willingly.

Reasons Why You Need Not Be Married To Be A Good Single Mom

If you’re a single mom of young kids then it is okay to stay single by choice when your kids are young or teens. The following are the reasons which state why single mothers need not be married to be good parents.

1. Increase Pressure

Being a single mother is not an easy feat as you have to tackle a lot of pressure and challenges in your day-to-day life. Dating amid those challenges can increase your pressure and problems. Having young children to raise and pressures to handle it is perfectly fine if you’re not willing to date in this phase of your life. Surely you might miss out on additional help around your house however there are a lot of advantages in staying single when you are raising young children or teenagers.

2. Overwhelming

Being a single mother is overwhelming and you have a lot on your plate. You are the primary caregiver and provider for your family so you have to be 100% responsible for performing all the household chores, and school activities, managing the finances of the house, car malfunctions, household malfunctions, dropping your kids to school, and even helping them with homework. The list of day-to-day activities and struggles for single moms never comes to an end. A lot of single mothers prefer to stay single as they do not want to get emotionally distracted from their kids and responsibilities.

3. Family Dynamic

Adding a new member to your family in the form of a spouse or a lifetime partner can change the final dynamics. Sometimes it also makes it difficult for young children to accept the new formal. Having a safe and steady home without the introduction of new members will help single mothers to add more stability to their children’s life. The way a person relates to another changes naturally when you add one person to your family unit.  This is the reason why single mothers are concerned about changing their lifestyle and family dynamics and prefer to stay single.

4. Priorities

Single mothers need not marry and stay single if their main priority is their children. Dating takes immense emotional energy and sometimes problems in dating and relationships can take a toll on the emotional and mental well-being of single mothers. Things like managing finances, taking care of children, and running the house are already overwhelming for single mothers. Single mothers consider themselves to be in a safe zone when they do not invest themselves emotionally in a relationship.

Can Single Mothers Find Love?

Finding love and entering a new relationship as a single mother is difficult for a lot of women. Dating for single mothers may sound intimidating, especially for those who want to prioritize their kids and their career. However dating is an adventure full of excitement, hope, and sometimes disappointment and frustration. As a single mom, it can be a complicated experience for you however it is possible to embrace love and give a second chance to life.

Single mothers who are going through a divorce or breakup should consider prioritizing their mental health before moving forward in a relationship. You need to give yourself time to grieve and heal before starting dating as a solo parent. Priorities self-love to find a long-lasting partnership. Honesty is important to find love as a single mother. You need to be honest and open with your kids to build a solid foundation. Every single parent’s family is different therefore you need to be mindful of your child’s feelings and determine whether they are ready. While single mothers can find love and enter a relationship after going through a divorce or a breakup a lot of single mothers choose to stay single since they believe that dating comes with not-so-great moments. If you’re a single mom capable of handling your life problems alone and decide not to invest your time and emotional energy in a relationship then it is okay.

Delving too much into single-mother stuff can sometimes be depressing over time therefore try socializing and building a strong network. Single mother networks can be in the form of friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and people from online communities. Like any other parent, single moms work hard to ensure the well-being and safety of their kids and give them a happy and secure home. There isn’t anyone to share the duties and responsibilities if anything goes wrong. Many single mothers choose to stay single after coming out from a draining relationship. It can be healthier to stay single after a divorce for a lot of women.


Many single mothers are breaking the stigma of single motherhood and embracing single parenting. There is a large population of people who believe that having an intimate partner is not essential in raising kids. It is a myth that it takes two people to be good parents. Single parent route has some negative stigma associated with it and many people across the globe believe that single parents are bad for society. Single mothers who have a strong support system and are financially stable want to prove that it is possible to pursue single parenthood and be good mothers while raising children single-handedly. If you have a strong support system in the form of religious beliefs, family, neighbors, relatives, friends, and social networks then you may not need the support of a partner. Moreover, having the right resources to build a great home for a family is important irrespective of whether a person has a partner or not.

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