Single Mom First-Time Home Buyer Grants

There are many single mom first-time home buyer programs available throughout the United States. These programs assist them in buying their first home. Single mothers looking for first-time home buyer programs to fulfill their dream of owning a house can take the help of these programs and resources. Single mothers applying for these grants and programs are treated like any other mortgage borrower or home buyer. Solo mothers can also qualify for home loan opportunities so long as they can meet the monthly income and credit score requirements of the lenders. First time home buyer programs for single mothers include housing grants, down payment assistance programs, and first-time home buyer loans, etc., given through the local housing authorities. If you’re a single mom and facing financial challenges, then you can become a homeowner and overcome all the hurdles by opting for these programs.

How Can A Single Mother Buy A House?

Being a single mother can be an arduous task, especially when you are the family’s sole breadwinner. With the increasing price of the real estate market across the country, purchasing a home for the first time seems to be impossible for most of the single mothers who are dealing with the financial crisis. Meanwhile, many options and grants are available for single parents that assist them in purchasing their first home. If you’re a single mom and wish to buy a house of your own, then you can apply for such grants and programs provided you meet the essential requirements of the lenders that, include the following:

  • Have a minimum monthly income source to qualify for the specified mortgage amount that you are looking for
  • Have a minimum credibility score of more than 580

The terms and requirements for first-time home buyer grants and programs may vary, so it is always essential to work with a lender with flexible lending guidelines and policies. At the same time, save a certain amount of money before purchasing a house. You can use these savings toward your mortgage payments in the future. There are numerous down payment assistance and first-time home buyer programs available for single mothers. You can check all these grants and programs with your local county or city to understand whether you qualify for these programs. With various housing grants and financial assistance programs available throughout the United States, single moms and low-income families can buy a home for the first time despite their financial difficulties.

Where To Find Single Moms With No Child Support First Time Home Buyer Programs?

Many single mothers are surprised at how simple it is to qualify for first time home buying grants and home loan programs. Others may require time to improve their credit score and DTIs before applying for these grants and programs. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development is the right place to begin your search for first time home buying grants and programs. The HUD offers a state-by-state list of down payment assistance programs and home buyer education programs for single mothers and needy families. You can check the listings and click on the links to avail of the programs that will help you to own a home. HUD even funds Housing Counseling Agencies to provide low-cost or free advice to first-time home buyers. You can locate a Housing Counseling Agency online near your location to learn how to choose the right first time home buying program or home loans. Housing counselors will advise you on the eligibility criteria for a mortgage and down payment assistance program and enable you to select the right loan type.

Single Mom First-Time Home Buyer Grants And Programs

Purchasing a home is an incredible way to build wealth and pass on valuable assets to your children; however, when you are a single mother with only one source of income, the possibility of owning a house may seem out of reach. In this situation, first time home-buying grants and programs may assist you in obtaining housing at an affordable price. First time home buyer grants and programs, as the name suggests, are designed specifically for first time home buyers who are facing difficulty in affording a property of their own. Single mothers can purchase their first home with the help of these grants and can get a roof over their heads. Following are the first-time home buyer grants and programs for single moms that assist them in times of need.

1. The CHENOA Fund

The CBC Mortgage Agency provides this fund for affordable homeownership to low and moderate-income families. This national down payment assistance program focuses on low and moderate-income families and single mothers with good credit scores. Participants of this program should have a minimum credit score of 600 or even higher to qualify for the program. This program is available throughout the states of the US except for New York City. It is an ideal option for solo moms who prefer a 10-year repayable loan, a 30-year forgivable loan, and a 5% down payment loan.

2. NHF, National Homebuyers Fund Inc.

This is a nonprofit corporation that is helping single mothers to become homeowners. The National Homebuyers Fund assists up to 5% of the property in a mortgage that can be used towards closing costs, down payment, or both, depending on the needs and requirements of the home buyer. To apply for the National Homebuyers Fund Inc., single mothers must work collaboratively with the participating lender. This program is available throughout the United States and has flexible eligibility criteria. Home assistance is given through this program and can be used for FHA, VA, and USDA conventional loans. Candidates must have a program of at least 640, and the debt-to-income ratio should not exceed 45%. The home assistance can be forgivable or may require repayment after a stipulated period depending on the program in your location. Single mothers can use this financial help and couple it with other first time home buyer assistance programs to reap the maximum benefits.

3. Bank Of America’s Community Home Ownership Commitment Program

The Bank Of America’s Community Homeownership Commitment Program can be a good option for individuals and single mothers seeking grants to cover their closing costs and down payments. This program is designed for first time home buyers and offers them affordable loan solution mortgage, down payment assistance, and assistance to cover their closing costs. Single mothers can qualify for this program if they meet a specific income requirement depending on their location. The down payment assistance received through this program covers $10,000 or 3% of the home’s purchasing price, whichever is less. The closing costs can cover up to $7500, and the program also offers mortgages up to $647200 and a 3% down payment. Single mothers planning to purchase a house in a high-cost area can get a loan of up to $970800, along with a 5% down payment assistance.

4. CDBGs, Community Development Block Grants

The Community Development Block Grants are programs that offer funds and enable single mothers and low-income families to improve the condition of their housing, especially in low-income neighborhoods. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, provides CDBG funds to grantees annually, including county and city governments. Many county governments use this fund to enable first time home buyers to buy a home. These funds are provided to single mothers and low-income families who require financial assistance to cover their down payment and closing costs for purchasing a home. Local governments also use these funds to enable individuals and single moms to buy houses through easy financing options like 0% interest deferred payment loans.

5. State Housing Finance Agencies

Housing Finance Agencies are available in every state, which enables single mothers to buy a house for the first time. The federally funded Housing Credit Program gives tax credit facilities that enable private developers and entities to offer affordable rental housing to low-income families. Some housing programs of State Housing Finance Agencies are as follows:

  • Housing bonds program, which sells bonds to enable first time home buyers and low-income families to get affordable loans
  • Home Investment Partnership Program is an advocacy program that assists low-income households, including single mothers, to obtain clean, safe, affordable housing.

Single mothers looking for first time home buying grants and programs can contact their State Housing Finance Agency to obtain the exact details on the financial assistance and housing programs located near their area and also understand the eligibility requirements and application procedures.

6. Operation HOPE Home Buyers Program

Single mothers and low-income families planning to buy a house for the first time can benefit significantly through the Operation HOPE Home Buyers Program. The main benefits of this program are first time buyer assistance, FDIC-approved loans, and down payment assistance to eligible candidates.


Raising children and providing for a family with a low income can be financially challenging for single mothers. This is the reason why many single moms put off purchasing a home. Fortunately, many first-time home buyers for single moms programs are available for single moms to fulfill their dream of home ownership. There are a lot of down payment assistance programs which enable first time home buyers to pay for their down payment amid their financial difficulties. This includes housing grants for financial assistance and loans so that first time home buyers can cover their down payments and closing costs with a house. These assistance programs are provided by nonprofit organizations, state and local housing authorities, and many others.

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