Financial Assistance Single Mom Autism

Financial Assistance Single Mom Autism

Single moms have grabbed the position of sole provider and breadwinners of their families over many years. The number of single-parent households in The United States is also rising. Raising a child with autism can be expensive for financially challenged single moms with one source of income. Children with special needs or autistic children require particular therapy for social skills or speech.

It is estimated that, on average, the lifetime cost for a child with autism can range between $1.4 million to $2.4 million depending on many factors, such as whether a person has an intellectual disability.

A growing number of private organizations and foundations are making autism the main priority for nonprofit grants so that families can get a better chance to receive funds. Many local organizations provide funds to single mothers living with autistic children and families with disability. There is stiff competition among individuals and families to apply for these grants and financial assistance programs. You can apply for these national and regional organizations to seek grants for single moms of autistic children.

Are There Financial Assistance For Single Moms With Autistic Children?

Yes, a lot of scholarships and grants are available for single-parent families so that they can offset the costs required to raise children with autism. If you’re a single mom and struggling financially, then the experience can be more daunting for you. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, you need to go to work, pay bills as well as take care of your children 24 hours a day. If you’re juggling your responsibilities alone, there are resources and help to assist you in times of need. You can receive assistance from the county, federal, and state governments for being the primary caregiver of your autistic child. These programs and resources will help you to cover food, medical care, housing, etc.

How Can Single Mothers With Autistic Children Benefit From Financial Assistance Programs?

Having a child with autism requires additional care and high medical costs. Financial assistance programs for single moms living with autistic children serve as lifelines that support them in many ways and help them to cover their necessities. The award amount may vary depending on the number of eligible applicants and the availability of funds. Most of these programs are available primarily to low or moderate-income earners to ease their financial burden. The lower your income, the higher your chance to be on the priority list for receiving support and assistance. These free aid opportunities enable struggling single moms and low-income families to pay their monthly bills and raise their children single-handedly. The grants for single mothers with an autistic child fund medications, therapy, equipment, recreational opportunities, and many other supportive services.

List Of Grants For Single Moms With Autistic Children

Having an autistic child can create a substantial financial impact on struggling single mothers. Taking care of autistic children requires special medical requirements and other supportive services. A single mother is the sole provider for the family, so they find it challenging to manage all the expenses on one source of income. Many single moms cannot work full time with all the appointments as they have to take care of their children. They also have to fight with the educational system for their child so that they can thrive and succeed like other children. Financial assistance and resources are a viable route for single mothers that enables them to cover the expenses and grow their autistic children in a nurtured and safe environment. The good news is that many charities, governments, and organizations are working to provide financial assistance to single moms of autistic children. The following are the best financial assistance for single parents of autistic children.

1. SSI, Supplemental Security Income

This program offers monthly payments to disabled individuals with qualifying household income and assets. SSI benefits are available to children with special needs under 18. Single mothers who are looking for financial assistance for their autistic children can apply for this program, provided their children can fulfill the Social Security definition of disability for children and then also meet the resource and income limitation of the family. The program is designed especially for low-income families so that they can provide the utmost care to their eligible children, including children with autism. Qualified autistic children will receive SSI benefits every month. In addition, children can also be eligible for receiving Medicaid benefits.

2. Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund

This is a public program that offers funds so that single mothers and needy families having an autistic child or any disability can cover their medical expenses. The program mainly covers families whose medical expenses increase by 10% of their household income. The Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund covers medical expenses and additional expenses like parking and tolls, gas, etc.

3. ACF, Administration For Children & Families

The ACF provides a wide range of grant programs and supportive services so that single mothers of autistic children can reduce their financial burden. The program serves low-income families, children, communities, and poor individuals. This organization funds grants to promote economic and social well-being among low-income families. They offer a lot of funding for social service programs. Numerous organizations are dedicated to supporting single mothers having children with special needs.

4. DCF Disabled Children’s Fund

Single mothers with an autistic children need much support, not just financial help. To provide financial support, many programs are designed for single mothers who have disabled or autistic children. One such resource is the Disabled Children’s Fund. DCF is a humanitarian organization that is committed to serving disadvantaged children as well as their families. The DCF program offers humanitarian services completely free for adults and children. DCF offers grants for single mothers and low-income parents with disability or autism. In addition, it also offers crutches, wheelchairs, rehabilitative assistance walkers, and braces.

5. Autism Care Today

Autism Care Today funds single-parent and low-income families every quarter. The organization works throughout the United States and is committed to supporting the immediate needs of children impacted by autism. The funding provided to low-income families helps them with excess-quality treatments. The grant amount to eligible single mothers and low-income families may range between $100 to $5000. The main priority is given to low-income families having multiple autistic children, those who have an annual household income of less than $1,00,000, and military families. The expenses covered under this program include disability summer camps, safety equipment, nutritional supplements, speech, and occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis, biomedical testing, and assistive technologies.

6. Autism Speaks Grants

This autism advocacy charity and research organization promotes outreach activities and awareness among state and federal governments, neuro divergent families, and the general public. The organization offers grants and financial assistance to low-income families, including single mothers who need financial support to cover the expenses of their autistic children. The organization also offers Local Impact grants to support struggling families and single mothers. In addition, the organization enables participants and families to look at many helpful resources within their communities.

7. Medicaid Waiver

Many states in the USA provide a Medical Waiver program for candidates with developmental changes. This program is intended to provide care and supportive services so eligible individuals can stay in their community or home instead of staying in a nursing home, hospital, or facility. The benefits received through this program may differ depending on where you reside; however, most Medical Waiver programs throughout the United States cover respite care, medical therapies, in-home health, transportation, and other supportive services. The availability and requirements of Medical Waiver programs are similar to insurance legislation and can differ from state to state. In most of the state, children with autism or disability need not meet any eligibility requirements of the Medicaid program to qualify for a waiver. This program is also known as 1915© Home And Community Based Services, and single mothers with autistic children are eligible to apply for this program.

8. Challenged America

Challenged America is a popular organization in the United States which emphasizes improving the lifestyle of children with special needs. Since disabled or autistic children require more care and services, this foundation focuses primarily on children with special needs. Single mothers or low-income parents or testing children can contact the foundation to seek financial assistance for their children. The program funds developmentally or physically challenged children as well as their parents. The program covers assistive devices, medical attention, and rehabilitative therapy and enables disabled children to gain self-esteem and confidence.

9. UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

This is a charity that is funded by the UnitedHealth Group and provides eligible parents and single mothers with a way to take care of their disabled or autistic children in a better way. The charity strives to improve the quality of life and covers the medical costs of children with special needs that insurance providers do not cover. Medical expenses for autistic children can bring a lot of financial challenges for single mothers on one source of income. The financial assistance provided by this charity will help them to meet the necessary cost of healthcare and medical expenses and will improve the well-being and safety of children. The regional board will review your application for seeking financial assistance to make sure that the funds are spent on approved purposes. As soon as you qualify for the program, you can receive the grant payment that you can pay towards the medical bills of your autistic child.

10. TANF, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

This is a temporary financial assistance program that is designed for low-income parents, including single mothers, so that they can take care of their children and can meet their ends. The eligibility requirements of this program may vary for children with autism or any disability. The program promotes job preparation and employment activities for low-income families. The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program constitutes a valuable resource for struggling single moms of autistic children. This assistance program ensures access to a well balanced and healthy diet for families and their children, affordable housing, and a quality standard of living. Once you qualify for this program, you can use the TANF funds to pay for your children’s health, education, or other necessary expenses.


Single parenting comes with unique challenges, which can be difficult for low-income single mothers to tackle. This is more true for single mothers who have autistic children. Raising a child with autism may require vast expenses and constant supervision. The government, private organizations, churches, and charitable institutions throughout the country enable single moms to break the vicious cycle of poverty and take good care of their autistic children. Single moms can benefit the best from the abovementioned grants and programs. However, it is essential to keep in mind that there are specific eligibility criteria that are required for single moms to fulfill to access the numerous grants and programs provided by government bodies and charitable organizations.

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