Single Moms Get Paid To Go To School

Single Moms Get Paid To Go To School

A lot of single moms fail to go back to school due to financial limitations and this causes a huge setback in their career. As a single mom, you can be paid to go to school and fulfill your career goals. Although it doesn’t mean that you will be physically handed cash to attend school, many establishments, resources, and government institutions will help you to go back to school and cover your education expenses. The primary concern that crosses every mom’s mind when they plan to resume their education is whether they will get paid to go back to school or not. Single moms do get paid to go to school and their tuition fees will be paid through financial assistance programs and grants that are funded by different organizations.

Can A Single Mom Get Paid To Go To School?

Financial constraints are a significant reason why single mothers have to quit their education midway. Education is expensive and this leaves many people walking around with enormous student debt that they have to carry throughout their lives. This situation is more critical for single mothers who have to balance child-rearing responsibilities and careers simultaneously. If you want to know whether single moms get paid to go back to school then the right answer to your dilemma is ‘Yes’. Single moms get funds in the form of grants, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities that are provided by state and federal governments, foundations, charity organizations, universities, NGOs, and private entities. These sources help single moms to fund their education and realize their goals. If you have taken a long break from your studies due to your children and wish to go back to school and complete your education then you can kick start your career and fund your dreams by applying for the right assistance program.

How Single Moms Get Paid To Go To School?

Getting paid to go to school does not translate to being handed cash physically for going to school. Instead, single moms are offered grants, financial aid, and scholarships that help them to afford schooling. A few common scholarship programs and grants that are geared towards funding education for single moms include the Pell Grant and the FAFSA program that is offered by the federal government. Following are the ways through which single moms get paid to go back to school and continue their education. Grants and financial aid for single moms going back to school is an amazing opportunity that helps to empower themselves and turn their dreams into reality. Due to financial instability, a lot of single moms end up dropping out of schools and colleges and as a result, they have to settle for low-paying jobs. There is a ray of hope for mothers who are balancing education and family and are going through financial difficulties. You can access help through nongovernmental and governmental organizations that will enable you to get paid to go to school.

1. Grants

Free money offered by the federal and state government that enables students to fund their education is known as a grant. Grants are provided by schools, establishments, and NGOs. They are similar to scholarships and will help you support your career goals or dreams by providing you with free money once you fulfill the eligibility criteria and other additional requirements. The primary difference between scholarships and grants is that while scholarships are based on merit, grants are based on financial need. Therefore single moms can qualify for grants if they can showcase a robust financial need and be awarded physical cash. While some grants help them to cover their educational expenses some grants help them with groceries, water bills, and electric bills.

2. Scholarships

This is a popular form of financial assistance designed for students who want to go back to school and pursue higher education. Many scholarship programs exclusively target single moms for instance Beatrice F. Kroesche Memorial Scholarship. However, this doesn’t mean they cannot qualify for general scholarship programs. The more scholarships you apply for, the better will be your chance since there is no limitation on the number of financial assistance programs that you can apply for. Generally, scholarships are highly competitive so your chance to qualify may be slim. Concentrating on scholarships provided exclusively to single moms will be a better option. You can contact the financial aid office of your school or university to inquire about the financial aid offerings and scholarships that you can apply for.

3. Seek Financial Assistance From Your Employer

Companies like Google, SoFi, and Starbucks offer financial assistance to employers and help them to acquire higher education. Not every employer pays for the education of their employees therefore you need to check the policies and guidelines of your company and see whether they can reimburse your tuition fees.

4. Subsidized Child Care

Subsidized child care lowers your childcare expenses and helps you to acquire higher education. Subsidized child care is less expensive compared to on-campus childcare. Single moms are required to prove that they are school or college students with their local daycare agency and are unable to work full-time. They can apply for government help to subsidize their rate. By getting subsidized child care assistance you can get more funds that you can pay towards your education and this will take you a step forward toward achieving your career goals.

5. Attending School Part Time

Even though it is not a way to get paid to go to school it will help you to reduce the cost of your tuition. There are many schools in the United States with full-time and part-time study formats and no matter which format you choose you become a full-fledged graduate once you finish the course program. Single moms attending post-secondary education part-time can manage their time and save money as well. This way you can balance your motherly responsibilities and schooling at the same time.

Financial Assistance For Single Moms Going To School

There can be many reasons why single moms decide to go back to school. For instance, they are motivated to make a swift career transition to provide a better life for their children or they wish to set positive examples for their kids. It isn’t easy for them to fit education into their busy schedule and juggle responsibilities. The foremost step to finding success as a single mom returning to school is to know that you are not alone in your struggle. Following is the financial assistance for single moms that can make it possible for them to go to school and continue their education.

1. Pell Grants

Getting paid to go back to school is a great help for single moms who have to manage various finances and bills single-handedly. Acquiring education in this area has become a lot more difficult due to decreasing wages and rising inflation. Moms who wish to get higher degrees to land their dream job and get better employment can apply for the federal Pell Grant program which will help them to go back to school. Pell grants are funded by the United States Department of Education and have assisted tons of single moms to date. Pell Grant is one of the first grant programs which comes to mind when one thinks about financial assistance for single moms going back to school. These grants are given to every type of student irrespective of their age and the type of course they are choosing. The FAFSA application will determine your expected family contribution based on which you will be receiving financial support.

2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Not only the federal Pell Grant, the United States Department Of Education also provides additional grants for single moms and helps them to go back to school. The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant is a popular need-based grant program that will help you to cover your education expenses if you are unable to cover your expenses through the Pell Grant program. FSEOG is acceptable in nearly 3800 institutions in the USA. While applying for this grant program single moms who wish to go back to school should make sure that the school is participating in this program and that they can demonstrate a robust financial need. Low-income undergraduate students are eligible to receive assistance under this program. Applicants have to fill out a FAFSA form to be eligible for the FSEOG grant. The EFC of the applicant plays a major role in deciding the eligibility.

3. Beatrice F. Kroesche Memorial Scholarship

Another popular grant for single moms that help them to go back to school is the Beatrice F. Kroeache Memorial Scholarship provided by the University of Utah. Students who have opted for business or education as a major subject of study can receive assistance and get paid to go to school. In some cases, students taking up engineering and humanities are also eligible to receive the grant. To be eligible for this grant you need to fill out a scholarship application form offered by the university. There are a few eligibility criteria that the University of Utah expects applicants to fulfill if they wish to get paid to return to school. For instance, the eligibility criteria require single moms and other students to carry a minimum of 12 years of study and hold a GPA of 3.0 or better. The grant award usually differs between $1000 to $2000 per year.

4. Patsy Mink Foundation Education Support Award

Single moms can qualify for the Patsy Mink Foundation Education Support Award which offers them a grant of $5000 to pay towards their education. The foundation provides a $5000 grant to eligible single moms who are pursuing training or education programs. The eligibility criteria for the scholarship award require you to be a mom with dependent children and pursue a degree at the post-secondary level of education. Eligible single mothers will be selected based on their circumstances, financial need, occupational vocational goals, educational path, civic goals, and so on.

5. Live Your Dream Award

This is an education and training award designed for women. Single moms are also eligible to receive financial assistance under this program and get paid to go back to school. The foundation invests more than $2.8 million in the form of educational programs and grants to nearly 1700 needy women so that they can continue post-secondary education and attend self-sufficiency in their lives. Whether you are attending a vocational institution or training programs aiming to get a college degree, the Live Your Dream Award Program will be the right fit for you. The eligible recipients of the program can offset their educational costs and attend skill training or higher education.

6. Ford Opportunity Program

This is a location-based assistance program that makes it possible for single moms to go back to school. The resident of Siskiyou County or Oregon in California receives support through this program. The Ford Opportunity Program aims to help struggling single moms and dads who are unable to pay huge tuition fees to acquire higher education. This scholarship program covers around 90% of the unmet requirements of eligible applicants as determined by FAFSA. The annual scholarship amount is below $25,000. To be eligible for this assistance program you need to showcase that you are the head of the household, have custody of one child who is 18 years or below in age, and have a cumulative 3.0 GPA.


Single moms going back to school can fund their education through grants, financial assistance programs, and scholarships. These sources support their education and help them to attain self-sufficiency. Single moms can afford education by taking jobs, using savings, starting a business, or taking help from family, nonprofit organizations, or churches. Filing FAFSA is the first and foremost step to seek assistance and eligible participants can get assistance in the range between $5350 to $5500.

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