Small Business Grants For Single Moms In California

Small Business Grants For Single Moms In California

Financial assistance programs and small business grants for single mothers in California include awards or free money that supports them and helps them to grow their small businesses and make them succeed in the future. These financial assistance programs, funded by federal, state, and local governments, as well as NGOs, are significantly crucial for single mothers as they transform their lives and help them to resume their entrepreneurial journey. There are certain restrictions on recipients based on their circumstances, income limits, financial needs as well as business goals to be eligible for the programs.

How To Win Small Business Grants For Single Moms In California?

Like any other grants, single-mom business grants and financial assistance programs in California receive a lot of applications, and there is stiff competition among recipients to receive the grant award. The most compelling grant application based on their business idea and financial situation receives the award. Therefore, every single mother needs to make their applications stand out from the rest. A great way to win business grants for single moms in California is to research the organization giving the financial support or grant and read the eligibility criteria carefully to figure out the values that they are seeking in the applicant. The next step is to emphasize the values in your application material. Finally, do not forget to apply for local business grants for single moms.

What Are The Different Small Businesses Grants For Single Moms In California?

Single mothers who want to begin their entrepreneurial journey and start a business can receive financial assistance, guidance, and support from the following resources and programs in California.

1. California Dream Fund

California-based single mothers who are business owners can receive assistance from the California Dream Fund to grow their businesses. The Technical Assistance Expansion Program by CalOSBA administers and manages the California Dream Fund via selected centers. The California Dream Fund provides a one-time grant of $35 million to support and improve small business development and entrepreneurship goals of business owners in California. New business organizations can apply for a $10,000 micro grant after completing all the consulting and training programs. The technical assistance expansion program offers intensive training and counseling to small business owners and new entrepreneurs and helps them to succeed. If you are a single mom looking for financial assistance to support your business, then you can check the participating center of the California Dream Fund program and apply for it.

2. Amber Grants

The Amber Grant offers a $10,000 grant to California-based women business owners. One of the top 12 amber grant winners also receives an additional grant of $25,000 every year. Single mothers and other women applying for Amber Grants must pay an application fee of $15 and fill out a simple application form where they need to explain their business, how they plan to use the grant and their business objectives. The Amber Grant Foundation has an Advisory Board that selects eligible business women after hearing their compelling stories and business passion. If you’re a single mom looking for startup business grants, then you can apply for this program, provided you are running a business based in the United States or Canada.

3. Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

Women-owned businesses can receive three grants yearly through the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. The objective of this grant award is to support the early stage business organizations which focus on problems related to environmental, economic, or social development in their business development cycle. If single mothers in California wish to seek financial support for their early-stage businesses, they can apply for this grant and receive an award of $1,00,000. First-placed businesses mainly receive this award, whereas second-placed businesses receive assistance of $60,000, and the third-place business receives financial support of $30,000. Eligible participants can also take part in executive coaching and training workshops.

4. Female Founders Fund

California-based female entrepreneurs, including single mothers seeking assistance to grow their business startups, can apply for the Female Founders Fund. This program was launched in 2014 to empower women-founded technology companies. The Female Founders Fund sponsors female entrepreneurs in the B2B, fintech, consumer, and healthcare sectors. The investment range of the organization may range between $5,00,000 to $7,50,000, and an average of 6 to 8 investments are made annually to support women and their entrepreneurial dreams.

5. IFundWomen Universal Grant Application Database

Single mothers and other needy women who want to grow their businesses can submit applications to IFundWomen, a grant marketplace for women entrepreneurs that offer coaching and assistance programs to support their businesses. When you apply here, the IFundWomen Universe Grant Application Database will match a business grant program that fits your business and will notify you so you can apply for the grant and seek financial support.

6. United States Department Of Agriculture Rural Business Development Grants In California

The United States Department Of Agriculture offers Rural Business Development Grants to California-based women, including single mothers seeking financial support to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals. This California-based grant is part of a small business program designed to provide financial assistance and technical training to small rural business owners. Single mothers who want to start a business can also seek assistance through this program. The department supports small businesses with less than 50 employees, and the gross revenue must be approximately $1 million.


It is no easy task for a single mom to start a business of their own and become a successful business owner, let alone the effort and time required to grow a business and raise a family alone. However, the cost of establishing a business can be a massive burden for single mothers who are in financial need. Fortunately, there are numerous financial assistance programs and business grants in California offered to single parents so that they can cover business-related expenses, grow their businesses and help them attain financial stability in their lives. If you’re a single mom facing financial difficulty growing your business start-up, you can apply for all the grants and programs mentioned above in California to get started.

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