Best Gifts For Single Moms

Best Gifts For Single Moms

The life of a single mother is quite challenging. If you know us then you can spoil them with the gift options mentioned in this guide. These gift ideas for single moms are guaranteed to leave an ever-lasting impression and brighten their day. Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, or her birthday she will be surprised to receive these gift items from you.

Best Gifts For Single Moms

Are you looking for the best single mom gift to support and celebrate her difficult and incredible single motherhood journey? Single mothers are unsung heroes who juggle multiple responsibilities and roles with compassion, strength, and grace. This is the reason why they deserve much appreciation and recognition for their dedication and hard work from their close friends, colleagues, and relatives. The following list of empowering and thoughtful gift options will uplift and honor single moms.

1. Cash

If you find it difficult to figure out what to give to a single mom who is struggling then this is one of the best and most thoughtful gifts for any single mom. Single moms live on a tight budget and find it difficult to pay for their needs. They live on one source of income, so gifting her cash is a nice idea and will enable her to make ends meet and find peace of mind financially.

2. Hair Cut / Style

Single mothers do not like to spend money on themselves. You can give her a certificate or vouchers that she can use to get her preferred haircut or style. This will make her feel like a brand new person and she will also be grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity. You can also give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant where she can go and have a meal with her kids. A hair salon gift card will be the right gift for single moms if you want them to relax and rejuvenate themselves. She can get a hair treatment that she has always been planning for a long time.

3. Plants

Is your single mama friend or relative much into gardening and planting? Single moms having a green thumb will love to receive beautiful outdoor and indoor plants as gifts. Gifting her beautiful plants will remind her about you every time she waters and nurtures them. However, if your single mother friend is not so plant savvy then you can give her a low-maintenance succulent. House plants are a good way to add color and life to any home. House plants are perfect gift items for single mothers who love gardening but do not get much time to do it all by themselves.

4. Books

Grabbing good books will be a nice gift option for single mothers. You can give her books or journals that will be worth reading. After her kids go to bed she can enjoy some time reading books and relax her mind. Grab a self-help book, an inspirational book, or a gratitude book so that she can process her difficult time and seek inspiration.

5. Customized Photo Wall Clock

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for single moms? A customized photo wall clock consisting of photos of a single mom and her close ones will be a meaningful option. The customized wall clock will be a symbol of her strength and love. The wall clock is a useful household item that can be placed anywhere. A customized wall photo bearing vivid color printed photos of single moms and their children will spread sweet messages of love and will also be at the center of attention.

6. Wooden Ornaments

Looking for Father’s Day gifts for single moms to make them feel special? Buying wooden ornaments is a meaningful and gorgeous gift. Wooden ornaments are a symbol of love and your mom will be thrilled to receive a special and amazing gift like an ornament from you. They are also available in many color options and you can choose one as per your preference. Wooden ornaments made with the best-quality wood will remain with your single mom over time and will remind her about your love.

7. Leather Handbag

Are you searching for a single mother gift option for special events like Mother’s Day or birthdays? A leather handbag will be an ideal choice for single moms. Today personalized leather bags are also available with name options which will make your gift meaningful and unique. Leather is a high-quality and premium material that lasts for a long time. Leather handbags will be a gift of care, love, and affection for your single mother friend.

Practical Gifts For Single Mom

Below is the list of practical gifts that will help to make your single mama friend’s life a bit easier.

1. Home Cooked Meals

You need not be an expert in the kitchen to give delicious home-cooked meals to a single mom on her birthday or as a Christmas gift. You can help her by subscribing to a month of grocery delivery, hanging out with her while she cooks and you help her with the dishes or coordinating a meal train. Gifting her a fun-meal subscription will not only help her to make meals quickly for herself and her children but also stay healthy at the same time.

2. Groceries

It is no secret that single moms are on cooking duty every day and this requires them to visit the supermarket or grocery stores often. This can be exhausting and overwhelming for them at times. If you’re looking for thoughtful gift options then give a single mother an extra bag of groceries the next time you visit the grocery store for yourself. This will be a sweet gesture that your single mother friend will remember for days to come.

3. Practical House Supplies

Single mothers find it difficult to run a household on only one source of income. One of the perfect gifts for a single mom is to give her a laundry basket of useful household products such as toilet paper, soap, candles, lotions, laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner, and toilet bowl cleaner. If you want to give unique items instead of practical house supplies to a single mama friend then you can give her a spa basket. As single moms have to juggle responsibilities they find it difficult to get time and take care of themselves or go to a spa. Simply grab shower gel, body scrubs, essential oils, wine glasses, candles, and body lotions to give her a unique and beautiful spa basket that she can use and relax after a hectic day.

4. Babysitter

Are you aware of a babysitter that your single mother friend loves? A babysitter coupon will also be a thoughtful gift to give to a single mom. You can also volunteer in taking care of her kids for some time when she can relax. Single moms find it hard to get their own time to relax and refresh as she is always busy with their children. The gift of a babysitter or childcare will be a useful thing on the list where she can take a good nap or find time for herself.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Single Moms

Are you dating a single mother or wish to give her a Valentine’s gift for your single mom friend? Following is the list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for single moms that can be helpful for you.

1. Flowers

Every woman loves to receive flowers and being a single mom doesn’t change her likeness towards flowers. If you’re looking for Valentine’s gifts for a single mother then you can drop off a nice bouquet or order a book to be delivered to her residence. She will be moved by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

2. Massage

Single mothers perform a lot of responsibilities in their day-to-day lives. After a long hectic day, she deserves special treatment and some relaxation. You can spoil her with a massage. A gift certificate to a professional nail salon, a manicure, or a pedicure will also make her feel special on Valentine’s Day. It is difficult to find time for single moms as she has numerous responsibilities to fulfill.

3. Gift Cards

If you know a single mom in your life and wish to buy something for them then give them gift cards. Single moms are selfless and on receiving gift cards to Amazon or Target they will surely spend it on their kids. You can grab her to her favorite store where she can pick out something for herself.

4. Gift Basket

Looking for single-mom gift basket ideas?  You can include useful items like bubble baths, chocolates, wine, candles, little treats, lotions, and other useful items that are her favorite. Receiving a gift basket of all her favorite things will make her feel spoiled and happy at the same time.

Christmas Gifts For Single Moms

Looking for Christmas gifts for single moms? Take a look at the below-mentioned gift options:

1. Single Mom Coffee Mug

They are super cute and beautiful single-mom coffee mugs available on Etsy and other online platforms. A coffee mug is an essential item that she needs in the morning after waking up. There are great coffee mug options available with thoughtful messages and this will be the right gift for a single mama friend.

2. Exercise Clothes

If you are looking to give a Christmas gift to a single mother friend then exercise clothes can be a good option especially if she is working out. You can grab her new workout clothes from Amazon which are also super affordable. Exercise clothes include cozy blankets, workout tanks, workout joggers, cute workout shorts, workout shoes, and so on. Single moms love cozy blankets which she can wrap around themselves or their kids and keep themselves warm.

3. Birthstone Rings

Single moms love their children and so birthstone jewelry forms a perfect option for single moms who want to keep their kids with them all the time. You can check the Etsy listing for birthstone necklace gifts that you can give to single moms as Christmas gifts.

4. Scented Candle

A scented candle is not just a gift option but a symbol of gratitude and love that you have towards your single mother friend. It’s a gesture of saying thank you for the endless support, advice, and hugs that you have received from her. Today custom scented candles are available online and in many local shops as well. You can light up her face with surprise and joy by giving her a custom-scented candle where she can witness her picture and name and can also read your thoughtful and heartfelt messages. The moment she lights the candle all her stresses and worries will start fading away and she can inhale a soothing aroma.

Graduation Gifts For Single Mom

College graduation for single moms is a big life transition. If you’re looking for a graduation gift for a single mama friend or a relative then Amazon Prime can be a great option. You can give her Amazon Prime through which she can listen to stream music, audiobooks, stream movies, and avail of free shipping. If you’re looking for the best gift for single moms in Arizona then chocolates can be a good option especially if your single mama friend has a sweet tooth.


The above-mentioned options will help you to delve deeper into the world of the best gift options for single moms on Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or their birthdays. Gifting empowering and meaningful presents to a single mother will give a nice tribute to her difficult single motherhood journey. It will also make her feel seen and appreciated. She will feel admired, appreciated, and loved. Shop now to brighten her day with a meaningful gesture and bring a big smile to her face and warmth to her heart.

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