Single Mom Rental Assistance Wisconsin

Single Mom Rental Assistance Wisconsin

The Wisconsin community has developed a variety of rental assistance programs and housing help which cater to single moms and other disadvantaged populations living in the state. Single mothers are encouraged to apply for assistance programs, subsidy programs, and financial support from nonprofit and governmental organizations.

Are There Rent Assistance For Single Moms In Wisconsin?

There are federal, state, and local assistance program that offers low-income single moms assistance so that they can reduce their financial burden and can get affordable and safe housing. Single moms are significantly the most destitute group in the state of Wisconsin who have to go through innumerable financial difficulties. Accessing rent assistance will help them to lighten the substantial financial burden and enable them to provide a good life for their children. It is important to search for rent assistance programs and different housing help opportunities that are available in Wisconsin.

List Of Single Mom Rental Assistance In Wisconsin

Low-income Wisconsinites, especially single mothers are fortunate as they can assess multiple local and statewide rent assistance programs that help them to reduce their financial burden. They can also access nationwide programs such as help from Salvation Army, Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and so on however additional help from the Department of Children and Families in Wisconsin will help you to reduce your economic difficulties. Moreover, there are a range of assistance programs for individuals who are living in rural areas. Following is the list of single-mom rental assistance programs that you can access in the state of Wisconsin.

1. Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

This is a nationwide program which is created to address the financial impact on low-income populations including single mothers. Emergency rental assistance programs in the state of Wisconsin distribute funds through two avenues. Wisconsin Emergency Rent Assistance is a popular state program that serves many counties in Wisconsin such as Milwaukee, Waukesha, Dane, and Brown counties. The city of Milwaukee and the city of Madison operate their own Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

2. Community Action Partnership (CAP)

This is a network of service agencies that work throughout Wisconsin State and continues to provide rent assistance to people who need it the most. Each Community Action partnership agency provides different housing services and most of them provide emergency financial help to needy people including single mothers. If you are a low-income single mom looking for rental assistance and financial support then you can contact the Community Action Partnership agency working near you.

3. The Salvation Army

Nationwide housing help and rental assistance are provided by the Salvation Army. Wisconsin has many Salvation Army agencies working throughout the state for low-income individuals and single mothers in need. The Emergency Wisconsin Rent Assistance programs provided by the Salvation Army in Wisconsin will help you to cover your needs and reduce your financial burden.

4. Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SDvP)

This is a Catholic Social Service Agency that operates out of a church and helps low-income individuals and single mothers seek financial support so that they can cover their rent expenses. Each Society of Saint Vincent de Paul operates differently; however, most of them serve their parish area. Single mothers looking for rental support from Catholic Social Service Agencies will find the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul to be a good source.

5. Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative

This organization offers an abundance of help and assistance to Wisconsin communities through its program known as Operation Round-Up. The program assists needy people and single mothers to pay for unforeseen emergencies and meet their necessities like food, rent, shelter, groceries, medical care, prescription, and education. The cooperative is a nonprofit private utility organization. Single mothers facing emergencies and unable to afford their rent or their necessities can contact the cooperative.

6. The New Beginnings Organization

This organization runs A Home For Mothers Program that offers a haven for single mums to restart their lives and get a safe shelter. Single mothers receive financial support so that they can cover basic needs and grow children in a safe and supportive environment. Here you get an opportunity to gain financial stability in your lives. Not only rent resistance and housing help you can also acquire skills and progress provided by the organization.

7. The BRICK Ministries

Rental assistance is provided to residents of Bayfield and Ashland counties in Wisconsin by the BRICK Ministries Benevolence program. Even though this is short-term financial aid, this may help struggling single mothers cover their payments during emergencies or unforeseen times. It works closely with the applicants and helps them explore other helpful resources and programs, create a plan and attain self-sufficiency.

8. Wisconsin Rural Housing

Rental assistance is provided to low-income families and individuals by Wisconsin Rural Housing if they are unable to pay their rent or are facing foreclosure and eviction. To qualify single mothers need to make sure that they are earning less than 50% of the county median income. Moreover, you also need to showcase that you can afford housing even after receiving one-time assistance. Wisconsin Rural Housing serves many Wisconsin counties apart from Milwaukee, Racine, and Dane counties.

9. Wisconsin Works (W-2)

This is a time-limited work-based program in the state of Wisconsin that is available for low-income single mothers living with children, elderly people, senior citizens, and other needy Wisconsin populations. The main objective of the Wisconsin Works Program is to help single moms and low-income individuals attain self-sufficiency. Eligible participants of the program will receive a monthly payment of $1653 that they can pay towards their rent and other necessities. Single moms who are residents of Wisconsin, are pregnant, and are responsible for a child permit themselves to receive cash assistance through this program.


Single mothers in Wisconsin find it challenging to meet all their economic obligations on one source of income. This is the reason why they look for a rent assistance program that can provide them with subsidies and reduce their financial burden. Help and support for single mothers are available throughout the state of Wisconsin and it just requires a bit of time and effort to look for help, grants, and subsidies.

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