Single Mom Housing Grants Missouri

It can be challenging to survive economically as a single mother in Missouri and meet your ends when the cost of accommodation is rising significantly in your region. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed many rental assistance programs and housing grants for low-income families and single mothers. Single moms finding it challenging to locate a house or pay their rent or even mortgages should try to qualify for the HUD-sponsored housing grants and housing assistance programs.

Does Missouri Have a Single Mother Housing Assistance Program?

Yes, there are a lot of single-mother housing assistance programs in Missouri, which also cover low-income individuals and needy families. Single mothers who cannot find affordable and secure housing for their families can contact their Local Public Housing Agency for financial assistance. Every program comes with specific eligibility criteria that candidates must meet to get financial assistance from the government or local agencies. For instance, single mother housing grants will be awarded to participants who are residents of Missouri. Besides this, their household income should be at or below 80% of that area’s median income.

Single Mom Housing Grants And Housing Assistance Program In Missouri

Are you a single mom living with your kids in Missouri and facing difficulty in locating an affordable house for your family? Then apply for the following Missouri housing assistance program and grants destined for low-income families, including single moms. 

1. Transitional Housing Services

Single mothers and low-income individuals who are on the verge of becoming homeless or getting evicted can apply for Transitional Housing Services in Missouri. Many nonprofit organizations help low-income families who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness to meet their housing needs. These organizations help individuals to acquire adequate skills and capabilities so that they can achieve self-sufficiency and can help their troubled families in the future. Many organizations in Missouri offer short-term housing opportunities to homeless families.

2. HCVP, The Housing Choice Voucher Program

HCVP, The Housing Choice Voucher Program, offers financial assistance to disabled people, low-income families, and single mothers so that they can afford decent and secure housing. This program enables qualifying families and individuals to get vouchers to pay their rent timely. The Housing Choice Voucher program is also known as the Section 8 Program.

3. Public Assistance Program In Missouri

The Government Of Missouri funds the Section 8 Public Assistance Program, which aims to help single mothers and low-income families to pay their overdue rent. This program is administered and managed by local agencies. If you’re a single mom looking for rent assistance then you can contact a Housing Authority near you to learn about the application information and eligibility requirements of the Public Assistance Program In Missouri.

4. TANF, The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

There are a vast number of programs that enable single mothers and low-income families to meet their immediate housing needs. Such programs also cover financial assistance to pay rent, household expenses, and utilities. One such program is the TANF program which provides funds to the state of Missouri as well as other states with the sole purpose of enabling low-income families, including single mothers, to get the proper financial assistance and support services. This program also covers state-administered programs and comprises job preparation, work assistance, and childcare assistance services. 

5. MHDC, Missouri Housing Development Commission

This federal and state-funded organization in Missouri offers various housing services and programs so that low and moderate-income families get affordable rentals with the help of a housing locator. The Missouri Housing Development Commission had visited and examined these subsidized rentals or housing units. Low-income single mothers can apply for housing assistance in this organization. Eligible candidates will get a choice to live in these rentals or housing units so long as their landlords accept the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Qualified candidates must pay 30% to 40% of their income towards rentals, while the government will cover the remaining rent payments. There is usually a long waiting list for candidates to get approved for Section 8 or the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Single mothers who are looking for housing assistance to get their life on the right track should apply for this program immediately.

6. Low-Income Public Housing Program by Missouri LIPHP

Single moms who are low or moderate-income earners are eligible to participate in this program. The Missouri PHP provides low costing housing options to low or moderate-income earners at subsidized prices. The state funds the low-income public housing program by collaborating with other local agencies so low-income earners can get a hygienically conductive and safe home for their families. Single mothers can approach their local housing agency to fill out the application process for this program.

7. LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program In Missouri

Missouri LIHEAP program helps the neediest families, from individuals and single mothers who cannot pay their utility and energy bills. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program in Missouri requires candidates to be in a particular income level and be permanent residents of Missouri to apply for this program. Single moms struggling financially to pay their utility and energy bills can apply to this program. This Home Energy Assistance Program also covers elderly persons, disabled individuals, and children.

8. The Camillo’s House Grants

Camillo’s House is an organization that offers a wide range of housing assistance and supportive services to help single mothers. Apart from housing assistance, this organization also provides them with basic cooking, life skills, personal counseling, and job training to get financial stability. The programs and grants offered by this organization help low-income families and single mothers combat homelessness.


Seeking the proper housing assistance and financial help will enable single mothers to improve their family finances and get a stable and comfortable environment for their children to grow and thrive. There are many local agencies and state and federal governments operating in Missouri that offer housing subsidies, housing assistance programs, and grants to low-income single mothers and families. Housing assistance programs and grants in Missouri have been designed to support single moms financially and enable them to get an improved standard of living. 

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