Grants For Single Mom In North Dakota

Grants For Single Mom In North Dakota

North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. However, many people fail to pay for necessities due to low rage. Without seeking financial assistance through programs and grants, single moms earning low wages find it challenging to survive and make ends meet. This is the reason why the state of North Dakota has designed a lot of programs and financial aid for single moms in North Dakota that enable them to get a better standard of living.

How Does North Dakota Support Single Mothers?

With a population of around 7,56,000 residents, the poverty rate of North Dakota is around 11.6% which makes it one of the top states in America to have fewer poverty rates. Still, there are around 82,000 families who are struggling to pay for necessities like food, clothing, shelter, etc. The state of North Dakota supports single mothers and low-income residents by designing various grants and programs. Financial assistance programs and grants are free aid for those who struggle to support their families and reduce their emotional and financial stress.

What Are The Different Grants For Single Moms In North Dakota?

The following are the most effective grants for single moms in North Dakota that would help them to cover their necessities.

1. TANF, North Dakota Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

North Dakota supports single moms and low-income residents through the TANF program. This program offers monthly cash assistance to poor families and single mothers with children below 18. Not only cash assistance, but this program also offers other services like job training, work readiness, and job placement. Unless otherwise exempted, TANF recipients are required to take part in the Job Opportunity And Basic Skills Program, which is an essential employment and training component of TANF in North Dakota. Single mothers with children below six must participate in approved work activities for at least 20 hours weekly to qualify for TANF benefits.

2. CCAP, North Dakota Child Care Assistance Program

The Childcare Assistance Program in North Dakota is a state subsidy program that mainly targets low-income families and single moms so that they can cover their childcare expenses and reduce their financial burden. This program offers financial support with payment for childcare to eligible parents on a sliding fee basis. Some families have to co-pay, meaning they have to cover some childcare costs while the program would cover the difference. The co-payment required will be based on your household size and income. Single mothers seeking child care assistance to attend work or school can contact the North Dakota Department of Human Services Economic Assistance Policy Division.

3. SNAP, North Dakota Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Single mothers in North Dakota struggling to pay for adequate nutritious food for their families and children can apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as the Food Stamp Program. Under this program, families with limited financial resources can purchase nutritious food and a well balanced diet. Beneficiaries under the SNAP initiative will receive a Dakota EBT card or Electronics Benefits Card for purchasing food at approved retail outlets.  The average monthly benefits covered for a household of three members under SNAP is $413 in North Dakota. To apply for the SNAP program in North Dakota, single mothers have to submit an online application or contact their neighboring Human Service Zone Office in the county where they reside.

4. The North Dakota Weatherization Assistance Program

The North Dakota Weatherization program enables low-income single mothers and other needy families living with their children in North Carolina to modify and upgrade their houses and cover the cost of their heating and cooling bills. Eligible candidates can make upgrades on appliances, door sales, doors, windows, and insulation. To qualify for this program, candidates have to meet the income restriction set by the state and should not have the means to make payments for the repair themselves. This program is an excellent fit for single moms who are looking up to cover their utility costs as well as make modifications to their homes.

5. North Dakota State Student Incentive Grant Program

The State Student Incentive Grant Program, or the State Grant Program, enables low-income students living in North Carolina to attend private, public, and tribal colleges and pursue higher education. This program allows financial assistance of up to $1100 per semester. First time undergraduate students can receive awards up to $733 per quarter if they attend public, private, or tribal colleges in North Dakota. To apply for the program, single mother students must fill out a FAFSA form.

6. North Dakota Unemployment Insurance

Single mothers and other needy residents of North Carolina who have recently lost their job or facing layoffs due to no fault of their own can receive financial assistance from North Dakota’s Unemployment Insurance Program. Eligible applicants will receive a particular percentage of their earlier wages for a limited period. The only stipulation of this program is that candidates must seek employment actively while receiving benefits through this program. Unemployment Insurance in North Dakota is a temporary income support program for unemployed workers. The weekly benefits you can receive through this program range between $43 to $657.

7. North Dakota Medicaid Program

This program assists low-income families and single mothers who are uninsured and have no access to health insurance. The program covers all the medical needs of eligible families. The program covers low-income families with children below 21 years of age, women with cervical or breast cancer, pregnant women, blind, aged, and disabled individuals. North Dakota is now expanding its Medicaid coverage. Therefore, it covers children below 18 and nonelderly adults with income below 138% of the federal poverty level. Single mothers looking to apply for the Medicaid program in North Dakota should first apply for healthcare coverage assistance to their county Social Service Office.


North Dakota has a lot of financial assistance programs, grants, and resources for single mothers and low-income residents who cannot meet their essential needs. The assistance ranges from food, housing, and shelter to childcare, medical assistance, unemployment insurance, utility assistance, and many other services.

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