Grants For Single Mom In New Hampshire 

Grants For Single Mom In New Hampshire 

The state of New Hampshire has the lowest rates of poverty among its residents and children in the entire United States. Despite this, single moms living in this state can barely provide for their necessities and struggle financially to give up quality life for their children. To ease the financial burden of single moms, New Hampshire has designed a wide range of financial assistance programs and grants so that single mothers can get a better chance to survive and raise their children single-handedly.

How Can You Survive As A Single Mom In New Hampshire?

The cost of living in the state of New Hampshire is relatively high, and this makes it difficult for low-income residents to afford all the necessities of life. The financial situation of single mothers in New Hampshire is worse as they have to juggle parenthood and work obligations with a single source of income. As a single mom in New Hampshire, you can survive by taking help from governmental and nongovernmental bodies that design programs and grants for you. Financial aid for single moms in New Hampshire will help single moms to get free food, housing assistance, rent and mortgage assistance, child support, and much other help.

Different Grants For Single Moms In New Hampshire

The below-listed grants and programs for single moms will help you in many ways, from paying for food, healthcare, and school to starting a business and childcare support.

1. FANF, New Hampshire Financial Assistance To Needy Families

The FANF program offers cash assistance to low-income families and single mothers living with dependent children in the state. The temporary cash assistance under this program is limited to a maximum of 60 months in a lifetime. The eligibility criteria for this program depend on household income, living arrangements, and resources. The maximum benefit that a family of three members can get monthly is around $1151, and this makes the Financial Assistance For Needy Families Program in New Hampshire to be one of the most generous programs in the state.

2. New Hampshire Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp Program in New Hampshire, known officially as the SNAP program, provides eligible households and individuals with monthly benefits to purchase food and nutritional items at participating grocery stores, food retailers, and supermarkets. The monthly benefits you can receive through this program depend on your family size. For instance, a family of three members will receive assistance of $289 monthly in New Hampshire. Once you get accepted into this program, the monthly benefits will be deposited automatically to your EBT card every month.

3. Amber Grant

The Amber Grant is a small business program that awards $1000 to eligible single moms and needy women who want to start a business and attain financial stability. In addition to cash assistance, winners are entitled to a golden chance of winning an extra $10,000 annually. Eligible participants have to go through a simple application process by answering critical questions related to their business and how they plan to use the money.

4. New Hampshire Rental Assistance Program

The New Hampshire Rental Assistance Program is funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and enables low-income residents to cover their rent payments. The program pays a portion of their monthly rent to their landlords directly, while the candidates must co-pay for the difference. Low-income single mothers in New Hampshire who cannot afford rent payments due to the financial crisis can apply for this program and complete an application form to the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. The main priority of this program is given to low-income families living with their children and earning less than 30% of the area’s median income.

5. FAP, New Hampshire Fuel Assistance Program

New Hampshire FAP offers one-time financial assistance to eligible low-income households so that they can pay for their heating bills during the cold winter months. The income guidelines of this program are based on 60% of the state’s median income. The main priority of this program is given to elderly members, single mothers living with young children, and disabled individuals. The financial assistance may range between $158 and $1575, depending on your energy cost and household income. Single moms unable to pay home energy bills can apply for the Fuel Assistance Program by contacting their neighboring Community Action Agency.

6. New Hampshire Medicaid

The Medicaid program in New Hampshire is a state and federally-funded program that offers health and medical care for single moms, low-income families, and needy individuals. The healthcare services covered under this program are hospital visits, X-rays, family planning, dental care, etc. To be eligible for the program, candidates must meet eligibility criteria determined by the state.

7. The 1000 Dream Scholarship

This is a women’s scholarship program designed for low-income students in New Hampshire so that they can pursue higher education. Single moms enrolled in a high school or college in this state can apply for this program to continue their studies. Eligible candidates will get a lot of financial assistance to pay for their school fees, textbooks, bills, food, and many more.

8. New Hampshire Child Care Scholarship

Low-income New Hampshire families are eligible for the Child Care Scholarship Program, which can cover some of their childcare costs and reduce their financial burden. The program assists families having a gross income of under 220% of the federal poverty guidelines. Single mothers working, going to school, or both are eligible to qualify for this program and cover a part of their childcare expenses. Families who receive assistance through the Financial Assistance To Needy Families Program and are participating in the FANF Work Program are given priority.


New Hampshire prides itself as it has the lowest percentage of impoverished children and residents. However, many single-parent families are living with their minor children in this state and are facing financial difficulty in fulfilling their day-to-day needs. New Hampshire has designed a lot of financial assistance programs and grants for low-income residents and single moms so that they can attain financial stability and can manage their resources in a better way.

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