Single Mom Affordable Housing Massachusetts

Single Mom Affordable Housing Massachusetts

Life can sometimes bring unexpected issues and challenges for people to deal with. People have to struggle and fight against these difficulties, but some groups face more obstacles in life than others. Single mothers belong to these disadvantaged groups as they not only have to raise their children alone but also provide for their necessities. Having affordable and safe housing will make the life of a single mother much more accessible. This is why many local organizations and federal governments have designed housing assistance programs and financial assistance for single moms in Massachusetts so that they can explore these programs and reduce their financial pressure.

How To Find Single Mom Affordable Housing In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts offers numerous affordable housing and emergency rental assistance programs to help pregnant women, children, the homeless, disabled individuals, elderly citizens and low-income single mothers. To qualify for these programs, single mothers and needy families should contact their nearest local Housing Authority. Before applying for affordable housing programs and other resources, you must check the eligibility criteria and ensure that your gross annual income is within the income restriction set by the particular program.

Affordable Housing Programs For Single Mothers In Massachusetts

Many rental assistance and affordable housing programs have been designed by government and nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts to offer financial assistance and support eligible candidates such as single mothers and low-income families. These programs enable candidates to afford their rent and meet their housing needs.

1. Section 8 Or Housing Choice Voucher Program In Massachusetts

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal program that offers financial assistance to states so that people can afford decent and safe housing for their families. Massachusetts single mothers can apply for Section 8 voucher help and participate in rental apartments or homes. Low-income families, including single mothers, must meet the income criteria to qualify for this program.

2. HAF, Homeowner Assistance Fund In Massachusetts

The Homeowner Assistance Fund in Massachusetts offers eligible homeowners financial assistance of $50,000. Low-income homeowners, including single mothers who cannot pay for their housing-related costs and mortgage payments, can apply for Homeowner Assistance Fund. To qualify for HAF, applicants must be a resident of Massachusetts, and their income should be at or below 150% of their area’s median income. Homeowner Assistance Fund covers needy families and low-income individuals experiencing hardship and cannot pay their rents or mortgage payments because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. RAFT, Residential Assistance For Families In Transition

The federal government of Massachusetts offers financial and housing assistance programs to benefit the low-income residents of Massachusetts. These programs are funded and supported by the HUD or the Department Of Housing And Urban Development. The RAFT program enables needy families and the homeless to get affordable housing. If you’re a single mom and run the risk of becoming homeless, you can receive rent assistance from this program. This program also enables eligible candidates to get affordable rent assistance and financial support if they want to relocate to another location.

4. MRVP, Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program offers rent assistance to low-income families. Low-income single mothers going through financial difficulties and finding it difficult to pay their rent can apply for this program. Candidates have to meet the eligibility criteria of this program concerning total household income and family size. The household revenue of participants should not exceed 50% of the median revenue of Massachusetts.

5. MassSAVE Program

Utility Establishment funds the MassSAVE program, which assists needy families who are struggling to make payments for their rent. This program also enables landlords who want to ensure energy efficiency in their buildings and houses. This versatile program helps people to deal with their housing issues and provides financial support. Single mothers who are facing a housing crisis and are struggling to pay their rent can apply for this program.

6. Massachusetts Housing Consumer Education Centers

The Housing Consumer Education Center, which operates in Massachusetts, enables low-income visuals to seek financial support and assistance. This nonprofit organization also supports single mothers who cannot pay their rent because of the financial crisis and provides them with cash assistance. If you’re a single mom and in need of an affordable housing option, then you can apply for this program and receive housing assistance.

7. Home-Start

This nonprofit organization in Massachusetts offers food, financial and affordable housing assistance to single moms living with their children, domestic violence victims, disabled individuals, and veterans. The organization negotiates with property owners or landlords on behalf of the eligible candidates and reaches a mutual agreement to avoid eviction or foreclosure.

8. The Salvation Army of Massachusetts

The Salvation Army operates in Massachusetts and ensures hunger relief and homelessness prevention across Massachusetts. There is a wide range of housing assistance, financial support, emergency shelter programs, job training, and other supportive services that the Salvation Army of Massachusetts offers. You can visit the Salvation Army Massachusetts website to seek help from the organization.

9. My Mass Mortgage

The state of Massachusetts funds My Mass Mortgage foundation. Single mothers who want to purchase a house can approach this organization and seek financial assistance. This foundation assists single mothers to become homeowners and helps them to locate low-priced, safe, and decent houses in the city of Massachusetts.

10. Massachusetts Alternative Housing Voucher Program

The HVP, or the Massachusetts Alternative Housing Voucher program, offers financial assistance and housing programs for people who are finding it difficult to pay for their rent and are below 60 years of age. Disabled single mothers under 60 can get affordable state-funded public housing to live with their families. The program pays for 70% to 75% of the monthly rent of the eligible candidates.


Single mothers in Massachusetts can access a wide range of affordable housing programs to seek shelter for their families and eliminate housing difficulties. Many housing assistance programs in Massachusetts also help single moms pay for mortgages, rent, and utility bills. DHCD, or the Department of Housing And Community Development, administers affordable housing programs in Massachusetts and enables low-income families, including single mothers, to seek proper financial support.

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