Emergency Housing For Single Mom Spokane Washington

Homelessness is when an individual or a family has no reliable or stable residence. Single mothers who do not have a stable place to sleep can apply for temporary accommodation or emergency shelters from the government, local organizations, or charitable institutions in Spokane, Washington. The root causes of becoming homelessness are unemployment, interpersonal conflict, substance abuse, unavailability of safe and affordable housing, and mental health. Fortunately, a lot of emergency housing assistance programs and resources are available in Spokane, which aim to eradicate homelessness and help single mothers and other low-income families get safe housing and remain housed.

How To Find Emergency Housing For Single Moms In Spokane, Washington?

Single moms who are homeless or at risk of getting evicted should contact Spokane’s Homeless Coordinated Entry or call 2-1-1 for emergency housing assistance. Single moms experiencing domestic violence or at imminent risk of becoming homeless can contact Families For Coordinated Entry to seek an emergency housing voucher. The team of Spokane’s Homeless Coordinated Entry will assess your current situation and will guide you to the agencies where you can fulfill your housing needs.

Emergency Housing Programs For Single Moms In Spokane, Washington

Many organizations and government bodies in Spokane, Washington, offer emergency short-term housing assistance so that single mothers and needy families can get some time to locate permanent housing and become self-sufficient. The housing assistance program in Spokane, Washington, not only offers them emergency shelter and housing but also food assistance, ongoing support, job assistance, and guidance so that they can prevent becoming homeless in the future. For instance, the Spokane County Department Of Human Services offers funding for providing emergency rent assistance, financial support, and free furniture to single mothers and low-income families. Some of the emergency housing programs for single moms in Spokane are as follows:

1. The Spokane Valley Center

This is a nonprofit housing organization that offers rental assistance for emergency housing and affordable housing options to disabled people, elderly persons, low-income families, as well as helpless single mothers with their children. The center, located in the Spokane Valley, offers shelter, water, food, and other necessities. This nonprofit organization also offers eligible candidates funding for their security deposits or utility bills on low-income housing.

2. Catholic Charities

The properties of Catholic Charities are equipped with many referrals and onsite services for helpless and homeless residents. Catholic Charities offer emergency housing and supportive services like medical transportation, case management, employment assistance, early learning, skills building and food assistance. Single mothers who are looking for emergency housing assistance programs in the Spokane area can visit the website of Catholic Charities to learn about the eligibility criteria and application process.

3. Spoken Homeless Coalition

Spoken Homeless Coalition offers emergency housing assistance and placements to homeless individuals, single mothers, and needy families throughout Spoken. If you have lost your house due to natural calamity or are on the verge of becoming homeless, you can seek assistance and emergency shelters from the Spokane Homeless Coalition.

4. Hope House

More than 600 single women living in Spokane are homeless and dealing with mental health issues or other life challenges. Hope House offers them a safe and secure place with emergency shelters. The organization protects them from the dangers on the street and gives them a safe and secure environment. The organization offers 100 shelter beds to needy women every night. The organization not only helps them with shelter but also provides them access to nutritious food, personal care, hygiene items, clothing, on-site case management, and assistance to secure permanent housing.

5. Transitions

This organization operates six housing programs to eradicate homelessness and poverty of single mothers, homeless children, and needy women in Spokane, Washington. The six programs run by this organization are designed to support the community by offering them emergency housing assistance, safe and friendly spaces for women and children, job training facilities, and childcare assistance.

6. New Hope Resource Center

This organization offers necessities to needy families and single mothers in North Spokane, Washington, including communities of Chattaroy, Mead, Colbert, Riverside, and Elk. The organization offers housing assistance like emergency shelters, clothing, toiletry, emergency vehicle repairs, affordable rental assistance, essential home repairs, and other services.

7. Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity organization aims to ensure that every resident in the United States is getting an affordable and safe place that they can call home. The organization offers emergency housing assistance, personal finances, mortgage payments, and housing repair facilities. Homeless families or individuals looking for temporary shelter or are currently homeless can get emergency housing assistance and many other comprehensive support solutions from this organization.

8. Salvation Army

There are a lot of emergency housing, food, economic opportunities, and other services provided by the Salvation Army to single mothers, low-income people, and senior citizens. They offer emergency assistance programs, rental assistance, and financial support to both single mothers and families who are struggling to get a shelter. The charity has also partnered with nonprofits, local agencies, and churches to offer housing resources and other support to families.

9. Goodwill Industries Of The Inland Northwest

This organization enables veterans to get back on their feet by providing them with substantial support and resources for restoration. The program offers housing assistance and emergency shelters to prevent homelessness and enables individuals to pay their rent without feeling financial pressure. The state government and the federal government of Washington funds this program.


There are many emergency housing programs and resources available to single mothers who are struggling to get a roof over their heads and pay their bills. Unemployed single mothers, tenants, and low-income renters can explore a lot of emergency housing as well as utility assistance programs that are provided by a lot of organizations, churches, charities, and nonprofit institutions in Spokane, Washington. Single mothers are required to perform a bit of research to locate the right housing program and stay afloat. Every organization offers different housing assistance; therefore, the best way to seek their assistance is to contact the organization directly and ask for the assistance they can provide.

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