Single Mom No Income Housing in Texas

Single Mom No Income Housing in Texas

With a low wage and increasing cost of living, single moms with no income in Texas require financial assistance and support to provide for their families. Life is undoubtedly hard for unemployed and low-income single mothers who have to provide for their families and give them necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. Luckily in Texas, no-income families and unemployed single mothers with limited financial resources can get help from state support programs, nonprofits, and charitable institutions in the form of shelter, food, healthcare, and education. 

What Are The Different Affordable Housing Options Available For Single Mothers With No Income In Texas?

Single mothers with low or no income in Texas can avail a lot of affordable and decent housing options such as the Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher Program, Public Housing, Community or Nonprofit organization, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties, and many other government programs which provides housing assistance, rental assistance program, and transitional housing programs. Low or no-income single mothers can contact their local Public Housing Agency in Texas to learn about the application procedure, eligibility requirements, waiting list, and other essential details. There are various charitable organizations and government programs that lend their hands to single moms with no income in Texas.

Programs Covering Single Moms No Income With Housing In Texas

If you are a single mother with no income in Texas, then there are likely several reasons why you may be interested to apply for the Texas housing assistance program and grants. Many housing programs provide shelter, supportive services, and counseling sessions to make sure that every single mother can benefit the best from the resources that are designed for needy candidates like them. Following are the housing assistance programs for single mothers with no income in Texas that provide supportive services and financial assistance to help them find an affordable and decent environment to live in with their families.

1. TANF, Texas Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The TANF grant is awarded to low-income families living with children, people who have lost their job, the homeless population, elderly citizens, individuals on the verge of becoming homeless, and single mothers with low or no income. Single mothers going through financial prices can receive one-time cash assistance of $1000. Homeless single mothers or those who have lost their jobs and are unemployed can apply for this program.

2. Texas Section 8 Or Housing Choice Voucher Program

Texas residents seeking housing assistance programs can apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) or the Section 8 program. The HCV program provides rental subsidies to low-income families, including single mothers with low or no income, so that they can get a roof over their heads. The eligibility guidelines of the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Texas state that applicants’ household income should be at or less than 30% of that area’s median income. Single mothers looking for a place to live or pay for their mortgage/ rent can benefit the best from this program. 

3. Texas Homeowner Assistance Program

The government introduced this program to assist low-income families affected financially due to COVID-19. The Texas Homeowner Assistance Program enables low-income homeowners to make mortgage payments, rent, and utilities. Eligible low-income households will be awarded an amount of $65,000. Low-income individuals impacted financially after the pandemic and those who lost their income or job can apply for this program. Low-income single mothers and individuals who are finding it difficult to make payments for their property insurance, mortgage, and housing-associated expenses are covered under this program.

4. Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation Program

Single moms with no income in Texas looking for affordable housing options can approach the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation to seek financial help. The eligibility criteria for applying to this program require every single mother to be a Texas resident or a citizen of the United States and have children under 18. Single mothers who fail to get a decent and affordable house on their own based on their family size and income limit are eligible to apply for this program. Housing grants usually range between $2500 to $10,000. 

5. TDHCA, Texas Department Of Housing And Community Affairs

Single moms with low or no income can apply for housing grants and assistance programs from TDHCA, the Texas Department of Housing And Community Affairs. Eligible single mothers will be awarded grants for expenses like utilities, food, rent, childcare, etc. This program also offers grants to enable single mothers to improve or gain skills so that they can get a job. 

6. Permanent Supportive Housing Program

People who are homeless or at risk of losing their houses can look for affordable housing solutions by applying for this program in Texas. Single mothers with low or no income can also apply for this program to seek financial assistance.

7. The Salvation Army of Texas

There are several locations across The United States of America where the Salvation Army operates, including Texas. This charity organization provides low-income families and local communities, including single mothers with low or no income, a plethora of services such as rent and utility payments, food, shelter, life skills, and disaster relief. 

8. Gracewood

Many charitable organizations work throughout Texas to support single mothers with low or no income. Gracewood is a charity organization that supports single mothers living with their children alone and suffering from financial difficulty. This charity offers counseling and residential services so that they can get rid of their financial burden and get back on their feet.


There are a wide variety of housing assistance programs and grants that are available to low-income single mothers as well as single mothers with no income in Texas. Unemployed single mothers searching for housing assistance programs and grants should first learn about the eligibility criteria and other requirements before applying. Most of the local and state agencies offer housing support and counseling services to help single moms with no income in Texas to get back to their footing. 

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