Single Mom Emergency Housing San Antonio

Single Mom Emergency Housing in San Antonio

San Antonio, located in Bexar County, cares for its residents and provides them with various emergency aid, shelters, food banks, and housing assistance. Shelters for single moms in San Antonio can be a severe issue due to the outrageous cost associated with the real estate market. To ease their financial situation, San Antonio provides financial assistance to single moms through affordable housing, transitional housing, and emergency housing programs. If you’re a single mom and facing homelessness, then you can take advantage of such housing assistance programs to get a roof over your head. Besides emergency housing shelters, government and nonprofit organizations offer various emergency and affordable rental assistance programs to enable single moms to pay their mortgages, rental fees, and utility bills.

How Can You Find Single Mom Emergency Housing In San Antonio?

Low-income families, including single mothers in San Antonio, can avail of many emergency housing programs and other housing assistance resources from the San Antonio Housing Authority. If you’re a single mom looking for emergency housing programs to get a roof over your head, then you can visit the official website of the San Antonio Housing Authority and learn about the different programs that are available for you. Many organizations offer listings of family shelters, women’s shelters, residential treatment centers, different residential services for women, and transitional housing programs. Most of these emergency shelters provide services for drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Single mothers who are looking for affordable housing and emergency shelters to prevent homelessness should visit the official website of the organizations and nonprofit institutions that provide emergency housing assistance.

Emergency Housing Programs For Single Mothers In San Antonio

San Antonio in Texas is the second most populated city in the state. Single mothers in San Antonio can benefit from a wide range of housing programs and supportive services provided by government bodies and nonprofit organizations. Single mothers looking for emergency housing solutions in San Antonio can avail of the following programs.

1. ESG, Emergency Solution Grant Program

The Emergency Solution Grant Program, funded by the federal government, offers financial assistance and emergency housing to needy families including single mothers experiencing homelessness. There are five projects covered by ESG programs: Emergency Shelter, Street Outreach, Rapid Rehousing Program, Homelessness Prevention, and Homeless Management Information System. The prime objective of all these programs is to eliminate homelessness and foreclosures and enable needy families in San Antonio to live in a safe and secure environment.

2. The Salvation Army

One of the biggest charities in the United States, including San Antonio, is the Salvation Army. Different hubs are located in San Antonio, where financial aids and housing assistance programs are accessible. This nonprofit organization has designed Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive projects that have minimized evictions or foreclosures. Low-income families and single mothers who have been evicted or displaced can seek temporary shelter or urgent housing assistance through this program and get back on their feet. The Salvation Army also offers food help, rental assistance, and payments for utility bills. You can visit the official website of

San Antonio Salvation Army to seek their assistance.

3. Haven For Hope

The primary mission of Haven For Hope organization is to transform the lives of needy homeless residents and children living in the San Antonio or Bexar County area. Haven For Hope has partnered with 78 nonprofit, governmental, faith-based local agencies to help homeless people with emergency housing, behavioral health services, job training, and education services.

4. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities works throughout the United States of America, including San Antonio, and offers shelter, clothing, and food assistance to single mothers and low-income families. This nonprofit organization provides them various services and financial assistance, such as emergency funds, temporary shelters, education, housing assistance, and employment opportunities. Unemployed single mothers who cannot seek affordable and safe housing for their families can visit the San Antonio Catholic Charity website to check their emergency housing services and seek temporary shelter until they get a permanent housing solution.

5. Guadalupe Transitional Living Home

Guadalupe Home offers transitional living programs to single mothers and other low-income families without basic needs and shelter. Guadalupe Home in San Antonio offers support services and safe shelter in a home-like decent environment for single mothers and their children. They offer a wide range of supportive services to their residents so that they can nurture their children in a safe environment and can become self-sufficient.

6. The Family Violence Prevention Services

This social service organization works to eradicate homelessness and domestic violence in San Antonio and keep families together. The organization provides the necessary tools and finances to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Some of the services that this organization provides are transitional housing, effective parenting education, emergency shelter, specialized intervention with the elderly, youth services, and education programs.

7. The Visitation House

The Visitation House provides education and transitional housing programs to address the concern and needs of economically poor and helpless women. Single mothers living with their children without a shelter can avail of the emergency and transitional housing program offered by this organization. They mainly prioritize homeless single moms and children and work towards ending homelessness and poverty. The emergency housing and educational program offered by the organization makes women independent and self-sufficient.

8. SAMMinistries Homeless Prevention Services

This interfaith ministry offers utility assistance, supportive services, emergency housing, and affordable rental assistance to needy families and low-income individuals. Single mothers currently homeless or in imminent danger of foreclosure can seek assistance from this organization.


Housing for single moms in San Antonio can be a big problem because of its unaffordability and skyrocketing costs. San Antonio Housing Authorities offer affordable and safe accommodation to people in San Antonio so that they can live securely with their families. Not only government bodies but different churches and charitable organizations that are scattered around the San Antonio or Bexar County area also offer transitional housing, emergency shelters, free food, and other financial support to people who are going through the financial crisis. If you’re a single mother looking for transitional or emergency shelter in San Antonio, you can apply to these programs.

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