Scholarships For Single Moms In Oregon

Scholarships For Single Moms In Oregon

Going to college as a single mom is not supposed to be easy however it is not impossible either. Scholarship programs for a lot of single moms represent a viable route to earning higher degrees. Generally high school students might come to mind when you think about scholarship programs however financial aid awards are also available for single moms who are in financial need. Scholarship programs are designed to ease the burden of single moms who want to bear the higher educational expenses, head to community universities, and attain self-sufficiency.  Fortunately, a wide array of scholarship programs are designed for single moms in Oregon.

What Are The Factors That Can Help Single Moms Win Scholarship Easily?

Different scholarship programs in the state of Oregon enable single moms to grab a college degree without increasing their debt. These programs have different eligibility requirements for instance while some programs have age limits some may require single moms to get out of high school.

Before beginning your search for a particular Oregon scholarship program you need to consider your present situation and determine the kind of scholarship that you are likely to win. Also, make sure to read and become aware of the qualifications before applying for the programs.

You can search for scholarship programs in Oregon based on your major, ethnic group, demographic, and financial need. There are federal, private, and nonprofit organizations in Oregon that provide scholarships for single moms. A quick Google search will help you to learn several options within your area. Once you make a list of the financial aid programs and scholarships available in your area you can start filling out the application form.

What Are The Available Scholarships For Single Moms In Oregon?

Following is the list of scholarship programs that are designed for single moms in Oregon.

1. Burn Lions Club Scholarship

Low-income students or single moms who are graduating seniors from Burns or Crane High School can apply for the Burn Lions Club Scholarship Program. The scholarship offers a renewable grant award of $1000 to full-time students at recognized Oregon schools. Applicants or parents must submit contact information including free references and an autobiography of 250 to 350 words.

2. American Legion Auxiliary Department Scholarship

The American Legion Auxiliary for Oregon residents offers scholarship opportunities for wives or children of disabled veterans in the armed forces. The program offers a scholarship award of $1000 to eligible candidates so that they can enroll themselves in business or vocational school. Applicants have to submit an essay of less than 500 words, letters or references from employers, friends, and teachers including a balanced budget showing their monthly income and expenses and their official transcript.

3. Oregon Opportunity Grant

Financially challenged undergraduate students including single moms can apply for the Oregon Opportunity grant to receive financial assistance worldwide. The program covers low-income students who are attending Oregon Community College including four-year private and public colleges and universities in the state of Oregon.

Several Oregon students can qualify for the Oregon Opportunity Grant program every year. The grant is available for up to 8 semesters or 12 terms. Financial assistance received under this grant program is based on your financial need, the type of school that you’re attending, and the availability of funds that single moms must enroll themselves as undergraduate students at Oregon Community College.

4. The Ford Family Foundation Scholarships

The owners of Roseburg Forest Product Company in Roseburg in partnership with the Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC) provide 4 multiple types of scholarship programs for Oregon residents. The Ford Scholars Program, The Ford Opportunity Scholarship Program, the Ford Restart Scholarship Program, and The Ford Sons and Daughters Program are the types of programs that single moms in Oregon can apply to meet their financial needs and acquire higher education.

The eligibility requirements of these four programs require candidates to be a state resident of Oregon, a high school graduate, have a GPA of 3.0, and become a full-time student at an accredited public or private university or college based in Oregon. The Ford Opportunity Scholarship Program is an excellent scholarship program designed for single parents who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees.

5. Oregon Barber And Hairdresser Grant Program

The Oregon Barber and Hairdresser Grant Program is a state-funded program that offers financial support to needy Oregon residents including single moms who are pursuing an education in the field of hairdressing or barbering. This is a one-time grant award ranging between $100 to $1500. The amount of assistance received through this program is up to $1000. The funding for this program is limited and students have to demonstrate a strong financial need to receive assistance.

6. Beat the Odds Scholarship

The Stand For Children Leadership Center sponsors the Beat And Odds Scholarship Program which provides a renewable grant award of $2500 to eligible Oregon residents. Single mom students can apply for the program and renew their scholarship for up to four years however they have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify. Applicants who are attending public high school in Oregon, demonstrate a robust financial need, and undergoing hardships like disability, personal tragedy, poverty, and homelessness are mainly prioritized.

7. Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

The federally funded scholarship program known as the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship offers financial support to eligible high school graduates including single moms with excellent academic achievements. The financial award is based on the merit of the students instead of the financial need. The award that you can receive through this program is up to $1500 which is renewable for up to four years. Around 18 students from Oregon’s 5 United States Congressional districts receive this scholarship program every year.


The idea of qualifying for a scholarship program is a dream for many Oregon single moms who are struggling to make ends meet and looking for ways to fulfill their educational goals. Unlike loans, scholarships and grants are not required to be repaid. These scholarship opportunities help single moms to pay for college and grab better-paying opportunities. The good news is that the state of Oregon is there to assist low-income single moms through numerous scholarship programs and help them achieve their goals.

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