Illinois Legal Aid For Single Moms

Illinois Legal Aid For Single Moms

Single moms in Illinois often face legal issues in cases related to divorce, child rights, child custody, personal injury, criminal charges, family law issues, bankruptcy, foreclosure and eviction problems, parental rights, and so on. Hiring an attorney can be expensive and beyond the means of single moms who live on one source of income. As per statistics attorneys usually charge fees in the range of $100 to $300 an hour. The cost can be a huge burden for low-income single moms who are unable to afford the fees to get out of the legal jargon or protect their assets. Fortunately, many resources and organizations help single moms avail legal assistance and advice. Depending on your circumstances you can use different strategies to obtain free legal advice or assistance in Illinois. This guide will help you to learn in-depth information about all the options available for single moms.

How To Find Free Legal Help For Single Moms In Illinois?

Following are the options that single moms can take to find free legal assistance in the state of Illinois.

1. Ask For A Free Lawyer Consultation

There are attorneys in Illinois who offer free lawyer consultation through video conference or phone to meet the expectations of the clients. Even though the discussion takes place for 15 minutes you get a better sense of whether you should hire an attorney or not. You can also get advice on whether you can qualify for a free or affordable attorney.

2. Seek Assistance From Legal Aid Societies

A nonprofit organization that offers legal advice and consultation at low cost and even free lawyers to low-income individuals like single moms is known as the Legal Aid Society. Single moms need to keep in mind that their household income should be less to qualify for free legal help from this resource. The legal aid agencies in Illinois employ hard-working and dedicated attorneys who can provide you with advice. If you are still unable to find an attorney then you can take suggestions from a nonprofit organization that connects people with free legal aid programs within their communities.

3. Visit Illinois Law Schools

Law schools in Illinois have pro bono programs where single moms can get free legal advice from law students. Law students are overseen by professors and practitioners and are useful resources for single moms to get much-needed legal help.

4. Contact Your State Or County Bar Association

Single moms must check with the state or local bar association and see whether they qualify for free legal assistance. There are online platforms where you can get answers to your legal questions at reduced rates or for free. These associations provide consultations and legal help for free.

List Of Illinois Legal Aid For Single Moms

Are you in need of assistance and help with legal matters but unable to afford an attorney for yourself? Consider applying for the following programs and resources:

1. Illinois Legal Aid

Legal aid offers low-cost or free legal assistance to single moms and other low-income families. Operating since 2001 Illinois Legal Aid has a team of legal experts who can help you get solutions in civil cases like eviction, denial of program benefits, domestic abuse, divorce, and children’s rights. The Illinois Legal Aid is a popular non profit organization for single moms that is serving people throughout Illinois and also has offices in Chicago. The organization increases accessibility to equal justice for vulnerable single moms and low-income individuals in Illinois through better use of technology, pro bono attorneys, and legal aid providers.

2. ILAO, Illinois Legal Aid Online

Illinois Legal Aid Online opens endless opportunities for equal justice to underserved people. The organization addresses the fact that language, culture, race, time, location, education, income, and disability are some barriers to getting equal justice and so it provides the right guidance and knowledge to people. Single moms can find free legal advisors and attorneys who can help them solve their legal matters. The organization believes that the law is for everyone and so it has assisted millions of people including single moms in Illinois. The resources helped people for more than 20 years especially low-income communities who are unable to afford attorneys and get justice. Single moms can get help with eviction, food insecurity, debt, divorce, and domestic abuse like legal matters.

3. Land Of Lincoln Legal Aid, Inc.

A not-for-profit corporation in Illinois known as Land of Lincoln offers free civil legal services to single moms, senior citizens, and low-income individuals in 65 counties in southern and central Illinois. The organization believes that all people living in southern and central Illinois should have equal access to justice, adequate housing, income security, healthcare, quality education, safety from exploitation and violence, and better opportunities to improve their living. The mission of the organization is to offer high-quality legal services for free to low-income and senior residents in Illinois.

4. PSLS, Prairie State Legal Services

The Prairie State Legal Services has been operating since 1977 to provide equal justice to people who are living in poverty across Central and Northern Illinois. The mission of the organization is to make sure equal access to fair treatment and justice is provided under the law and so they provide free or affordable legal advice, representation, education advocacy and outrage to protect basic human rights.

5. Legal Aid Chicago

Legal Aid Chicago has been operating for 50 years and provides free and high-quality legal services to single moms and poor people who are living in poverty in Cook County. The organization helps to solve critical legal issues that trap people in poverty. Free legal aid through Legal Aid Chicago helps single moms and other low-income people get rid of poverty and access better opportunities.


Legal issues can be daunting for single moms. They face a lot of legal issues and navigating the complexities requires affordable and knowledgeable legal help from an experienced attorney. There are various legal assistance available for Illinois single moms such as lawyer referral services, family law attorneys, legal aid offices, Bar Association programs, pro bono services, and so on.

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