Sweet Things To Say To A Single Mom

Sweet Things To Say To A Single Mom

Saying sweet words to single mothers can help them move and inspire them to become better parents. Solo parenting is not a walk in the park since it takes immense resilience, hard work, sacrifices, and patience to raise children alone. If you know a single mom who is raising her kids on her own then understand that she is already performing double responsibilities. Single mom quotes and sweet phrases will give her the positivity and courage needed to go forward.

Why Should You Say Sweet Phrases And Kind Words To A Single Mom?

Parenthood indeed comes with tremendous responsibilities and obligations. Single mothers have to manage their children and other responsibilities alone. They have to devote all their energy and time to their kids and jobs. This guide will help you to learn a list of sweet words and single mom quotes that you can say to your friend or relative and help her navigate the challenges of single motherhood.

List Of Sweet Things To Say To A Single Mom

  1. Single mothers love their children profoundly and help them to grow amid all the hurdles. Single moms place their children in a happy environment and try to give them the best life. You can help your single mom or friend to feel motivated by saying “You are beautiful inside and out and you are doing an amazing job. You are guiding your children and trying to provide them with the best possible life. Keep shining, learning, and growing”.
  2. Single mothers are planners by nature. They’re excellent in multitasking and sometimes they often juggle their responsibilities. They help their children learn about priorities and tasks. You can compliment your single mama friend about her time management skills, the way she organizes everything or any other small accomplishments that she is making as a single mom. Saying phrases like “You’re teaching your kids so much about multitasking and it is amazing. Your children are surely going to run the world and will help your friend or family member to feel less pressured and more motivated in life”.
  3.  It is normal for single mothers to feel tired and depressed sometimes. They might feel that they are failing and are not a perfect mom. Single moms who are going through self-doubt and judgments need to be motivated and encouraged. Saying sweet phrases like “You are doing an amazing job may help her. Every mother goes through struggles in their motherhood however if your kids are happy, healthy, and falling into bed happily and healthily then you are surely winning as a mom”.
  4. Single mothers perform the toughest job on the planet without a permanent helper. Challenges for a single mom are different from that of two-parent households. They not only have to take up multiple jobs to provide for their family but also juggle household chores, helping children with homework, and so on. Help your single mother, friend, or relative by saying “You are stronger than what you think you’re capable of”.
  5. Parenting is a smooth journey for two parents who divide their responsibilities and tasks but when you take up the responsibility and challenge alone you take on double duty and showcase excellent perseverance. Motivate her by saying “You are doing a great job and your child will see all the hard work and effort that you are putting in”. “It takes a strong and determined person to be a single mom like you”.
  6. Encourage a single mother by making her believe that she is not alone. Tell to her “You are a strong and hard-working woman and you can overcome all the financial hurdles and emotional toll that come your way”. “Please do not be hard on yourself. Do not feel bad if you’re unable to provide luxurious gifts to your children”. “You are the best and your children will love you for being transparent and hardworking. They will also appreciate you for whatever you can afford and provide for them”.
  7. Single mothers have to go through numerous struggles in their life. Encouraging and motivating words combined with sweet phrases will help them to get a light of hope.  You can use phrases like “You are the perfect example of a superwoman and you are the biggest role model for your children”. “Do not give up and believe in God. God will guide you through all the obstacles of life. The best advice that I can give you is to love your children unconditionally, work hard and be positive in life”. “Fight for your children until your last breath and never give up”.
  8. Single moms work twice as hard to provide for their children and give them all the love and care that they deserve. At the end of the day, the reward for all their struggle is double the amount of affection and love from their games. You can motivate your single mama friend and remind her that she needs to take a break and keep some time for herself. Saying words like “Let yourself go easy, sit down and relax will help her to feel better. Pat yourself on the back for how far you have come and how amazing your kids have turned out to be. You have raised wonderful children and they will be hard-working like you. Your kids will surely learn everything they see doing and will make the right choices in life”.
  9. A lot of single mothers feel afraid to restart their dating life. If you’re dating a single mom who’s navigating a lot of challenges in life then you can use a lot of sweet and encouraging phrases. For instance, “You are a superwoman and just because you do not have a partner in your life doesn’t mean you are alone. You can share your life happiness with my joys and sorrows with your kids and you must not feel lonely”. “Never feel that you are not good enough for a man just because you have kids to look after. You can achieve success as a single mom in almost everything starting from dating to parenting”.


Searching for sweet things and encouraging words to say to a single mom can be challenging especially when the person is going through rough times and immense challenges in life. Saying the right phrases will ensure that your single mama friend or family member stays motivated, strong and overcome all the hurdles and raise the children alone. You can use the above-mentioned examples to give your friend or family member who is a single mother and help her become a good parent.

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