Housing Grants For Single Moms In Illinois

Single parenting often becomes difficult, especially for single mothers. They have to constantly battle challenges in their lives and raise their children alone. One of the biggest hurdles is locating decent, safe, and affordable homes where they can grow their kids. Most single moms browse the Internet, reading articles and newspapers to look for government grants and ways to meet their dead ends. 

What Are The Minimum Eligibility Requirements To Obtain Single-Mother Housing Assistance And Grants In Illinois?

The state of Illinois develops a lot of housing grants to help single moms and many low-income families. These grants cover single parents or single moms, low-income homeowners, and renters so that they can purchase an affordable house. The eligibility requirements to obtain single-mother housing assistance and grants in Illinois vary from one program to another depending on the grant for which they are applying and their current source of income. To become eligible for the Illinois Single Mother Housing assistance program, single mothers are required to be permanent Illinois residents. Also, their household income should be at or below 80% of that area’s median income. Besides this, they are also required to fulfill other eligibility criteria set by the housing program. 

Different Housing Grants And Programs For Single Moms In Illinois

Raising children alone as a single mother can be financially and mentally draining. Fortunately, there are vast numbers of state-funded and federal housing assistance programs and grants designed for single moms in Illinois. Single mothers struggling to fulfill their housing expenses can access housing assistance programs to pay for their utilities, rent, household expenses, and mortgage payments. 

1. Illinois Housing Development Authority

Illinois Housing Development Authority finances housing construction projects to help financially vulnerable individuals, including single moms. They develop safe and affordable housing for needy and small families. They not only construct their homes but also offer portals on their official websites to enable financially distressed people to locate affordable homes quickly.

2. ILRPP, Illinois Rental Payment Program

It is an emergency rental assistance program that has been designed to help eligible households who have been impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program offers funds for housing utilities, household, and rental expenses. Single moms who have faced financial hardship because of the pandemic or are at a high risk of financial instability or homelessness are eligible to apply for this housing assistance program. 

3. Rental Housing Support Program

The Housing Development Authority in Illinois has partnered with local organizations or agencies to run this Rental Housing Support Program. This housing assistance program provides rental assistance to elderly citizens, low-income individuals, and single mothers. In a nutshell, Rental Housing Support Program provides well-equipped properties to eligible applicants for their stay. Typically such properties are decent enough to deal with any weather condition. Eligible single mothers looking for housing assistance can apply for this program.

4. TANF, Illinois Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

Illinois Temporary Assistance For Needy Families or TANF program is a cash assistance program that offers temporary financial resources and assistance to enable needy families to pay for their shelter, food, expenses, and housing utilities. Single moms who find it challenging to raise their family alone can apply for the TANF program by visiting its official website. This program helps to eliminate the financial burden of needy families. They offer cash assistance so low-income families, including single moms, can pay for their housing and food expenses. Apart from these, this program also provides funds for transportation costs and child care.

5. Housing Assistance From Cook County

Housing Assistance Of Cook County Program provides emergency housing assistance as well as special housing programs for families who are experiencing homelessness. The main objective of this housing assistance program is to provide excellent economic opportunity, a safe living environment, and affordable housing to disabled people, senior citizens, and single moms.

6. Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Program offers utility and rental assistance to a low-income population. Single mothers can count on this program that is designed for them as well as low-income populations in the state of Illinois. This program also provides supportive services that are related directly to homelessness. It helps needy families and individuals who are at high risk of foreclosure, homelessness, eviction, or are presently homeless. The Homeless Prevention Program stabilizes eligible families and individuals by helping them to get shelter and secure affordable housing.

7. HCV, Housing Choice Vouchers

The HCV program offers rental assistance to low-income families, including single mothers, so they can afford safe and decent rental housing. The Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD funds the HCV or Housing Choice Voucher Program. Applicants whose household income is at or below 50% of that area’s median income are eligible to apply for this program. Apart from these, candidates are required to be eligible noncitizens or U.S. citizens. They must also fulfill other eligibility requirements set by this program. Being a single mom, if you’re looking for ways to fulfill your housing needs, then you can visit the official site of the Illinois Housing Choice Voucher Program to learn about the eligibility requirements and know how to apply for this program.

8. The Department Of Housing And Urban Development Subsidized Housing

Low-income individuals and single mothers who cannot curtail all their monthly expenses because of their low salaries settle in unsafe homes. This is why the Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed subsidized housing programs and assistance available to low-income group families. Single mothers experiencing financial distress because of illness, job loss, or any other reason can apply for subsidized apartments or houses by visiting their official website.


Single mothers in Illinois usually face many financial challenges and difficulties when purchasing a house. This eventually leads to homelessness and instability. Single mothers living in Illinois with their children can benefit a lot because of these housing assistance programs and grants that are developed primarily for low-income families and single moms. The state provides many housing assistance programs, such as the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families or TANF, which offers financial resources and housing assistance and enables single mothers to succeed. 

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