Grants For Single Mom In South Dakota

Grants For Single Mom In South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the least expensive states in the United States. Living in South Dakota can benefit single mothers and low-income residents in terms of housing, transportation, utility services, and health. The childcare cost in this state is less compared to other states. Around 32.2% of single moms are in partial poverty in South Dakota. The state has initiated as well as executed a lot of assistance programs to alleviate the hardship and sufferings of single moms.

How Can Financial Aid For Single Moms In South Dakota Help You?

South Dakota has a lot of assistance and financial grants for single mothers and low-income residents of the state. Those who can meet the requirements of the program successfully can reap a lot of benefits that will go a long way to make their life easier. Not only financial support, but many programs also help single mothers with rental services, job preparation, counseling, referral to aid programs, accessible healthcare facilities, and job placements. If you’re a struggling single mom, you can improve your situation by applying for these programs and grants.

List Of Grants For Single Moms In South Dakota

There are financial assistance programs and other resources available for the hopeless and helpless population of South Dakota so that they can survive the tough time and can get back on their feet. Following are the programs that are designed for single moms in South Dakota.

1. TANF, South Dakota Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

This is a temporary public assistance program in South Dakota that assists low-income families and single mothers living with children under 18 years of age to move toward self-sufficiency. Participants of TANF in South Dakota are required to participate in work activities for a minimum of 30 hours every week. Eligible parents having children below six years of age must perform work activities for 20 hours every week. Single moms of two Kids in South Dakota can receive assistance up to $668. The eligibility criteria of this program are based on your household income and household size.

2. South Dakota SNAP

The SNAP program in South Dakota targets low-income residents, especially single moms who cannot afford healthy meals. The program offers food assistance to low-income families and poor individuals so they can purchase food and stay in good health. The amount of money participants can receive through this program depends on household size, household income, and monthly expenses. Single mothers seeking food assistance through the South Dakota SNAP program should contact their local Department of Social Services Office. This food assistance program is designed to sustain individuals and families until they attain financial stability. An individual can receive a monthly SNAP benefit of $126, while a family living with children are eligible to receive monthly support of $413.

3. South Dakota Need-Based Grant Program

This is a need-based grant program designed for low-income South Dakota students with exceptional financial needs and who wish to continue their education. Single mothers in South Dakota can apply for this program if they have a solid financial need, determined by FAFSA. The grant award of this program may range between $500 to $2000 every academic year. Not every school in South Dakota participates in this grant program; therefore, before applying for this program, it is essential to check with the financial aid office of your school.

4. South Dakota Medicaid

The Medicaid program in South Dakota assists low-income residents and single mothers to get healthcare coverage if they cannot afford medical insurance due to limited financial resources. Low-income South Dakota residents can receive medical assistance once they meet the essential eligibility criteria. Single mothers who are qualified can receive low-cost or free healthcare assistance, which includes child healthcare examinations, dental care, vision care, and regular checkups. Medicaid is only available for low-income residents in South Dakota. Single mothers who are pregnant and can meet income limitations may qualify for full coverage or limited medical coverage.

5. CHIP, South Dakota Children’s Health Insurance Program

Free healthcare insurance is provided to uninsured children in South Dakota through the CHIP Program. A single mom from a low-income family must meet specific eligibility criteria to seek medical care services with no premium payment required. Healthcare services included in this program are doctor visits, vision services, hospital stays, immunization, prescription drugs, and other essential medical services. Children belonging to low-income families in South Dakota with income below 209% of the federal poverty level are covered under this program. A single mother of two children earning less than $45,900 can seek assistance through this program.

6. LIEAP, South Dakota Low Income Energy Assistance Program

This program assists needy households and low-income single mothers in South Dakota who cannot pay their utility bills. Eligible candidates are provided cash grants for their heating and electric bills. If you’re a struggling single mom and wish to seek utility assistance, you can apply for this program. The program covers the cost of natural gas, electricity, propane as well as fuel oil used for heating a home. Single mothers with household incomes less than 175% of the federal poverty guidelines can seek utility assistance under this program. The main priority is households with disabled, young children, or elderly members.

7. CCAP, South Dakota Child Care Assistance Program

The Child Care Assistance Program in South Dakota allows low-income households to cover their childcare expenses while they attend school, work, or both. The eligibility criteria for this program depend on the household size and the family’s gross income. The program helps single mothers to pay for child care expenses provided their children are less than 13 years of age or up to age 18 years if their child has special needs. The CCAP requires families to have income less than 209% of the federal poverty level.


There are financial assistance programs in South Dakota that aim to assist low-income single mothers and other needy populations to care for their children and provide them with good food, shelter, housing, and medical care. To apply, you must apply within the deadline and offer supporting documents as required.

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