Grants For Single Mom In Indiana

Grants For Single Mom In Indiana

Indiana offers federal, state, and local grants to assist single moms and low-income families. The Indiana government and private organizations address the needs of struggling financial moms who are their families’ sole breadwinners and design many beneficial programs and aid for them. Solo moms can receive financial assistance and aid in all cities and counties across Indiana. These programs help them get assistance with food, housing, energy bills, healthcare, mortgages, childcare, etc.

How Can Financial Aid For Single Moms In Indiana Help You?

Financial aid for single moms in Indiana can help you with housing, childcare, emergency expenses, education, food, clothing, and other assistance. Federal, state, and local governments, as well as other private agencies running throughout Indiana, offer funding for grants and programs for single moms. To become eligible for these programs, single mothers have to showcase a genuine financial need and provide documentation to prove that they can meet income limits and qualify for a grant. Not only financial assistance but a lot of organizations and programs help single moms to locate a job, purchase a home, pay off collection accounts, and attain self-sufficiency in their lives.

Different Grants For Single Moms In Indiana

The poverty rate in Indiana is 14.6%. The poverty rate in Indiana is the same as the national average poverty. Although poverty is not a big issue in this state, female residents, especially single moms, are susceptible to poverty and unemployment compared to males. As a result, counting on financial aid is a viable route that enables struggling single mothers to meet their ends. Following is the list of financial aid and grants that are designed for single moms in Indiana.

1. TANF, Indiana Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

Indiana Temporary Families Program provides cash assistance benefits and many other supportive services so that low-income families living with children under 18 attain economic self-sufficiency and return on their feet. To be eligible for Indiana temporary cash benefits, single moms and low-income residents have to participate in employment services that are available via IMPACT, a vital component of the Welfare To Work Program in Indiana. The maximum cash assistance this program covers for a family of three members is around $288.

2. CCDF, Indiana Child Care And Development Fund

The CCDF program in Indiana offers financial assistance so that working families can cover childcare costs and reduce their financial burden. The eligibility for subsidy under this program will be based on the individual’s family size and income level. Single mothers who are looking for childcare assistance while attending school or work can take part in this program. Eligible families will receive vouchers from the local Department of Social Services.

3. SNAP, Indiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The SNAP program in Indiana is federally funded and offers cash assistance to needy families and low-income individuals in Indiana. Single moms unable to provide healthy and nutritious food to their children and family members can apply for this program. Most families must meet the gross and net income limitations stated in the Indiana SNAP program. Eligible recipients will be issued a Hoosier Works Card, which is used to purchase food and groceries at any participating store.

4. Indiana LIHEAP Program

This program is for single mothers and low-income families that enables them to pay their home utility bills. The Indiana LIHEAP program is state-funded, and eligible applicants must meet all the state requirements to become eligible. Participants must be a resident of Indiana and demonstrate a strong financial need. The prime objective of this program is to enable low-income households to cover their heating and cooling costs. To be eligible for this program, you must be a resident of Indiana, and your income should not exceed 150% of the federal poverty level. The main priority for disabled individuals is low-income households with small children, single parents, and elderly citizens.

5. Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is a financial assistance program funded by the federal government and assists low-income students and even single-parent students so that they can afford college and pay for their books, room, and board. Single mothers pursuing undergraduate students and enrolled in a participating college/ university will get assistance up to $6000 every academic year for up to 12 school years. To be eligible for this program, participants have to demonstrate a strong financial need as well as meet other requirements. The first and foremost to apply for a Pell Grant in Indiana is to file a FAFSA form online or contact the financial aid office of your preferred school or university.

6. Indiana Housing Choice Voucher Program

Low-income families and struggling single mothers can access the Housing Choice Voucher Program in the state of Indiana, which helps them to afford secure and stable housing and reduce their rent costs. Once you become eligible, you can choose your preferred home or apartment, and the Housing Agency will provide vouchers to your landlord, which cover a significant portion of your rent payment. As a renter, you must pay 30% to 40% of your total rent while the remaining is covered under this program.

7. Indiana WIC program

The Women, Infants And Children program in Indiana is a nutrition program that aims to improve accessibility to healthy and nutritious food and promote a healthier lifestyle. Indiana WIC Program assists women with nutrition education, counseling, nutrition and health screening and assistance, breastfeeding support, supplemental healthy foods, etc. Indiana WIC program serves around 145,000 needy women, infants, and children monthly through a network of 140 clinics in the state. This program covers low-income single moms at high nutritional risk, pregnant women, infants, and kids under five years of age.


Parenting a child single-handedly is a difficult task for solo mothers in Indiana. Single mothers and their children have to go through a lot of life struggles, and this is the reason why financial assistance programs and grants are designed for single moms to support them and reduce their emotional and financial stress. Assistance programs for single moms in Indiana help them with housing, food, utilities, prescription bills, assistance, and many other support.

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