Free Laptops For Single Moms

Free Laptops For Single Moms

A laptop is an essential tool for every student and job-goer. Students require this device for completing a lot of activities like conducting research, sending assignments on student platforms, and performing academic activities. A lot of college students who wish to continue their studies online have to attend virtual classes on online platforms such as Zoom which requires a laptop. With the use of laptops, you can connect to the tools required to seek a job or provide initiatives and equitable access to schooling services. However, not everyone can afford a new laptop. The good news is that there are many ways in which single moms belonging to low income can get free laptops.

Why Laptops For Single Moms Are Important?

Single moms can use laptops to connect to the Internet, find a job, apply for schools, and even conduct freelance work. Many colleges and universities offer online courses where having a laptop is essential. Laptops provide single moms the freedom to get their work done at any time and anywhere. As a low-income single mom, it may be challenging for you to keep up with the high educational expenses such as tuition fees, textbooks, and a laptop. The laptop is certainly not an affordable item and is within the budget range of every student. Fortunately, a lot of options are available for single moms who are unable to afford a free laptop. For instance, you can apply for a laptop from a nonprofit organization, get in touch with a governmental organization, and make a list of colleges or universities that provide free laptops when you join their campus.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Free Laptops For Single Mothers

Low-income single moms especially single moms without a working computer or laptop at home are disadvantaged. They remain isolated from the digital world which is full of good opportunities and provides revolutionary ways for accessing good means of entertainment, education, connectivity, and business. The digital divide leads to high imparity between people who can access resources online and those who cannot.  There are many government programs, local groups, and nonprofit organizations that provide free laptops to low-income single moms. The application process may be rigorous because of the limited quantity, however, it is important to consider every program option and apply it to as many as possible. Depending on your location, free laptop programs come with different requirements. Single mothers are recommended to apply to as many programs as possible which boosts their chance of qualifying for any one program. A few common eligibility criteria for availing of free laptops include the following

  • Applicants need to offer proof of American citizenship
  • Applicants should have a document to prove that their income is below average and also provide pay slips and tax returns over the last three months
  • Applicants should provide valid proof of identity like a Social Security number, passport, and driver’s license
  • Applicants should offer valid proof of address like credit card statements,  utility bills, mortgage statements, and lease agreements.

Single moms who qualify for low-income family programs like Pell Grants, Social Security Disability, National School Lunch Free Program, Section 8, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program, Supplemental Security Income, Head Start, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Food Stamps, Mortgage, Veterans Benefits, and Foster Care Program are eligible to receive government free laptops. Single moms who do not qualify for a free laptop from the government can consider reaching out to NGOs and charities which provide free laptops.

Programs That Provide Free Laptops For Single Moms

There are many ways through which low-income single moms can apply for free laptops. Even though there isn’t any particular application form, a lot of governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and charities can help you to get connected with the resources and grants that will help you to obtain a free computer or laptop for your needs. Single moms who are unable to purchase a laptop for their children can reach out to their local library or school. Board members, guidance counselors, administrators, and teachers might help them to get free laptops. In addition, you can qualify for the below-mentioned programs that will help you to open a free laptop.

1. World Computer Exchange

If you’re looking for a refurbished laptop or a government laptop then World Computer Exchange can be a good place to start with.  The organization offers youth free computers or laptops and Internet access. They also collaborate with NGOs, schools, government, libraries, and political parties for offering computers or laptops to low-income households including single moms. Single moms are required to collect all details about their partners to obtain a free laptop or computer. The next step is to contact them and inform them of your desire to have a laptop. You have to fill out their application form and once your application is comprehended you will receive a free laptop.

2. SmartRiverside

This is a government-backed program that offers low-income families including single moms free tablets. The Smart Riverside program is available in many states throughout the USA. This government-backed program assists people and low-income single moms with no cost or low-cost computers. To be eligible for the program you have to fulfill all the eligibility criteria which may vary from one state to another.

3. United Way

This is a nonprofit organization in the USA that offers free computers or laptops for any family and low-income single-parent families. The 211 program by United Way connects them with local resources in their state. The United Way offers referrals and information about social services. Single moms can contact the nonprofit organization and explain their desire to have a laptop or computer.

4. Computers With Causes

This is a national program which is administered by the Giving Center. The mission of the organization is to instill the power and value of giving and influencing the lives of needy people. The organization has a simple application process that requires single moms to demonstrate their needs and get help with a computer or laptop. Once you fill out the application form you need to pass a brief needs assessment test as well as a reference and background check to qualify.

5. Everyone On

This is a nonprofit organization that connects needy people and single moms with device manufacturers and Internet service providers. The main mission of the nonprofit organization is to offer low-cost, no-cost, or reasonable computers to needy people and make sure they can access low-cost Internet services. The organization also refurbishes old and obsolete computers for people who no longer require them. Everyone On is a popular program that is implemented throughout the United States and is an easy and simple way for single moms to obtain a free laptop. However, it is available only if your annual income is less than $35,000.

6. Dignity

This is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making sure that everyone in the US gets access to a computer and can fulfill their needs. In the present digital world having a laptop or a connected computer is a basic requirement that helps in making life easier and simpler. However, 55 million Americans have no access to computers or laptops at home and around 10 million American households lack laptops or sufficient computers. Device-deficient households have limited access to telemedicine, education, and good employment opportunities. This is the reason why this nonprofit organization offers low-income families with computer or laptop help.

7. St. Vincent De Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul accepts donations from individuals and the community for a lot of charitable programs and raises funds for the needy population. The nonprofit organization accepts household items, electronics, and clothing at their donation centers. There are a lot of entry requirements for their aid programs. Single moms need to learn whether they qualify for a free laptop or not. Single moms can contact St. Vincent De Paul and describe their present situation.

8. Salvation Army

There are a lot of agencies, churches, and community service centers that offer low-cost or free laptop options to eligible individuals, schools, and families. A lot of organizations accept donations from individuals and refurbish computers and laptops for free or sell them at low cost so that low-income families including single moms can benefit the best. One such organization is the Salvation Army which provides low-cost laptops to needy people and the objective of this organization is to assist families struggling to pay utility bills, transportation, clothing, and more by providing emergency assistance. Single mothers contact the Salvation Army near them to see whether they qualify for a free laptop or computer.

9. Technology For The Future

This is a nonprofit organization that has collaborated with a lot of organizations and families across Canada and America. The main aim of this organization is to enable students in need of resources to be successful in the present century. The laptop is an important resource that helps to complete education and stay at the forefront. Single moms can visit the Technology For The Future website to learn how they can apply for a free laptop program. This nonprofit organization is situated in North Carolina and offers technology solutions to the USA and Canada. The main objective of the organization is to offer free computers to needy students and low-income families including single moms. Even though it is not affiliated with government entities, it distributes free laptops and computers to needy families and addresses their equipment shortage issues.

10. Free Laptop From Google

Single moms can get a free laptop or low-cost laptop if they decide to apply for Chromebooks for educating themselves or their children. Google has taken the initiative to give teachers, students, administrators, and others an educational tool that has a low cost of ownership. The cost of obtaining a device starts at only $1.20 per device which includes an operating system, hardware, online management, updates, and support provided by Google. There are many benefits for schools to enroll in Chromebooks for education programs. For instance, there is no need to pay for security solutions, software licenses, servers, or maintenance plans as all these are covered by Google. The cost of owning a Chromebook laptop maybe 70% cheaper than owning a traditional personal computer.

11. Free Laptops From Amazon

Another great place to obtain free laptops for single moms is Amazon as long as you are paying for laptops using gift cards. Single moms can earn gift cards for completing specific tasks by using survey programs or applications like Earn Honey, Quick Rewards, Gift Hunter Club, Perk, InstaGC, etc. This includes browsing pages, shopping online, or watching videos, and with the use of gift cards, you can redeem a laptop. Alternatively, you can also use a refurbished computer at a fraction of the cost of a new laptop and there are no minimum eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill.


Single moms can participate in free laptop programs provided by a lot of organizations and government institutions or get connected with nonprofit institutions and organizations to fulfill their desired needs. Alternatively, you can also connect with your colleges and universities that offer free laptops to help students. There are many online platforms available today such as Facebook, Craigslist, Reddit, and Freecycle and you can access free laptop help. The application procedure to obtain a free laptop from the government and non-governmental organizations is quite easy. These organizations run multiple programs as well as initiatives that strive to help needy people residing in the United States.

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