College Grants For Single Moms In Tennessee

With the rising cost of college education in Tennessee, many people, especially single parents and low-income students, remain prohibited from acquiring college degrees and pursuing higher education. The state of Tennessee addresses the financial need and educational aspirations of low-income students and single parents. This is why governmental institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and NGOs have designed numerous scholarship programs and grants for Tennessee residents so that they can attend college and become financially stable. By performing some research work and exploring the Internet, you can find a lot of grants and scholarship programs and a list of eligibility requirements that are necessary to fulfill. Start your research work early since there are deadlines for grants and scholarship programs, and fulfilling the requirements may be time-consuming.

How Can College Grants And Scholarship Programs In Tennessee Help Single Moms Achieve Their Goals?

With the present economic downturn, many single-parent Tennessee households have succumbed to financial pressure and are below the poverty line. Single parents struggling financially and unable to pay for their education can look for many financial assistance programs and college grants to ease their burden and achieve their career goals. College grants and scholarships help single moms as they are free aid opportunities and do not have to be paid back. Pursuing higher education and getting a college degree becomes a less stressful job when you do not have to borrow a loan or pay off your college fees from your pocket. It is indeed challenging for single moms to keep up with the rising college costs with only one source of income. You need not give up on your dream or drop out of college just because you lack the financial resources or funds to pay your college fees, as the state of Tennessee has excellent programs and resources to assist you in times of your need.

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Tennessee

Are you a single mom in Tennessee looking for college grants and scholarship programs to continue your education? Then the following programs and college grants will help to get started and afford college. These college grants and financial assistance programs for single moms help them in every possible way so that they can attend self-sufficiency and not drop out of college due to a lack of funds or financial resources.

1. TSAA, Tennessee Student Assistance Award

This is a state-funded grant program in Tennessee that offers non-repayable financial assistance to needy students, as well as struggling single mothers. The program aims to help students enrolled in approved public or nonpublic postsecondary universities or institutions in Tennessee pursue undergraduate studies. The Grant award ranges between $1000 to $4000. Financial assistance is awarded to qualified single mothers and students on a first-come, first-serve basis. The eligibility criteria of this state-funded grant program require candidates to have an EFC or expected family contribution of less than $3500. If you’re a single mom planning to apply for financial support through this program, you must submit your FAFSA within the deadline.

2. Tennessee Promise Scholarship

The Tennessee Promise Scholarship program is offered to eligible high school seniors and offers them two years of free tuition attendance at any technical or community college in Tennessee. This is a large-dollar grant program which means it covers the mandatory fees and cost of tuition, which can not be covered entirely by the HOPE, Tennessee Student Assistance Award, and the federal Pell Grant.

3. Access And Diversity Scholarship Program

This program is designed to enable every Tennessee college and institution to achieve its goal of enhancing education and increasing its diversity and accessibility at all levels. Recipients of the Access And Diversity Scholarship Program are selected from a pool of qualifying candidates through a competitive and holistic process. The program considers various factors before offering them awards, such as their education goals, academic standing and other essential attributes.

4. Families First Tennessee Program

This program is helpful for single parents and needy students who want to become financially stable and acquire higher education. The program offers temporary assistance through cash grants or other supportive services so that single moms or financially challenged people can return to their feet and attain self-sufficiency. Families First Tennessee Program can benefit solo moms, provided they have only one child under 18 years of age and are in financial need. Eligible program candidates can use the cash grants and financial assistance toward their education, such as books, supplies, or college and tuition fees.

5. Dual Enrollment Grant

High school students, including single moms, can earn college credits with the help of Tennessee Lottery funds. High school juniors or seniors looking for dual enrollment can be eligible for a Dual Enrollment Grant program that offers financial assistance of $300 per semester. However, the entire college course fees must not exceed $1200.

6. The 1000 Dreams Scholarship

This scholarship program was designed to enable needy women to enroll in high school or college and provide them with financial assistance so that they can pay for their education necessities apart from tuition costs. The 1000 Dream Scholarship Program offers many benefits to eligible candidates, including school fees, food, utility bills, and textbook assistance. If you’re a single mom enrolled in a school in Tennessee, then you apply for this program and qualify for the financial assistance that comes with it.


Many single moms in Tennessee wish to go back to college and complete their education. One of the biggest hurdles for single moms who wish to complete their education is to pay for education. Pursuing higher college degrees is expensive, but it is the key to a preferred occupation and better job opportunities. Nursing, engineering, teaching, and many rewarding professions require candidates to obtain additional education. College grants and scholarship programs are among the best ways to finance higher education. These two sources are free money which will cover the cost of college and education and enable you to attain your career goals.

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