College Grants For Single Moms In Georgia

Becoming a single parent can sometimes bring unimaginable grief and financial hardship. This is especially true for mothers who belong to the low-income community as they are the sole breadwinner, and in this type of situation, pursuing higher college education seems complicated for them. The state of Georgia addresses the educational needs of single parents, which is why the governmental and nongovernmental bodies have designed many grants and scholarship programs for them so that nothing prevents them from receiving a proper education. There is a growing number of grants and scholarship opportunities for single parents that offer them financial assistance and even child care assistance at times. If you’re a single mom looking for resources to fund your education in Georgia, then you need to keep track of all the programs available within your reach as well as the application deadlines and eligibility criteria.

How Can You Qualify For College Grants In Georgia?

Being a single parent of your little one has its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. Many single-parent households struggle to make ends meet. With the low source of income, education costs represent a significant financial burden for these single parents. Fortunately, a lot of high-quality college grants and scholarship programs offer financial assistance and support to single-parent students so that they can improve their job and career prospects and can end the vicious cycle of poverty. To qualify for college grants for single mothers in Georgia, you need to complete submitting FAFSA or the Free Application For Federal Student Aid and also measure your EFC or expected family contribution towards your college education. 

Different College Grants For Single Moms In Georgia

The government of Georgia is committed to assisting single mothers so that they can achieve their life and career objectives and improve their financial situation. The Georgian government has designed many scholarship programs and college grants for single moms so that they can meet their ends and afford college. Unemployment, illiteracy, and overtime rates are higher among those financially insufficient to pay for their primary food, education and transportation expenses. If you are one of them dealing with financial issues and unable to continue your education, the Georgian government is there to help you meet all your obligations. The following are the best resources and college grants for single moms and low-income students. 

1. The HOPE Grant

This grant funds single mothers in Georgia so that they can acquire post-secondary education. This grant award is received to single mothers who can fulfill all the eligibility criteria of the program, such as being a permanent resident of Georgia, having enrolled in an accredited program, participating in college and university in Georgia, having a GED or high school diploma, and demonstrating financial need. This grant enables single mothers to cover their educational expenses like fees, books, tuition, and even child care expenses while they are attending school.

2. The Zell Miller Grant

This state-funded grant program offers financial assistance and support to eligible students and single moms enrolled in graduate programs at a recognized university or public college in Georgia. This grant program covers the entire cost of fees and helps single moms and low-income students to fulfill their career objectives.

3. Georgia Federal Pell Grants

This is a federally funded grant program that offers financial assistance and support to students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree at a recognized university or college in Georgia. To qualify for grants, low-income students and single mothers have to fulfill financial and academic criteria and must have sufficient academic progress. The grant helps single moms and other low-income students to cover the education costs like books, school fees, supplies, and other educational expenses.

4. Georgia HOPE GED Grant

Georgia HOPE GED grant is another HOPE program available to low-income students, including single mothers who have earned a GED or General Education Development diploma. Single moms and students who have received a GED grant can also qualify for assistance through the HOPE grant. Recipients of the program who are admitted to an eligible private or public college/ university and public technical college in Georgia can receive a one-time financial assistance of $500 to cover education expenses, such as books, tuition, or fees.

5. GSFC, Georgia Student Finance Commission

Many loan programs and scholarships are designed for single mothers and low-income students in Georgia by the Georgia Student Finance Commission to enable Georgia residents to access higher education through these programs and attain self-sufficiency. You can avail of all these programs provided you fulfill the eligibility requirements.

6. Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant Program

Georgia residents can receive this grant if they fulfill the eligibility criteria and wish to continue their education in a private college or university. Single moms can also apply for this non-need-based grant if they have high educational aspirations. The annual grant amount received through this program to eligible candidates is $850. You can learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements for Georgia Tuition Equalization Grants from its official website.

7. Georgia Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program

This program offers cash assistance to poor families primarily single parents with kids under 18 years of age. The main objective of this program is to offer necessary assistance so that families can provide for their necessities. Extra cash assistance in Georgia is limited to 48 months in a lifetime. The recipients of this program are required to work for at least 30 hours every week. Georgia TANF program offers a maximum assistance of $280 per month to single mothers and other eligible families whose income is $784 or even lesser. The assistance received through this program can also be used towards educational and college expenses.

8. Scholarship For Engineering Education Program

This program offers financial assistance and support to eligible Georgia residents who want to attend private post-secondary education in Georgia and enroll in an engineering program approved by ABET or the Engineering Accreditation Commission Of The Accrediting Board Of Engineering And Technology. The mission of this grant program is to boost the number of eligible engineering students in Georgia. Single moms seeking an engineering career can seek assistance through this program.


College grants and scholarships in Georgia are excellent ways solo moms and low-income students can reduce their cost of attendance and support their educational dreams. Disadvantaged students and single parents seek financial assistance to fund their college degrees. Single mothers can pursue college education in Georgia by applying for a lot of state and federal aid programs as well as generous private scholarship programs. With financial support from these programs and your strong determination and personal willingness, you can overcome the social and familial handicaps that hinder your academic success. 

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