IVF Single Mom

IVF Single Mom

Single mom by choice IVF is when a woman needs or chooses to build a family with the help of a sperm donor through in-vitro fertilization or IVF. IVF is not necessary for every single woman however it is necessary when IUI or Intrauterine Insemination becomes unsuccessful or when single moms suffer from a medical condition like infertility diagnosis. For instance, IVF for single women can be used in case of IUI in the following cases:

  • When the female patient had previously failed IUI
  • Has an endometriosis condition that inhibits pregnancy
  • Experiences recurrent miscarriages, or damaged the fallopian tubes
  • Has an inherited genetic disease that has a high chance of risk for her child.

Reasons For Single-Mother IVF

As fertility preservation or egg freezing may change from one woman to another the reason for single mother IVF can also vary. With the help of third-party reproduction such as sperm donors, egg donors or gestational surrogates which has become common over a few decades a lot of single-parent families and LGBTQ communities are opting for IVF procedures. IVF is used to create an embryo from a woman’s egg and the donor’s sperm. Modern family building today takes place in various forms and the reasons for women to go for the IVF process include the following.

  • Wants to build a family irrespective of current relationship status
  • Have issues related to female fertility and age.

Becoming A Single Mom Through IVF

Being a single mother is not easy. Single mothers who are divorced and have children to raise or those who got pregnant even when they did not intend to have to raise their child single-handedly. They have to go through a lot of stress and challenges in their day-to-day lives. Yet a lot of healthy children are being grown in single-parent households in the United States. But do you know how is this possible? Apart from giving affection, and love, and having a strong support network, it is also important to financially support a child. Choosing to have a baby through IVF is possible, however, you need to consider a lot of options and your financial situation before starting.

1. Age Is A Factor For IVF Single Moms

A woman who does not have a partner but wishes to have a biological child goes for fertility treatment with the help of donors which makes it possible for them to conceive. Here age is a major factor that determines the type of fertility treatment they can receive and have a baby. The fertility of a woman declines at about age 28 and starts slowing until 35. After that, it declines steeply and accelerates again when they reach the age of 39 to 42. Women below 35 years can get pregnant through intrauterine insemination or IUI with donor sperm. Women who are 35 years or higher will be recommended by their fertility specialist to move to IVF treatment with donor sperm. Those who are 40 years or older can consider donor eggs for increasing their chance to have a baby. The first step is to consult with a reproductive endocrinologist and get a fertility worker. You can then learn about your options based on the quantity and quality of your eggs and other important factors.

2. Choose Donors Sperm

Women who are ready to go ahead with IVF treatment will require donors’ sperm. You can either choose known donors or donor banks. Before deciding you need to check out the legal aspects of the relationship and the laws of your state regarding parental rights. You may also have to consult a lawyer related to reproductive law and discuss with the donor whether he wishes to be involved with the child or not. Your known donor will also be screened for sexually transmitted infections and genetic testing to make sure whether he is a carrier for any genetic diseases. A lot of fertility centers in the United States will not work with known donors because of legal issues. Women who do not want their donor to have any relationship with their child can go to sperm banks. Donors are screened for hereditary diseases and sexually transmitted infections.

In most states, an anonymous donor does not have any parental rights over the children conceived from his donation. In an IVF cycle, women are given opportunity drugs prescribed by their reproductive endocrinologist that stimulate egg production. The eggs are fertilized with the donor sperm within the embryology lab. As the embryo develops over three to five days the best one or two are selected and transferred to the uterus. The cost of the IVF cycle comprises the treatment and fertility medication. For single moms by choice, donor sperm will be an additional cost. IVF single moms are recommended for women who are older since they require higher doses of fertility medication to conceive.

Can You Become An IVF Single Mother By Choice?

Becoming an IVF single parent by choice is accessible more than before. A lot of single men and women desire to build their own families even though sometimes they hesitate because of traditional family dynamics. Due to the advancement of art or assisted reproductive technology, a lot of single men and women are choosing to become single dads and mothers without a partner. The main objective of single parenthood by choice can be achieved through fertility treatment options. If a woman wants to become a single mother by choice, she has to pursue pregnancy through IVF or in-vitro fertilization, or IUI or intrauterine insemination with the help of donors’ sperm.

Things To Know Before You Become An IVF Single Parent By Choice

Becoming an IVF single mother by choice is not an easy decision. However, it can be an empowering fertility option to build a family of your own. Following are the things that you need to consider before becoming a single parent by choice.

1. Your Choice Can Generate Unwarranted Reaction

People who have nuclear family views may not support the idea of single parenting by choice. Although the advancements are taking place in reproductive endocrinology it can be challenging for people to understand the concept of single parenting by choice. Most of them assume that two-parent households are necessary to raise a family however this is simply untrue. Despite the awareness and acceptance of people about various family-building options, you must not be surprised that your choice can make people uncomfortable. It is important to understand that their choice and reaction should not harm you as a single parent.

2. Financial Preparedness Is Required

It is important to weigh the cost of fertility treatment that single parents have to go through while deciding between IVF or IUI. Getting started with IVF treatment requires you to invest money. Uncertainty and confusion about finances can affect your dream to build a family. You can discuss the financial and insurance process of the treatment with the financial coordinator at any fertility clinic. There are many financing options available to support family-building needs such as gestational surrogacy, fertility drugs, a combination of all treatments into a simple monthly payment, etc.

3. Patience Is Important When It Comes To Family Building

Depending on the path you choose for donor specimens, pursuing gestational surrogacy, IUI, or IVF may not happen overnight. These treatments are also scheduled with biological calendars therefore patience is a key element when it comes to family building. Having a support system is important for single parenting. Single mothers and dads who do not have a partner to take care of their child or provide emotional support can cultivate a community to seek guidance and get emotional support.

Ivf Single Mom Support Group

Single mothers looking for joining IVF single mom support group to connect with other women who have chosen single motherhood by choice can benefit the best from the following resources:

1. Single Mothers By Choice

The group Single Mothers By Choice was founded in 1981 and gives a common platform for mothers to enjoy the support of other single mothers. Single mothers by choice peer support is provided to members belonging to the USA, Europe, Canada, and through local chapters. Here single mothers by choice can share their experiences, resources, and wisdom with others. If you have become or planning to become a single mother by choice through adoption or donor insemination then this group will be a good choice for you. Here you can access online discussions, forums, and other important information 24/7 and spark a conversation with other people who chose to become single parents by choice. This community is not only for moms who have kids but also for any other types of mothers

2. Los Angeles IVF Emotional Support

Single moms belonging to Los Angeles CA can join this group where they can get an opportunity to share their experiences related to fertility, IUI, and IVF. Being a single mother by choice is not easy and you can cope with the complex emotional roller coaster ride by looking for support within your community. This is an open and in-person meet-up group that holds a discussion on a wide range of topics and also meets with one another over tea, lunch, or a glass of wine.

3. Single Mothers/Parents by Choice, PDX Edition

This is a space for people who are trying to leap into parenthood without a partner. The mission of this group is to provide support and assistance to single parents by choice. The group post gatherings and events and also have a space on Facebook where they can discuss, meet and connect with other single parents by choice. The group is designed specifically for people who have or are willing to pursue parenthood alone. Single moms can get emotional support, practical help, and the chance to meet other single parents by choice.

4. Single-Parent Community

This is a nonprofit organization that helps single parents to get empowered and motivated and gain the stability to raise their children single-handedly. Single mothers by choice have to go through an overwhelming process to raise their kids alone and this may take a toll on their psychological and emotional well-being. By joining the Single-Parent Community single mothers who are planning or going through IVF will get a lot of mentoring programs and useful tools to control their emotions and identify the right technique for parenting their children. You can also join the weekly parent support group of the community for free. Some experts will give you guidance and suggestion on mental health and parenting.

5. ChoiceMoms.org

This website contains resources, information, and support groups for single moms who chose to become mothers by choice without a partner. Single mothers who are planning to go through the IVF process to conceive can find a lot of helpful advice and guidance on this website. The mission of this website is to create a welcoming, supportive, and educational environment where single mothers can decide to become a parent without a partner. Here you can access online tools of communication and advocate for single moms and their children. You can share your struggles, concerns, and joys of parenthood with other single mothers by choice and support them in their tough times. The site hosts a lot of activities and special events so that you can celebrate the single motherhood journey.


Being a single mom by choice and going through the IVF process is difficult especially if you do not have a strong support system. You can find a lot of like-minded communities of people online who can support you in your journey and encourage you. As a solo mother of joy, there are certain things that you need to experience alone, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot be a good parent. Looking for a community of other single parents by choice who can relate to your experience and emotion will help you to make real connections and expand your social circles.

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