Housing Grants For Single Moms In Texas

Single moms living in Texas with their kids have to struggle domestically and economically, as per the statistical reports of the United States Census Bureau. Around 17% of single moms in Texas are below the poverty line. The average annual salary of single moms in Texas is only $20194 annually, while the average rental expense that they have to pay every month accounts for $837. This is why most single moms in Texas look for housing assistance programs and grants to get affordable and decent housing options. The state of Texas offers several housing assistance programs and grants to more than one million single moms. Single moms in Texas receive around $717 monthly housing assistance through different programs.  

How Can Single Moms Find Affordable Housing Options In Texas?

Many affordable housing options are available for single moms in Texas, such as Public Housing, The Housing Choice Voucher Program Or Section 8 Program, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Properties, Community Or Nonprofit Organizations, etc., that offer a lot of transitional housing or housing assistance programs. These programs require single mothers to provide their financial, household, and personal information to determine whether they are eligible or not. 

Different Housing Assistance Programs For Single Mothers In Texas

Many federal, state, and local programs provide housing grants and assistance programs to single moms in Texas. Such grants and housing assistance programs offer financial assistance to enable single mothers to pay their rent and get a roof over their heads. If you are a single mom living in Texas and looking for housing assistance, then the following programs may help you to ease your situation.

1. TANF, The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families program is awarded to low-income families including single moms, provided they can fulfill both the income and resource requirements of the program. TANF grants include a one-time cash payment of $1000 to single mothers and other eligible low-income families in their short-term financial crisis. Eligible candidates who qualify for this grant will be awarded this amount once every 12 months. The HHSC will compare the overall family income of the applicant as well as their expenses covering rent, childcare, and utility bills. In most cases, the assets that they hold, such as a car, cash on hand, and a bank account will also be taken into consideration. 

2. Section 8 Program

The Housing Choice Voucher or Section 8 program is available throughout Texas for low-income families seeking affordable housing assistance. Qualified families will receive rental subsidies through this program to rent a house on the private market according to their choice. The eligibility criteria for Texas Section 8 rental assistance include the income of the applicant, the composition and size of the family, the presence of disabled or elderly family members, and the applicant’s citizenship status. Low-income families living with children are given priority. Single mothers are also eligible to apply for this program, provided their family income should be at or below 30% of the medium income of the local area. They must also meet the other eligibility requirements set by the HUD Subsidized Housing Assistance Program. To apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, single moms can contact the local PHA or Public Housing Agency in Texas. From there, they can access information about the application, procedure, waiting lists, and eligibility criteria. 

3. Texas Homeowner Assistance Fund

This program funds homeowners belonging to the low-income group who have been affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, missed their mortgage payments. Single moms are also eligible for this program. Qualified households will receive a grant of $40,000 to pay for their outstanding mortgage payments and financial assistance of $25,000 for paying property insurance, household expenses, and property taxes. 

4. TSAHC Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation

The TSAHC provides many financial resources to enable Texans to locate decent rental opportunities or purchase a home in Texas. Single mothers finding it challenging to buy a house or pay rent can apply for this program. Apart from rental opportunities, this program provides mortgage tax credits and down payment assistance to eligible low-income residents. If you’re a single mom and looking for suitable down payment assistance or housing assistance programs, you can visit the official TSAHC website to know whether you are eligible for this program.

5. Rental Assistance Programs In Texas

Many programs are designed for low-income individuals, including single moms, to pay their rent quickly and find affordable housing options. One such program is the Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Program in Texas which covers disabled individuals, low-income families, and single mothers. This program helps eligible candidates to locate subsidized and affordable housing. For qualifying rental assistance programs in Texas, applicants are required to be in age between 18 to 62 years. 

6. Mortgage And Foreclosure Aid

Single moms can get a lot of housing grants in different cities and countries across Texas to pay for their mortgages while avoiding foreclosure. Mortgage and Foreclosure Aid is provided to qualified low-income families, including single mothers, through local resources, nonprofits, and government assistance. If you’re a single mom and want to avoid foreclosure, you can contact the HUD-Approved Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Organization directly. 

7. Permanent Supportive Housing Program

This program helps individuals who are homeless or at a high risk of becoming homeless. The Permanent Supportive Housing Program assists low-income families, renters, and single moms in locating affordable and permanent housing options for themselves. This program aims to prevent homelessness by assisting people to become self-independent and get jobs. Single moms who are homeless or at risk of homelessness can apply for this program.

8. The Salvation Army Of Texas

The Salvation Army of Texas operates in many states across the United States, even in Texas. This charity organization provides local families and communities with support like rental assistance, utility payments, shelters, disaster relief, food, job training, etc.


There are many housing grants and housing assistance programs in Texas to enable single mothers to deal with their challenges and reduce their financial burden. These housing programs for single moms in Texas provide them with financial assistance to cover their budgetary expenses and get a safe, decent, affordable, and clean environment to live in with their children. HUD, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development, provides two financial resources to enable single mothers belonging to the low-income group to get affordable house or apartment rentals. These two housing programs include Subsidized Apartments and Housing Choice Voucher or Section 8 Program. 

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