Emergency Housing For Single Moms In Delaware

Emergency Housing For Single Moms In Delaware

Delaware is famous for its beautiful dune beaches, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and other landscapes. The cost of living in this state is relatively high, and this is the reason why the majority of its residents cannot afford to live in safe, clean, and affordable homes. Single mothers in Delaware are no exception. This is why numerous statewide housing programs, agencies, and charitable institutions have come up with emergency housing assistance for individuals and low-income families until they seek permanent housing solutions. Emergency housing programs for single moms in Delaware aim to reduce the homeless rates.

How Can Single Moms Benefit From Emergency Housing In Delaware?

Homeless rates among low-income single mothers are continuing to rise with each passing day in the state of Delaware. Emergency housing programs for single moms in Delaware enable them to restart their lives and escape their financial trouble. Many housing programs for single moms offer emergency rental assistance and transitional shelters to protect single moms and their children. Emergency housing enables them to stay in a safe, comfortable, and decent place for a brief period, such as a few weeks or days. Unemployed and homeless women going through abuse, domestic crisis, or financial hardship can apply for emergency shelters or transitional housing in Delaware. HUD, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development, provides an online directory of available emergency shelters and houses for every state.

How To Find Emergency Housing For Single Moms In Delaware?

There are a plethora of rental assistance and emergency housing programs available in the state of Delaware. These programs help single mothers to reduce their financial hardship by allowing them to grow and raise their children in a safe and secure shelter. If you’re a single mother looking for emergency housing in Delaware, then you can benefit a lot from the following resources and emergency housing assistance programs:

1. The Bayard House

The Bayard House offers emergency shelters to single mothers, homeless women, and pregnant women who are looking for residential programs and emergency shelters. The objective of this shelter program is to encourage young women to nurture their kids in a safe and healthy environment and achieve financial independence. Through this shelter program, homeless single mothers and other needy women can access case management services, safe housing, seminars for childcare, and nutritious meals.

2. The Salvation Army Of Delaware

Homeless residents of Delaware who are in urgent need of housing can contact the Salvation Army of Delaware. This organization provides many services to low-income families, individuals, and the homeless, including rent and utility bills, emergency shelter, food, clothing, youth services, emergency disaster response, and affordable rental and utility bill payment. Every Salvation Army branch has its own set of eligibility requirements for different programs; therefore, you should visit the official website of the Salvation Army of Delaware to know your eligibility and know the right way to apply for these programs.

3. Catholic Charities Of Delaware

The Catholic Charities Of Delaware help single mothers and low-income families with utility, mortgage, rent assistance, emergency housing, budget counseling, food assistance, and job readiness. If you are looking for emergency housing or shelter from this organization, then you need to provide documentation that showcases your income and household expenses.

4. NCALL, National Council On Agriculture Life And Labor

This nonprofit organization assists low-income families, senior citizens, and farmworkers to avail safe and affordable housing. The organization assists in developing different types of affordable housing communities in Delaware, including single occupancy, transitional housing, emergency shelters, housing for farmworkers, rehabilitation centers, elderly rentals, and multifamily rentals. Single mothers looking for transitional housing or emergency shelters can directly contact the National Council On Agriculture Life And Labor Organization. Apart from emergency and transitional housing, the organization provides technical assistance in management, organizational development, and housing development.

5. DSHA, Delaware State Housing Authority

The Delaware State Housing Authority offers emergency housing services and housing assistance programs to struggling individuals and single mothers. Apart from immediate housing or rental assistance, DSHA programs include the Housing Voucher and Subsidized Housing programs to benefit the low-income families. There are specific eligibility criteria for these programs and long waiting lists.

6. Housing Alliance Assistance In Delaware

This nonprofit organization in Delaware offers housing assistance to address the housing needs of low-income families and single mothers. The Housing Alliance in Delaware strives to reduce the number of homeless individuals and families in this state. The organization also manages the Delaware Continuum Of Care and Community Management Information System. They also enable local organizations to improve their housing communities. The main programs of the Housing Alliance Delaware are the Policy and Community Development Programs. The Centralized Intake Program offered by this organization coordinates housing resources and statewide shelter for families and individuals facing homelessness.

7. CAADC, The Community Action Agency Of Delaware County

CAADC aims to offer emergency housing solutions to homeless people and single mothers. If you’re a single mother and experiencing homelessness, then you can consider applying for the Community Action Agency of Delaware County to improve your situation. The program enables eligible families of single mothers to seek family management and shelter. Eligible families can stay with their children in these emergency shelters for a stipulated period.

8. Pathway To Housing Program

The Pathway to Housing is a rapid rehousing program that assists low-income families experiencing homelessness or needing emergency shelters. Single mothers seeking safe and immediate housing can apply for this program. In Delaware, there are limited emergency shelter beds available to homeless families and this is the reason why Pathway To Housing Program was created to eliminate homelessness and assist people so that they can secure permanent housing solutions.


Many state and local service centers offer transitional or emergency housing to low-income families, individuals, and needy single mothers. The state government funds nonprofit organizations and private agencies within Delaware that offer emergency housing solutions to needy families. These agencies and organizations are Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, and many others. Emergency housing assistance programs aim to combat homelessness and enable individuals to locate a shelter until they find a secure and permanent housing solution.

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