Christmas Gifts For Single Moms

Christmas Gifts For Single Moms

Purchasing the best Christmas gifts for single moms is a delicate and important task of the season. Try to select items that simplify their daily routine and promote self-care as well as self-indulgence. While choosing a Christmas gift consider her interest, lifestyle, preference, likes, and dislikes and then make the decision accordingly. Also consider different lifestyles, ease of use, designs, size, ease of cleaning, reviews, personalization, and gifts of the products before making a choice. From stylish apparel to kitchen gadgets there are many Christmas gifts for single moms.

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Single Mom

People have a busy schedule during Christmas. They have to buy gifts for their loved ones by attending parties, planning meals, or going out of town with their family members. Single mothers are also busy taking care of their children, planning how to prepare hot dinners on the table, working low-paying jobs, helping their children with homework, and planning how to afford necessities. There are around 13.6 million single moms in the United States with more than 21 million children. In a nutshell, 21 million kids being raised in single-parent families believe in Santa and long to experience the happiness and joy of Christmas. A lot of single moms are unable to buy gifts for themselves and their children during the Christmas season. If you are planning a gift for a single mom on Christmas then take a look at the following options.

1. Send an Encouraging Christmas Card

Sending words of affirmation will encourage single mothers who are going through difficult times or are feeling overwhelmed, although you can say affirming words over the phone or in person, sending a handwritten note will add a special touch. Christmas cards add a specialty to the season’s greetings. While preparing a heartfelt Christmas card for your single mama friend you can include the sacrifices and dedication that she has made and how she has motivated you. You can express how much you value her sacrifices and effort to brighten her day. Accompany the Christmas card with the bouquet and her favorite chocolate.

2. Cleaning Service

Cleaning is a hectic job for single mothers who always have to juggle responsibilities. You can take the burden off her shoulders and send cleaning professionals to her home to do a deep cleaning job. With a house full of little kids, single mothers find it difficult to manage all the duties and responsibilities on their own. Cleaning is one such nuisance that they do not enjoy much. If you want to lend a helping hand to a single mom then send in a cleaning professional who can take care of the cleaning job on her behalf and will help her save some time and effort.

3. Plan A Holiday Together

There are many Christmas gift options available to make your single mom friend feel special and encouraged. You can also make her day by asking her to go on holiday together. The Christmas season and weekends are lonely times for single mothers. For solo mothers, it means a hell of a lot to push forward and make time to spend a day with friends. Planning a weekend trip or a holiday together will help her to make good memories. They will also appreciate that you care about them and are planning a trip together. Time is valuable during the Christmas season. Everyone is busy buying gifts, planning Christmas programs, cleaning houses, baking cookies and cakes, and so on. Spending time with a single mother will make the gesture all the more meaningful. You can invite a single mom to help you decorate the tree or you can help them prepare cookies if she’s feeling lonely. You can invite her to coffee or share a meal to distract her from her feelings and give her much-needed support.

4. Instant Pot

An instant pot is an extremely useful item for single moms. There is no doubt that single mothers have to juggle life and take multiple jobs while taking care of their children simultaneously. The life of a single mom is so busy that preparing healthy dinners might seem messy and time consuming for them. Instant pots help to reduce the cooking mess and help in saving a lot of time. You can pair the instant pot gift option with easy recipes for your single mom friend to help her prepare delicious dinner at home.

5. House Plants Or Flowers

You can give the house plants or flowers to single moms who are fond of them. A lot of people find peace in leafy house plants or in getting fresh-cut flowers. It has been rightly said flowers are gifts for the soul. You can either go for a one-time bouquet or take a subscription from Urban Stems which will send your single mom friend flowers several times. You can order house plants online or at a local nursery. For instance, ordering lemon cypress house plants will feel like Christmas throughout the year.

6. Gift Books About Single Parenting

It is annoying for single moms to read books that do not represent single-parent families.  Single-parent families are formed due to a variety of situations such as adoption, divorce, bereavement, surprise, donor conception, and so on. You can find a single-parent book that suits the situation of your single mother, friend, or family member and it will be worth it. Single parenting books will not only give her inspiration and motivation but will also help her to refresh her mind. This will be more effective if your single mom friend loves reading books or has a passion for books.

7. Useful Gadgets

Fulfilling all the responsibilities as well as home admin tasks is challenging for single moms. Giving useful gadgets will help her in minimizing the time required to perform her day-to-day task. Every family has different requirements and needs when it comes to gadgets however there are a few suggestions that you can use for gifting to single moms on Christmas. For instance, A Handheld Hoover will help single moms clean messy little eaters.

8. Audible Subscription

A book is an amazing gift for single moms however an audible subscription would be a perfect gift for single moms. This will help her to get a new book every month and listen to stories while cooking dinner, driving in the car, or taking a bath in the evening. If you want to give her a gift that keeps on going then an audible subscription will be the right option.

9. Meal Kit Subscription

Preparing dinner in a single-mother household can be challenging. Single mothers are heroes who not only entertain their children but also keep their houses clean and prepare dinner on time. A meal kit subscription will be an amazing treat for single moms during Christmas. Some of the food delivery services that you can opt for are Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest, Blue Apron, Splendid Spoon, Home Chef, Sun Basket, Freshly, Every Plate, and so on. They will deliver fresh seasonal ingredients and will prepare a healthy meal for single moms and their children directly to their door. It is an easy and quick way for single mothers to provide a delicious dinner to their kids without dragging them to grocery stores and spending a huge sum of money to buy ingredients. A meal kit subscription is an amazing alternative that will save the hassle and will help single moms to get healthy dinners done.

10. Mom’s Night Out

Planning a night out event with a single mom will help her to relax, enjoy and have fun. Wrap a box with a new outfit, gift cards to her favorite restaurant as well as tickets to a mom’s night out show. Single moms are always juggling and hardly find time to go out and socialize. You can be a bit creative while planning a mom’s night out with your single mom friend or colleague. If she isn’t into movies then you can get tickets to a stand-up comedy show, play, or a concert. You can also give her gift cards for local activities like pottery painting, bowling, or ice skating. Single moms generally have trouble getting out of the house as they do not have daycare or childcare services and have to keep an eye on their little ones. If you can arrange for a babysitter while she enjoys a night out event then this will surely be an icing on the cake. Planning a mom’s night out event on Christmas will be a thoughtful and memorable gift to a single mom that will make her feel special as well as cared for.

11. Pampering Her

Single mothers make innumerable sacrifices for their children and their family members. They do all the cooking themselves, do DIY shopping, and hardly get time to think about themself. This often takes an emotional and physical toll on them. Pampering your single mama friend or relative is the next best thing to a tender touch or a big warm hug. You can get her a manicure, massage, makeover, or haircut that she will appreciate. Self-pampering is hard for single parents.  Moreover, surviving on one source of income is challenging. They deliberately do not wish to spend a lot of money on themselves. You can pamper her by getting her a haircut or style gift card as well. A massage gift card near you or in local spas will help her to relax and feel pretty.


Single moms work full time and give a lion’s share of time in taking care of their children. It is challenging for them to purchase Christmas gifts for themselves including their little ones on one source of income. If you know a single mom who is doing all this struggle then you can give gifts during Christmas and make her feel special. This can be anything from a gift card to Starbucks, a colorful pair of socks, babysitter vouchers, a new scarf, or the above-mentioned list of Christmas gifts that will lift her and will make her feel valued. Holidays are not always about gifts but it is a way to showcase your appreciation and love for her incredible single motherhood journey.

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